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Description of Symbol (XYM)

Symbol is the trusted, secure value exchange network for business. Symbol smooths business friction, increasing the flow of data and innovation to supercharge the creation, exchange and protection of assets.


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The flow of data to and from the blockchain has been one of the biggest drawbacks that have presented the applications for enterprise environments, eliminate that friction has been a great challenge that several projects have already undertaken, it has been a long road but are going in the right direction, Symbol XYM born with that main function and goodness among others after successfully passing its Snapshot successfully as it was conceived in its work path on the 12th of this month…

  • Projected to be born with a successful parent like NEM
  • Facilitates value exchange
  • Allows exchange of information to and from and between companies.
  • Reduces operating expenses for companies and provides greater security and efficiency.
  • Already has a good train of developers worldwide.
  • Open to develop with any object oriented language.
  • It facilitates and provides development tools
  • Nothing to say

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Symbol XYM, a fast rising crypto project

Symbol XYM is a fast rising crypto project. Although it has been under developing for some years, it was officially launched in March 17 2021, wow some days back and it has gain more pupolarity definitely it going to be a great project in the world of crypto. Symbol XYM was delivered by NEM which happen to be a reputable crypro project . Symbol will work together with NEM NIS1 which makes NEM official a two Chain ecosystem. Symbol XYM believe in togetherness believing that coming together…

  • Symbol is a trusted exchange network for business
  • It has smooth business friction and it increase the flow of data
  • It reduce the cost and complexities of the existing process
  • It is faster and efficient
  • As a new crypto project, the team behind the project need to keep up the good work inorder to make more acceptable by many investors

I can say that Symbol (XYM) is the most important crypto money project that has been done recently. It is a unique study that has the potential to be a pioneer in this field among crypto projects. Its purpose is to provide a reliable and secure value sharing for businesses. Symbol (XYM) is a project designed to increase interactivity by increasing data speed and innovation to empower the creation, regeneration and preservation of what we have. Symbol (XYM) has entered the crypto market with…

  • It is a very new project and has very good potential.
  • It aims to provide cooperation between all kinds of people, institutions and businesses in the market.
  • The developers who launched this project are working very successfully and consistently.
  • Nothing

Nem which happens to be one of the oldest and most reknown cryptocurrencies project recently lunched symbol blockchain, a step Crypto Analysts and critics see has a move to bring itself back to its former glory. Symbol was lunched less than 24hrs ago as anew platform built for enterprise users on blockchain via fintech while supplying chain management Symbol will equally serve as the premise for DeFi apps, tokenized stocks, Non- fungible tokens (NFTs), atomic swaps among others. This will make

  • High potential of enhancing enterprise security.
  • A good platform for leveraging for start up companies.
  • It offers a platform for creating customized digital assets with unique features.
  • It is armed with a unique identification protocol which can achieve a logic based digital assets and restrictions.
  • Highly interoperable supporting public and private hybrid models and APIs.
  • Relatively New, it has yet no operational history.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

An introduction to the business world of the future.

Hello to everyone, It is an advanced evolution of the NEM blockchain. It is very easy to use and safe. It was developed specifically to establish the link between business and blockchain. They aim to create value for businesses, organizations, companies and individuals together. We can say that Symbol (xym) has a more flexible software than NEM. It was developed by the technical team of the NEM project. In short, it is a smart contract platform equipped with blockchain solutions that…

  • They have a very good technical and marketing team.
  • High security against network attacks.
  • the ability of business owners and individuals to transact at low costs.
  • The project is not completely finished.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

My review about Symbol

Hello to everyone. Today I will write to you about the Symbol crypto project. The creators of the NEM project have been working on the Symbol project for a long time. So much effort on the project made the Symbol project perfect. Despite being put into service for customers a few days ago, Symbol has been greeted with great interest by people. The main goal of the project is to create a link between people, the blockchain, and people's work. I think the future of a project with such a purpose…

  • Despite being new, the project was well received by the people and managed to gain itself a large customer base.
  • Symbol has a very good goal and it shows that the future of the project is bright.
  • The official site is very well designed, and people can find information about this project, both written and video, on the official site.
  • this project has all the features that customers can request
  • the creators do not pay enough attention to the advertisement of this project, if the advertisement is good, the project can gain itself a larger customer base

Symbol (XYM) is a new generation crypto money project built on cryptocurrencies. The aim of this project is that XYM can be used in many areas. So it is a multi-purpose project. The website supports 4 languages. Uses the PoS algorithm. Each node is the validator of the next node. The project goes public on 15 March. Pre-purchasers will always be profitable. The Symbol (XYM) project has been in development since January. It is open source and can be developed. This project places emphasis on…

  • Thanks to its hybrid chain solutions, it can work in harmony with both private chains and general chains
  • Symbol (XYM) has a special protection system against human errors and network attacks with its new generation technology
  • It eliminates the complexity and disorder on the network with the flexibility it provides
  • With the new generation technology, wrong operations can be restricted by artificial intelligence
  • -

Revainrating 5 out of 5

About Symbol (XYM)

XYM, with its hybrid Blockcahin technology, is a new coin that will be included in the lists of crypto currency exchanges with high transaction volume, while allowing users to communicate more easily on the Symbol network. Symbol (XYM) is being developed as a much more equipped and technological crypto currency than XEM. While XYM has been developed to bring more secure transactions to the agenda against the mistakes and cyber attacks made by Symbol network members, the API will be able to…

  • The future of Symbol (XYM) looks bright. The fact that the altcoin, which is expected to be released on March 15, 2021, increases the transaction speed and can be used practically to design an application in the Symbol network, bringing it to the agenda that it will witness purchase demands.
  • Among the advantages of Symbol (XYM) Coin are the opportunities to benefit from the high transaction speed brought by the update and to display the low costs in trading, clearing and transfer transactions.
  • Symbol network users will benefit from a higher security protocol thanks to transactions with XYM. XYM will offer the advantage of easy and fast communication with other networks on the Symbol network thanks to its hybrid technology.
  • XYM cryptocurrency wallets will offer the advantages of online and offline storage, cross-border transfers and 24/7 transactions between wallets at the lowest cost. By taking part in the lists of large crypto money exchanges, it will provide the advantage of easy accessibility.
  • none

Image is, as the name suggests, a reliable, business-friendly trading system. The photo is a project that improves business relationships by expanding the development of information and development to provide additional charge for resource creation, and trade and security. The NEM project ended in a low voice despite some of the NEM environment’s interesting relief vehicles, in the face of unanswered questions after the task, especially the demands for the misuse of the organization’s assets…

  • The company guarantees the cooperation of customers within the biological system as it develops excellent methods for local symbolic symbols (ILOs), conditions that allow it to receive large compensation, air flights and competitions.
  • No flaws

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Symbol (XYM)

Symbol XYM is a fast-growing crypto project. Although it has been in existence for several years, it was sent respectfully on March 17, 2021, and it will no doubt be a great issue in a few days and in the crypto world. Photo (IMF) brings together organizations, engineers and people and provides a variety of potential results for blocking. Image (XYM) reduces the cost and confusion of what we currently use. An enterprise that connects growth with excellence. The engineers, businesses and…

  • Accelerates the turnover of transactions. There is a secret in the interface that works with the open connection.
  • Contributes to professional support provided by moisture suppliers. It makes the two steps more reliable.
  • Numerous assumptions are shared. Several clients draw attention to the negative aspects.

My review of the NEM project ended on a low tone of skepticism despite some of the fascinating service deliveries of the NEM ecosystem as I pondered on the unanswered questions trailing the project, most especially the allegations of misappropriation of funds of the company by top level members of the company which consequently led to the layoff of some members of staff of the company. I haven’t found the needed answers before I got notified of the transition and integration of NEM to Symbol…

  • The Symbol website is captivating and easily navigable with up to 5 languages supported. It is a well-structured, arranged and educative website platform.
  • It is cheaper and faster to transact on the Symbol blockchain
  • The codes used in designing Symbol blockchain is open-source.
  • The blockchain adopts an improved Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus so that the nodes that are actively supporting the network can be maintained.
  • The Symbol blockchain is fully decentralized
  • The cloud of doubts and concerns surrounding the NEM ecosystem still needs to be cleared
  • The XYM wallet is currently only available for desktop devices. There is need to make the wallet available for iOS and Android

Symbol (XYM), is built as a project for enterprise solutions, which uses its self-developed blockchain network to facilitate data flow services, tokenization, decentralized application development, project creation and even to secure and protect digital assets, having also a good network with exchange value, this project is linked to the NEM project, thus creating better enterprise solutions. Symbol, creates an ecosystem of broad technologies, thus allowing the integration of developers and…

  • The project ensures the participation of users within the ecosystem, as it has developed good strategies for events, airdrops and tournaments, allowing to receive good rewards in its native token Symbol (XYM).
  • It has a network that provides good security for asset protection, is scalable, stable and fast transactions, which generates good business services, data transactions and good trading.
  • It integrates good algorithmic technologies into its network, allowing users to participate, receive rewards on their native Symbol (XYM) token and thus contribute to the improvement of the network.
  • It facilitates access to the ecosystem to developers, in which it facilitates useful tools that allow them to develop within the ecosystem, create Dapps, projects and even good products, using Symbol's blockchain network technology.
  • The project has not developed mobile wallets, which provide access to Symbol token management (XYM), from mobile devices.

Collaboration, possibilities, and leading support are the values that NEM's provides want to offer to the community of users and trusted traders that belong to the cryptocurrency market. With the recent launching of the Symbol digital enterprise, both projects are now part of a whole. One is giving support to the other, but they both partake in the future of development for digital business, especially those involved in the world of trading and the e-commerce industry. Symbol is an innovative…

  • It contributes to the efficiency support given by Nem providers. It makes both platforms more reliable.
  • It works with ease, and it moves quickly thanks to the fast sources that are running in the inner platform. It accelerates the process of sales.
  • The platform was developed following the patterns of its creator, the Nem network. It has a trusted interface that works with clear organization.
  • Value is the main goal of the platform. It joins both individuals and enterprises in the same place.
  • It is being recognized by great leading platforms dedicated to the trading of assets.
  • This project might be integrated into other platforms thanks to the massive adoption it is receiving just in its first week of the premier.
  • Due to the low recognition, it has yet, this project hasn't reached any rating within the market. Many expectations are being shared. Some users point out to negative sides.

Revainrating 5 out of 5


Symbol XYM is a 4-year incubated project by NEM and which was recently birthed on March 17, 2021 to give power to possibility. It is born to be a trusted, secure value exchange system for business, it is to smoothen the galloped road of business, enhanced free flow of data and give origination to the already pioneered creation, exchange and protection of assets. Currently the XYM which is the Symbol token is on an exchange trading competition for anyone and everyone to grab and the already…

  • It gives enhanced security
  • It offers greatly improved interoperability
  • It is faster and more efficient.
  • It brings reduction to cost and complexities of current operation
  • It serves as interconnection between businesses, developers and individuals to create value and explore the limitless possibilities of cryptocurrency ledger technology.
  • It is backed by a well structured and focused with capable team.
  • None

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Review on Symbol XYM by Umut...

Iwill talk today about the crypto project at noon a while ago and it has become famous for a short time and is characterized by several positive points. The most important of these points is that this project provides users to send and receive data to and from companies in many countries. It also has a lot of strategic clients everywhere who support startups, develop different applications and even support technology projects in particular. Website of the project contains all the information…

  • An affective company
  • No problem yet

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Symbol XYM...

Symbol is a newly launched changeover project in the global market and has characteristics that satisfy all customers and investors. Through my visit to its official I found it focuses on finding the link between people working on a project encryption this feature made me gained a lot of experience and with users. I also noticed that the exterior of Symbol XYM was designed admirably, so only the exterior is enough to attract a lot of people to use this project. More what I liked is the way the

  • Successful crypto project that satisfies customers
  • Nothing

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Symbol blockchain , a project by NEM

NEM's new network uses a share proof algorithm, which is one of the most widely used algorithms in the new cryptocurrencies. The Symbol network with the ability to build new currencies can create security tokens that can eliminate the need for businesses to build a dedicated network. NEM's new network also uses the Hybrid chain, which, according to the project developers, will make it more resistant to human error. In general, there is a lot of potential for financial and investment services…

  • Possibility of business growth with Symbol network facilities
  • Ability to use to show the number of signatures or new currencies, generally provide more blockchain network facilities to businesses with the ability to create new tokens
  • The success of the provider company in previous projects
  • The features of this project can be seen in other projects, which means that it can not be said that it is a special and very new idea.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

XYM Symbol

symbol is a new project, but unlike many new cryptocurrency projects, this project is offered by a well-known and reputable company in the crypto market. The symbol is supplied by NEM, whose new ecosystem is the Symbol project. This project has been officially published by NEM and information about it can be found on the official NEM website. symbol is not currently ranked in the coinmarketcap, but NEM is currently ranked 31st, which gives a good perspective on the future of this project.…

  • It is offered by a reputable and famous company.
  • After the snapshot, the airdrop fell from the price of the NEM currency, which made it not a free and worthless currency for investors.
  • The technology and purpose of this project is causing a tremendous economic movement in NEM
  • In the coinmarketcap rankings it is not listed after mainnet (in coinmarketcap this currency exists and only has no rank yet)

Symbol (XYM): is a project that seeks a new adoption of its currency as a means of payment of universal use, unifying the type of currency and processes in transactions, it is a project that allows a balanced ecosystem, allowing a great developed in the application of its market protocols, One of its main objectives is to achieve a new mode of trade that keeps pace with the modern world, in order to generate a reliable means of payment and easy to use, the cryptocurrency is a means of payment…

  • It allows a high traffic of e-commerce transactions, with a very busy commercial support and allows the direct use of the blockchain network.
  • It is presented in the market as a commercial alternative, an updated virtual means of payment that aims to be one of the main ones in the market.
  • It enables the execution of a very stable security protocol, which allows the security of its entire ecosystem to be managed in a general way.
  • Its roadmap has not been fully completed, there are points that are still under development.

Symbol is a project that focus on organization ,developers and even individuals by allowing them to make use of the blockchain network for business transaction, as an extension of the NEM (New Economy Movement) project. Symbol has helped many business organizations and individuals to see the usefulness of the blockchain technology and by so doing top business firms are now adopting symbol as an efficient, fast and secured means for all business to business (B2B)transactions. Symbol (XYM) has…

  • It is an open source code project
  • Transactions are carried out at a lower cost
  • A very secured security countermeasures provided
  • A trusted project
  • Reduces transactions complexity
  • None