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Hello to everyone, Metamask wallet is very simple to use and is a wallet application that works directly with most platforms in the ethereum network. It is very useful and popular, especially because it works in harmony with interest-bearing exchanges, most websites where you can produce and sell nft, and that it has many tokens and allows you to perform swap transactions. I downloaded the wallet application on the website and completed my membership process easily. After downloading the applSee full review

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Hello to everyone, First of all, I have to admit that they show how seriously they take their work with a very nice website design. They allow you to shop for fragrance oils, scented candles, and soap, and to produce your own candles and soaps. I signed up for the site to have a real experience. After my very simple membership process, I ordered palo santo. By the way, this is a newly added product. My parcel arrived within 3 working days. The product quality is very successful in packaging. See full review

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A project that deserves respect.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Friends Hello Everyone, Today I reviewed the lgbtq foundation and token for you. The LGBTQ foundation has earned my respect for its purpose and mission. It aims to ensure that homosexual individuals are intertwined with the society and live more freely and equally without being marginalized, both socially and economically. It does not make any profit in this regard. The LGBTQ foundation was launched in 2018 by the hornet network, a social network for homosexuals based in Hong Kong. One of thSee full review

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The company was initially called as maples investment. However, they later became completely interested in technology. They have investments in many companies such as Twitter, gowalla sparefoot. It was founded in March 2010. When I researched the company, I saw that they were behind really solid projects. In fact, what they are trying to instill is one of the most important points in a startup project, yes, finding an angel investor, but more importantly, someone will support you when you feelSee full review

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Pro btctürk Turkey's first crypto exchange

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Although BtcTürk Pro is the oldest in the Turkish crypto exchange, it is limited to only 15 cryptocurrencies. It is very simple to place trading and market orders, very easy to use. However, it is another negative feature for me that it gives the profit-loss information with 1 day delay in the settings section. At the same time, you are asked to rise to level 2 in order to attract your coin in this exchange where you first entered as level 1. The strange part of this is that they expect you toSee full review

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A crypto exchange that shares its earnings.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

I have been active on the kukoin exchange for 1 month. I especially logged in to buy revain coins. One of the most important features of the stock exchange that attracts my attention is that you can get an extra income with very reasonable interest rates by lending your assets such as idle tether bitcoin. For example, I am earning interest by lending some of my tether with a 7-day term offered by the exchange. In addition, it is advantageous to offer leveraged trading opportunities and to beSee full review

furniture mecca logo

Hello to everyone, If you want to build your own style in your home or workplace completely according to your own dreams, they are very helpful in this regard. Especially during this period, we had to move our business to our house. And we started to transform our homes into offices. At this point, they reach a wide customer network with decoration options suitable for every budget and every style. There are so many beautiful options for every need that they offer you all the options you are See full review

alsip home & nursery logo

Hello to everyone, First of all, I would like to mention about this company that I found everything I was looking for in the field of agriculture and landscaping on their sites. In this difficult period we are in, I personally realized the most value was being in touch with nature and the need for more green space. At this point, it made me meet with Alsip Home & Nursery company, which provided me with all the materials and equipment related to plant growing and decoration that I neededSee full review

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Hello to everyone, When you look at BizBuySell basically, it is a platform that brings together many people who want to sell their business or who want to become a franchise focused entirely on business activities. They have a very safe and transparent mediation mission regarding how you can sell or buy a business of your own. You have the chance to mediate and brokerage on this platform. Information on how to evaluate businesses is available on their website. If you have projects for the fuSee full review

vulcan capital logo

I have made an effort to examine this week's vulcan capital company for you. An entrepreneur-friendly company committed to solid long-term investments. They have a history of about 20 years and have two additional offices in Palo Alto and Singapore, headquartered in Seattle It helps to structure the best and most promising partnerships and prepare them for public offerings. They have contacts and partnerships with the best companies in their field around the world. They strive to select invesSee full review

artbeads logo

Hello to everyone, When I made a review about this company, I first learned that they are a well-known retail company in the field of jewelery and beads. It is one of the largest 500 retail companies in the USA and is also considered by newsweek as one of the best online stores. In some periods, they organize competitions and events, bringing many designers together, leading the creation of special products and discovering designers. They have a very useful website. You can find many jewelerSee full review

roobee logo

Dear readers, Hello to everyone, Roobee is a tool that enables people from all over the world to reach the investment product they want, and offers artificial intelligence technologies that will help them make smart investments. It allows you to access many investment products in different markets with zero commission and in a very short time. Partners include many familiar names such as binance, IBM and hyperledger. In addition, with the various events they organize, they make investing a fSee full review

hax logo

Hello to everyone, Today, I will share with you my knowledge and experience about the HAX community. Primarily, they operate in 3 main locations: San Francisco, Shenzhen and Tokyo. It is a global community of powerful technology founders, consisting of a team of Engineers, designers and entrepreneurs with a wide network of experts and investors. It is part of the SOSV family. Every year, they regularly invest in companies operating in many areas such as hardware, life sciences, DecentralizedSee full review

symbol (xym) logo

Hello to everyone, It is an advanced evolution of the NEM blockchain. It is very easy to use and safe. It was developed specifically to establish the link between business and blockchain. They aim to create value for businesses, organizations, companies and individuals together. We can say that Symbol (xym) has a more flexible software than NEM. It was developed by the technical team of the NEM project. In short, it is a smart contract platform equipped with blockchain solutions that businesseSee full review

nem logo

Hello everyone Friends, I would like to start my research about the NEM project first with its mission. It is a project created by a group that believes that a new economic system should be created outside the existing system. It provides opportunities for blockchain developers to access cutting-edge technology applications. It also allows developers to use the programming language they want with its API interface. In other words, it is very suitable for both beginners and experienced bSee full review

leocoin logo

Hello to everyone, The review I'm going to share today is the leo coin. The main purpose of this project is to encourage the use of digital currencies and to bring small businesses and entrepreneurs who have never heard of this technology into the sector. While the Leocoin founding foundation supports this project, it is not a nonprofit. The market has entered in Hong Kong by its own stock exchange leoxchange. It ensures that personal data and trading information are kept safe, primarily as inSee full review

cosmos logo

Rising value.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Hello to everyone, Cosmos has been a project that has been in my interest for a long time. Although it is in my own portfolio, I can say that I have just started to get my expectations with the latest stargate update. Cosmos is an ecosystem in its own right. Basically it allows people to build private, secure, scalable and interoperable blockchain applications. One of its most impressive features is that it is an open source community project created by the tendermint team. But what is this tSee full review

polkadot [iou] logo

Hello everyone, friends, This week, I reviewed the polkadot technology, purpose and token. Polkadot is a project supported by a Switzerland based web3 fund. It is functional and user friendly. It has the mission of creating a decentralized web that is only under the control of the users. Its technology has a parallel chain of 4 stages. One of them is relaychain, which is known as the heart of polkadot. It is responsible for connecting secure shared networks. Parathreads allows you to stay on See full review

algorand logo

Hello everyone Friends, This week I will share with you my experiences about algorand. I have known about the project for a long time, but after I decided to add it to my portfolio, I had a more intense knowledge. First of all, he has a very solid think tank. Many economists and mathematicians are among this team. Its founder, silvia micali, is a mathematician and has a turing award. There are two features in its technology that attract my attention. The first is the Atomic swap faciSee full review

emirex logo

Hello to everyone, Today, I will share my experiences with the emirex project. Your registration to this exchange, which has been operating for a few years and aims to spread from the Middle East to Europe, is very simple with your e-mail address. You can trade in currencies such as aed, euro, usd and tether. The exchange has its own EMRX token, and when we look at the latest price analysis, its performance gradually increases. In general, there is a positive and negative feature about See full review

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