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Price$ 7.81
Volume$ 567,462,342.55

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The premier blockchain interoperability platform.

It is a promising project with an accomplished and affectionate team that has been cooperating for quite a while. While it isn't the main project handling blockchain interoperability issues, it is…See more


Blockchains work by their own rules and in isolation from the outside world. The Cosmos network aims to enable blockchains to interact with each other, making transactions between blockchains…See more

Cosmos: joining decentralized networks for a barrier-free internet

Cosmos is a platform that manages to interconnect several block chains to constitute a scalable, economical and accessible ecosystem based on blockchain technology for the development of a…See more

Cosmos(ATOM) review

What is Cosmos? Cosmos is an entity developed in partnership with Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) and California-based startup Tendermint and aims to be the foundation of the next…See more

The ambition of this project is enormous, but it may be the next step to enhance the scalability of blockchains

Most of the projects, today in the cryptographic environment, have developed their own blockchains, and have remained focused on them, isolating themselves from other blockchains. The cosmos project…See more

Project in development with good ideas to facilitate the blockchain

Cosmos is designed for communication between chains, seeking to improve the stability between them. In short, it is an Internet of Blockchains where all of them can be interconnected. The open…See more

Connection between chains.

Highly decentralized cryptocurrency that supports parallel chains. That is, more than a crypto it is an ecosystem that allows the connection currently the chains that support this process are really…See more

Cosmos, the platform that revolutionizes blockchain technology

Cosmos Network is the network behind Atom (ATOM), which is the primary cryptocurrency on the Cosmos platform, which is designed to facilitate communication, scaling and interoperability between…See more

Cosmo promoted in 2017, was designed to improve the scalability…

Cosmo promoted in 2017, was designed to improve the scalability, interoperability and decentralization of the industry, but it was not the only project based primarily on that, instead there is the…See more