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About Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse Group is a financial services company that advises clients in all aspects of finance.Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) is an arm of the Credit Suisse Group.Credit Suisse pursue a client-focused integrated bank strategy, focusing on complex client needs and value-adding businesses, leveraging the global expertise of our three divisions and reporting segments, Private Banking, Investment Banking, and Asset Management.It is their vision to become the world's premier and most admired bank, renowned for their expertise in private banking, investment banking, and asset management…

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Credit Suisse: Swiss bank among the largest in the world

When I hear the word Swiss the first thing that comes to mind is a bank, and no wonder, Swiss banking is among the leaders in the world, for example we have the Cerdit Suisse bank which is considered among the best and largest in the world and with a past that goes back to 1856. It operates and has a presence in almost every country in the world, especially in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa including some Latin American countries, In my country Venezuela has a branch and although I should not say it, but it is the reality is due and it is my opinion, to the large sums of money deposited in that bank product of corruption and looting to which the nation has been subjected for years, I do not mean that the bank is corrupt, It is a bank for large investors and macro companies, I do not see it as a bank that supports small entrepreneurs or minority investors. Its web portal is very complete with current economic news, in that sense I like good articles aimed at…

My review about Credit Suisse

Hello to everyone. Today I will write to you about Credit Suisse bank. Credit Suisse was founded 165 years ago in Switzerland. The foundation purpose of this bank is not one, but more than one. The bank is simultaneously an asset manager, an investment bank, and a financial services firm. The headquarters of the bank is in Zurich. Credit Suisse bank has offices in almost all major financial centers around the world. At the same time, this bank is famous for its strict client privacy and bank secrecy. If we look at the history of this company, it was first established in 1856 to finance the development of Switzerland's railway system. But 15-20 years ago the bank was restructured. Unlike other banks, Credit Suisse provides services all over the world. That's all for now, but there are rumors about future innovations in the future. I have no idea about these innovations for now. But I will let you know as innovations are made. Thank you for reading my review.

Not just a bank

Credit Suisse is an investment advisor and the bank's headquarters, founded 65 years ago, is located in Switzerland. As we all know, Switzerland is the center of many organizations and platforms that should be neutral as a country. Credit Suisse is a well-established bank and has been providing its customers with flawless services for years. Credit Suisse is more than a bank. Although there are a few negative comments that I see quite normal to be in the companies of the week, I do not think there is any truth to it. Because it is inevitable for a bank that serves such a global scale to think about everything down to the smallest detail. Let me also share my observations from the visits and researches I made on Credit Suisse's website. As I said in the previous paragraph, they do not say that we are the only bank, we can exchange money, we will take care of our business. I've seen posts about projects and investments that support less carbon emission on their sites. I also liked

One of the leading banks in investment finance

Credit Suisse Group is an organization in the financial sector where you can purchase all kinds of finance and investment consultancy. It includes world-renowned investment experts and financial experts. What I like most about Credit Suisse Group is that it provides support for students' debt. This situation makes Credit Suisse Group stand out as a socially responsible company. Although this is not his job, he does it. Credit Suisse Group serves under 3 regions. 1) Europe, Middle East and Africa 2) Asia-Pacific 3) Americas. It serves 53 countries under these regions. Credit Suisse Group's website is extensive. It doesn't just talk about the financial sector. It examines many issues such as the effects of climate change on finance or the effects of technology on finance. Credit Suisse Group is transparent in its investment advice and accepts the risk on its own. Used by millions of users. The majority (including me) say they don't have any problems, but a small number of people

Stay away from this organization!

For a month you have forgotten 2 mall to order my account (account and Visa card), 1 mall you deleted a new account from the system. I think Credit Suisse is a better bank. from African banks. 12/31/2020 old account already not working, new account not working yet. Bravo, CS!Today I wanted to deposit my 1 year old son's money from the money box into my account. Because the corner of a banknote was bent, a malfunction occurred, the process was aborted, and the CS boss probably needs the money himself. Instead of an apology, there was a reprimand and the question of whether animals had the notes in their mouths;) A confirmation of the incident is not given. Unfortunately, this is not a bad joke but the sad reality of the absolutely non-existent service. Since this is not my first negative experience with this bank, I will hopefully close my account successfully. They won't care, but somehow you can't put up with everything.

Great experience working here

My family and I have been longtime members of this credit union, way back whenCredit Suisse AG (Investment Banking) used to be lockheed, and I have to say they NEVER disappoint. As a 22-year-old with credit cards and student loans, I know I can rely on Credit Suisse AG (Investment Banking) for the rest of my life, like a mortgage in the near future!I work here and it's an amazing place. Right now every floor is being converted to a smart work place and it's truly wonderful.I was served very friendly by Mr. Reif and a trainee. My concern was quite complex and time consuming. I am very grateful for the great help! Can't understand the reviews. My concern (standing order and change of address) was treated extremely kindly and competently by Mr. Carlo Hess today. Many thanks

Pros & cons

  • Cool historic building
  • Inconvenient fiduciary represent

Credit Suisse: The one bank who has it all

Credit Suisse has been serving the financial and banking world for well over a century and half. The firm was founded in Zurich Switzerland in the year 1856. The bank has earned quite a good reputation in assets management, investment banking and private banking. Credit Suisse is headquartered in Zurich Switzerland but have branches in over 50 countries. One main reason why Credit Suisse has been successful is it successful mergers with other banks. These mergers has expanded it customer base while also various top notch services to it customers. Security and privacy are one of the most sought after services by multinational companies and organizations and Credit Suisse is not lacking in them. The bank offers a diverse services which includes asset management, financial bail out (for customers), administration of banks, risk assessment and consulting among others. I highly recommend the bank as their services are dexterous, versatile and top notch.

offers world-class advice and monetary mediation.

The bank can become the best business partner of an organization or individual; when it comes to exhortation and the desire for money to finish their businesses or prestigious goals. In this sense, the Credit Suisse Group has been referring to the monetary pillar, which has been the real line of finance for more than a century, claiming the achievements of people and elements who demanded money management in 1856. Credit Suisse Group has set up a Zurich main camp in Switzerland, but the quality is excellent in the world; to strengthen individuals from all over the world on behalf of. What monetary elements does this important money company offer? Credit Suisse's products include emergency cash assistance, regardless of customer instructions. These administrations: Enriching the board Consumption of resources Funding management Elements of advice and speculation Financial mediation Bank administrations, among others, like opening records, making record announcements Who is…

Unwelcome society

As you would be able to see in the online application form at Credit Suisse Bank, there are a lot of different ways for you to be able to get your mortgage. You will be able to choose between online applications for mortgages, and then apply through the mail or by fax. There are a few things that you should know about the application processes at Credit Suisse Bank, though. One thing that you should know is that the majority of people who apply online will get a quicker response from the Bank than they would if they applied in person. The reason why this is so important is because most people do not have an easy time of getting their mortgages approved when they apply in person. Another thing to know about the online application process at Credit Suisse Bank is that you can use it to apply for several different types of mortgages. For instance, if you want to finance a buy to let property in Venice, California, then you can fill out an application for a Venetian property mortgage…

offering advice and financial intermediation at a global level

A bank can become the best business ally of a company or person; when it requires advice and financial impulse to complete its personal projects or organizational goals. In this sense, Credit Suisse Group represents a financial pillar with a historical trajectory in the banking sector that for more than a century (1856) has promoted the success of individuals and entities that have required its financial services. Credit Suisse Group has established its headquarters in Switzerland (Zurich) but its presence is notable globally; incorporating under his nomination people from all over the world. What financial products does this important financial corporation offer? The Credit Suisse Group's products include, in addition to its customer advice, the financial support that it deserves at any given time. These services are: • Wealth management • Custody of assets • Financing services • Advice and investment products • Financial intermediation • Banking services, such as opening…

My understanding of Credit Suisse.

Credit Suisse. The main center is a bank located in Switzerland, which provides financial services, provides general financial services to global financial management companies, investment banks, asset management and meets the needs of companies in the countries. It also has branches in many countries around the world. In particular, it can be said that sponsorship and cooperation have been very successful. In addition, the enterprise is characterized by complete privacy and security, which becomes a preferred company for traders, entrepreneurs and investors. I also learned that the Swiss-based bank headquartered in Zurich 165 years ago is located in Zurich. It should also be noted that the company offers a number of financial products such as corporate and personal savings, public and private loans, trade loans, business loans, personal loans, commercial property financing. Speaking of websites, when you visit an influential website, you can see that it is easy to find very…

Credit Suisse: A Swiss Financial Institution That Is Focused On Absolute Client Satisfaction.

When i first saw the name of this company, I had to first check for the meaning of the word Suisse but unfortunately I couldn't find its meaning because it appears that it's not an English word. I later got to know that this company is a Swiss company and I feel the word might be a Swiss word and funnyily enough the word Suisse also sounds like Swiss in a way. Anyways, Credit Suisse is a Swiss company with a simple task, which is advising their clients on anything financially related. As simple as it sounds, giving out financially based advice isn't a job for everybody and anybody, it requires more expertise than one can imagine. Apart from giving out financial advice to their clients, Credit Suisse also specializes in identifying value adding businesses for their clients and also allow clients utilize their global expertise from three main sectors of the company which are private banking, investment banking and assets management. I also discovered that part of their vision is to…

Credit Suisse.

I'm going to talk today about a company that I came across as a junior entrepreneur and it has given me a lot of experience and it has a lot of global competence and has its place at the level of major countries. 'm going to talk today about a company that I came across as a junior entrepreneur and this company has given me a lot of experience and it has a lot of global competence and has its place at the level of major countries. I'm In fact, it is a global wealth management company and at the same time it is an investment bank and also a company that provides financial services and its main center is Switzerland and has a lot of major centers in a lot of countries in the world. This company offers a lot of services that meet the needs of companies in particular countries in general these services is a private banking services, investment banking, asset management, and shared services. The banks of this company are also characterized by complete secrecy, which makes it the company of

Credit Suisse terrible service

Catastrophic. The bank does not carry out the orders given to it, does not respond to the emails that are sent to it. She therefore charges insane commissions by making her clients lose money.I've been trying to close my CS account for months. Maybe it works on the 5th attempt. . 🙄 Did not work on the 5th attempt.This assessment is based on experience over a longer period of time. Very unfriendly and harsh telephone information, who does not give his IBAN number (because of those listening) will not be called back. At the counter I was usually treated just as unprofessionally and condescendingly. The rich are important to you, you can clearly feel that. Haughtiness comes before the event!

Pros & cons

  • Inordinate hold idea
  • Not the nicest advice: not use