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Revainrating 3 out of 5  
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Revainrating 3 out of 5

An Exchange platform that has good trading features.

In search of a realiable Platform where I can effectively trade my cryptocurrencies, I found out about this exchange called Robinhood Exchange. Robinhood is another exchange platform, that was released to support trading of cryptocurrencies and other assests. This Exchange has been available since 2018, and still operational. This Exchange has good features for trading, as more features are been provided on this exchange, which makes it different and unique from others. Based on my experience w

  • Robinhood is an easily accessible Exchange, where one can trade his cryptocurrencies with ease.
  • This Exchange has good trading features.
  • This Exchange still requires more improvement.

Revainrating 3 out of 5


Robinhood is one of the not so popular exchange platforms that allows easy trading of Cryptocurrencies and stocks. This is one of those exchanges I'll advice you to look out for because it is very promising. One very enticing feature of this exchange platform is that any trade carried out on the exchange is free. This is quite enticing to traders as you would no longer have to worry about transaction fees. Robinhood has a lot of trading features available for users and the developers are…

  • Trading is free
  • It has a nice graphical interface
  • It is still not popular
  • It is not yet a top exchange

My review on Robinhood Exchange. Robinhood is another exchange platform that encourages easy trading of cryptocurrencies and stocks. This exchange has been available in the market for some times now, and from all indications Robinhood is on the verge of becoming a top exchange in the nearest future. Robinhood Exchange happens to have different trading options, as more features are constantly added to this exchange on a regular basis. But however, this exchange still lacks some major functionali

  • This exchange has an easy interface for trading.
  • Users can easily but and trade stocks on this exchange.
  • This exchange still lacks enough functionality.
  • It is still far from been called a great exchange.
  • Definitely not a solid investment platform.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Eh, Robinhood has room for improvement

I’ve used Robinhood since 2017 for trading stocks, options and crypto. Overall the app is easy to use but limited in its functionality. The charts leave a lot to be desired. Order types for crypto currencies are limited (no stop orders). Compared to some other mainstream brokerages I use, Robinhood has provided me with very good fill prices on options. This is perhaps the only reason I’m still using their services. It seems like when popular stocks or crypto’s make big moves Robinhood

  • Decent options fill prices
  • Outages that occur at the worst possible times

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Smartphone-based trading platform.

It is an extraordinary method to consider making the plunge with investing without any charges. The platform is consistently including new features, including the online platform, alternatives exchanging, and crypto. While it isn't incredible enough to be your solitary investment platform, it accomplishes function admirably for your individual stock exchanging account. It's a long way from great, however it is an extraordinary worth. All things considered, you can't beat free.

  • Smoothed out interface.
  • Free exchanges.
  • It doesn't charge any expenses on any ACH moves to or from your account.
  • For most accounts, there is no base deposit or balance required.
  • Lacks some of the functionalities and resources.
  • In earlier this year their application bombed multiple times in about fourteen days.