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Vulcan Capital invests across all stages of corporate development through leveraged buyouts, growth capital, distressed/turnaround, and early-stage venture capital as well as public equity value investing.The firm's portfolio spans a range of industry sectors, including media and communications, energy and natural resources, financial and information services, technology, and life sciences.Vulcan Capital is the private investment group of Vulcan Inc., the organization founded by Paul G. Allen, co-founder of Microsoft.

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Vulcan Capital

Vulcan LNC was brilliantly founded by the investment billionaire vulcan capital who established to attract more active pioneers in leading companies in the field of technology, internet and Life Sciences on a modern and scientific basis working on...See full review

Vulcan Capital is a promising company.

As we know it in the world today, there are companies that offer a wide range of opportunities to a large number of people, and the number is increasing day by day. My review today is about Vulcan Capital, one of those companies. The company was...See full review


Vulcan Capital has been around since 2003, which makes it to be one of the oldest and active platform that has achieved and recorded many successful program over the time. I love the objective of targeting companies all over the world. The...See full review

Strong partnerships, Strong investments.

I have made an effort to examine this week's vulcan capital company for you. An entrepreneur-friendly company committed to solid long-term investments. They have a history of about 20 years and have two additional offices in Palo Alto and Singapore…See full review

Review by Rama on Vulcan Capital.

Founded in 2003 with its headquarters in Seattle, it has branches in Singapore and other cities. This company is about adopting, strengthening and supporting small businesses and startups with everything they need. It has two types of investment...See full review

Company focused on accompanying and investing in projects that focus on the proper use of natural resources.

A recognized company with a certain path in terms of finance worldwide and also in supporting emerging companies on specific issues such as the management and development of natural resources and what is known as “green technology”, which wins much...See full review

My review on Vulcan Capital..

It is a multi-billion dollar investment company founded by the founder Vulcan LNC, which has invested for early stage projects in the value of public shares, acquisitions, private positions and fixed income. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in...See full review

Vulcan Capital: Major Venture Finance Company

In the chain of funders, accelerators and ventures, funders play a crucial role because without investment would not be possible, many will say that a project can be self-sustaining, but in reality even if it were so in the background someone is...See full review

Advanced investment portfolio company

Vulcan Capital is, for short, an investment company. This company supports entrepreneurs' initiatives at all stages from seed to A +. Generally, they support all entrepreneurs, but there are some areas where they have a special focus. These…See full review

My review about Vulcan Capital

Hello to everyone. I will write to you today about Vulcan Capital. Vulcan Capital was created in the USA in 1997. This company is the multi-billion dollar investment arm of Vulcan, one of the world's largest and famous companies. The creator of...See full review