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About CandleScience

CandleScience is an e-commerce business that develops, designs, tests and distributes wholesale candle making and soap making supplies. We are thinkers, doers, crafters and makers. We create, develop and source reasonably priced candle making supplies that perform exceptionally and work together easily. We minimize our environmental footprint and maximize our benefit to society. We educate and inspire people to pursue a hobby or grow a candle business. For 15+ years we've backed our customers with the level of service that we expect as customers. Our strategy is simple: find great people, take good care of them, and give them a voice. Run incredibly efficient operations. Stay true to our passion and never settle.

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My review about CandleScience

Hello to everyone. I'm going to write to you today about CandleScience. CandleScience was created in the USA in 2004. Thanks to its 17 years of experience, this platform has gained a reasonable number of users and attaches great importance to the...See full review

CandleScience online art store review

If you think you have manual talents in any area and want to attempt anything, you can sign up for CandleScience and obtain the information and tactics you need to get started. Candle making, ingredients necessary for manufacture, some perfume oils…See full review

You can produce it yourself or buy it. It's very easy to do both.

Hello to everyone, First of all, I have to admit that they show how seriously they take their work with a very nice website design. They allow you to shop for fragrance oils, scented candles, and soap, and to produce your own candles and soaps....See full review

CandleScience Review

CandleScience is a company that trades with the manufacture of candles and soaps, but at the same time offers simple courses of manufacture of these products that can be done from home. CandleScience has a very well elaborated and easy to...See full review

A Supporting Company CandleScience

Today, I want to tell you about the company CandleScience, which has a point of view that I have never encountered before, and which I have found really successful in its business. CandleScience is trying to give people a hobby, giving you the...See full review


It is a company engaged in the manufacture of perfumes, oils and candles and has more than 100,000 creators, owners of handicrafts, craftsmen and businessmen. It makes candles and helps specialists and craftsmen develop their work and manufacture...See full review

Candlescience are the best in candle making

Candlescience is an American Candle making company that also produce raw materials for candle making. The company was established in 2003. They provide candles with different fragrances and scents and as a result making selection is easier for...See full review

CandleScience: Company with the whole chain of trade of candles and handmade soaps.

Design, materials, processing, production and sales in an e-commerce company, that's CandleScience, that's what it does and that's its main goal. It was born as a small family business and today it is a well-developed company. But not...See full review

Have a hobby and earn income

CandleScience is an e-commerce sales platform that sells in the field of cosmetics. As Cosmatik, emphasis has been placed on Candle and Soap cosmetics. It is a company that has been in this industry for almost 20 years. CandleScience operates in...See full review

It can be preferred for people who trust their creativity and want to have fun.

CandleScience, if you think you have manual skills in any subject and want to try something, you can register on this platform and get the information and tricks you need to do something. There are many authentic and different types of products...See full review