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Very good

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Description of Lone Star Candle Supply

Welcome to Lone Star Candle Supply, the ultimate destination for all your candle and soap making needs! Our family-owned business, established in 1999 and nestled in the heart of Keller, TX, takes pride in providing top-notch Candle Making Kits and a plethora of other supplies for creative enthusiasts. Dive into our Candle Making University, where you can master the art of crafting exquisite candles and soap with expert guidance. Our extensive selection of Candle Making supplies, Soap Making supplies, and high-quality Fragrance Oils will leave you spoilt for choice. At Lone Star Candle Supply, we're dedicated to supporting candle makers and soap artisans, making it our mission to offer outstanding customer service. Our team is always on the lookout for new fragrance oils, ensuring that your creations are as unique as you are. Proud members of the Fort Worth Better Business Bureau, we maintain an impeccable reputation and strive to exceed your expectations. So why wait? Ignite your creative spark with Lone Star Candle Supply your one-stop shop for all things candles and soap!


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Type of review

Revainrating 4 out of 5

My review about Lone Star Candle Supply

Hello to everyone. Today I will be writing about Lone Star Candle Supply. Lone Star Candle Supply is a company created in the USA in 1999. I have researched hundreds of companies before and wrote reviews. But this is the first time I have come across a company operating in this sector. This company sells wax-making materials, serving candle manufacturers from all over the United States. The fact that the products the company sells are of the latest models and quality products has caused this…

  • The company's aim is to be one of the best in its industry
  • It has a very famous store in the USA and a large customer base
  • 9 out of 10 reviews about the company are positive
  • Serious innovations should be made on the website

Revainrating 5 out of 5

"Lone Star Candle Supply"

Hello, today's review will be about Lone Star Candle Supply. Lone Star Candle Supply is a world famous candle company. It was first developed by a father and son in a warehouse in 1999 and has grown into a large company over time. This is the first time I've heard about this company and my interest has grown. If we look at the quality of our products, we offer our customers better quality products. I looked at the customer reviews about this company on the Internet, everyone is satisfied with…

  • They offer quality products to their customers.
  • Customers are satisfied with this company.
  • I have no negative thoughts about the company.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Make your home beautiful

Lone Star Candle Supply is a company focused on the production and sales of candles and soap. They have been serving in this sector for more than 20 years. Also, this company teaches how to make candles and soap. As a hobby, you can produce many candles and soaps. Lone Star Candle Supply company has some advantages. These; + Buy products from a wide range of products at competitive prices + They hold large inventory to avoid order congestion. + Customer representative support after product…

  • There are detailed tutorials on how to make the products
  • There are multiple payment methods
  • Their customer scores are quite high
  • It has a secure payment method
  • Failed to be global

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Lone Star Candle Supply online store

Lone Star Candle Supply is a well-known candle manufacturer. It was founded in 1999 by a father and son in a warehouse and has since evolved into a major corporation. This is the first time I've heard of this firm, and it has piqued my attention. When we consider the quality of our items, we can say that we provide higher-quality products to our consumers. I looked at the client evaluations for this firm on the internet, and everyone seemed to be happy with it. It's on the company's official…

  • Customers are pleased with this business.
  • They provide clients with high-quality goods.
  • no issue

Revainrating 4 out of 5


I will like to share with you my own side of view on "LONE STAR CANDLE SUPPLY", while you have fun. Now To My Review. Lone Star Candle Supply, this company is well known to be specialized on "Soap make and Candle making" Even the site is very well arranged the the newbies to the website can easily understand the layout, it well design and has an excellent background. They company is know for supper quality products, with their reliability they have gain popularity having a high volumes

  • Excellent service support
  • High speed delivery
  • Easy to use for old traders
  • High quality accessories
  • Favourable prices for all products
  • -

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Lone star candle supply

Lone Star Candle Supply A little observation I've noticed about Lone Star Candle Supply inc. its social presence isn't active as its Twitter handle page was updated last in March 2020 I believe social engagement plays a very important role in business presence, although its Instagram has been active which is good. If you are a business enthusiast and you did have little capital and want to start up a small business Lone Star Candle Supply is a good place to get started. With little capital…

  • Supply users with raw material and equipment kits for the production of candles
  • Shipping and delivery made within two working days
  • Accept different payment options
  • Lone star supply inc. have several years of experience in candle, fragrance oil and soap supply and production
  • Some social handle, not active company not popular due to high competition

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Lone Star is just moving forward ...

This online store may be behind another store as it offers candles and cleaning equipment. I enjoyed the basic and light design of this store’s page and divided it into several general classifications as opposed to offering a few classes. The organization serves candle makers and sells wax materials from different parts of America. The presence of the organization’s products from the latest models and great things has created an emergency for the organization. Lone Star, which has a large…

  • Strives to be the best supplier of fire and candle makers on the planet All customers are happy with the organization.
  • I have no bad thoughts about the organization

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Lone Star Candle Supply Online Store

Hello everyone. My name is Tamirlan and I would like to talk about the Lone Star Candle Supply today. The interior of the site is very simple and neat, everything is laid out on the shelves and is understandable to the newcomer who has entered the page. They have a large number of candle making and soap making items. You can also buy not only materials for candles and soaps, you can also buy dyes and fragrances that were satisfied and sure a lot depends on this, too, from your own experience.

  • Site interior
  • A large number of products provided
  • These products provide
  • Didn't notice

Revainrating 4 out of 5

review of lone star candle

This online store can actually be the background of another store because it offers the basic supplies of candles and soaps. I liked the simple and light design of this store's website and instead of offering multiple categories, it categorized its products with a few general categories. Packages collected from all the accessories needed to make candles are one of the admirable products of lone star candle supply store. This store also offers sample packs and one of the main ones is…

  • The activity of the store on social media and the possibility of getting more acquainted with the store and its products through this
  • Providing all materials and supplies needed for production in candles and soaps from small to large
  • Lack of live chat support and the only way to communicate with online platform support is the contact form.

Lone Star Candle supply company is a type of company which are widely known as the best candle manufacturing company . my research on this company has made me understand that they are best at what they do. In the year 1999, after several years of experience in the candle making business, father and son team joined themselves together to founded Lone Star Candle Supply and they began operating out of a small office warehouse space in Fort Worth but today has been the biggest of all with wide…

  • Lone Star candle supply is globally recognized
  • High standard quality
  • There is customers satisfaction
  • Easy accessibility
  • Not yet seen

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Lone Star Candle Supply

Lone Star Candle Supply provides the raw materials and supplies needed to make candles and soaps. Due to the type of products offered in this store, the audience of this store is not the general public, and generally the workshops and the production of candles and soap are the customers of this store. Of course, there are people who are interested in making various and handmade candles by themselves, but they are still the main buyers of the workshop. For this reason, I think it would have been

  • Provide a complete set of materials and supplies needed to produce candles and soap
  • Categories and finding the list of desired products is a bit time consuming
  • Lack of discounts and special offers to attract website visitors

Hello everyone, now I will give you information about Lone Star Candle Supply, a company that I think will be of interest to you, with a very informative website and quality products. If you are interested in candle making, Lone Star Candle Supply is a great company for you. The Lone Star Candle Supply website has a candle-making university that will teach you everything from zero to craftsmanship, and anyone can join in. Even if you don't know anything, you can just go to the Lone Star…

  • Getting educational lessons via the Website is easy and fast.
  • All the products that a person may need for candle making are available.
  • Nothing about it.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

My Review on Lone Star Candle Supply

Hello, my current review is for Lone Star Candle Supply. Lone Star Candle Supply is a company that sells various candle-making materials and fragrance products both from its own store and through its own website. At the moment, Lone Star Candle supply's store is closed, but it is possible to order from its website. Lone Star Candle Supply aims above all at high quality in its business and wants to achieve happy customers and a successful business result at the end of the business. My favorite…

  • Quality candle making products available.
  • It builds friendly and cordial relations with his clients.
  • Nothing about it.