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Review on Vulcan Capital by altınburak yağız

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Strong partnerships, Strong investments.

I have made an effort to examine this week's vulcan capital company for you.

An entrepreneur-friendly company committed to solid long-term investments. They have a history of about 20 years and have two additional offices in Palo Alto and Singapore, headquartered in Seattle

It helps to structure the best and most promising partnerships and prepare them for public offerings.

They have contacts and partnerships with the best companies in their field around the world.
They strive to select investments between US $ 10 million and US $ 100 million and small venture investments in general.

When I took a look like this, I saw that this company was in the creation and investments of many other companies such as truecar, turi, uber spotify. transfer to the charity project.

Good luck everybody...
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  • Solid partnership structure.
  • A solid team of employees
  • Many philanthropists are involved in projects.
  • I have no negative opinion.