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Uss Express LLC
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About Uss Express LLC

Our company helps people outside the USA to buy affordable and high-quality products from US online stores

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The best shipping service

I have chosen Uss Express as the shipping service provider to Poland. After 3 days I was able to pay the customs duties online and the package was delivered the same day. I will use Uss Express again because I couldn’t find a better company to deliver good from the US.See full review

Pros & cons

  • Very fast delivery to Europe, not high tariffs even with customs
  • Unstable contact with support managers

It's a transparent service

Actually, everything is pretty transparent. Of course they don't do it for free. I'm grateful for the service because I was only able to get some fine tools via Uss express, since I don't have any other connections in the USA. I used twice and had no problems twice.See full review

Pros & cons

  • low and transparent tariffs
  • Some issues with tracking might occur

Uss Express did everything rights

Uss express did everything right. Even if others have had negative experiences, everything went well for me. I knew what I was paying for the service and extras and wasn't surprised. Besides, such fast and quality services are worth paying for!)See full review

Pros & cons

  • Safe storage and fast shipping
  • Some shipments might delayed

Everything was smooth

uss express delivered everything I ordered to their warehouse the next day without any problems. The package arrived 3 days later after shipping. Everything was great. I consider this was pretty fast as for shipping things from the store in the USSee full review

Pros & cons

  • Fast delivery, responsive support
  • Tracking services

I agree with positive uss express reviews

I had goods worth 128 euros and the shipping with customs / import tax and capital submission prov. Then the total price amounted to 147 euros. I think, it’s not a big payment for such quality services as the ones provided by the Uss Express companySee full review

Pros & cons

  • Alluring costs and low tariffs for services
  • It’s sometimes difficult to find cheap branded clothes

I trust Uss Express

The processing of the packages and consolidation ran smoothly with uss express. I filled out the customs declaration myself. The package took 2 days longer than stated, but this was due to customs in Leipzig. In general I can say that I’m satisfied.See full review

Pros & cons

  • Professional help in finding suppliers and products, reasonable costs
  • Tracking my order, but this isn’t crucial for me

I relied on this company to ship from the US

My first order in the US was through Uss Express. All in all, I was very satisfied with the process and the service provided. The only thing was that I didn’t expect the custom to be so high. Nevertheless, it wasn’t critical for me, i paid and got what I need quickly.See full review

Pros & cons

  • Price rates correspond to the market average costs
  • Sometimes responses come too late

Customer support resolved my problem

Hello, I had big problems with the company as they initially did not want to send a package and left me alone with my problems. I was worried that my expensive package would be lost. There was no response from support. Then I wrote to the company using the email I found on Trustpilot. There I experienced a great reaction to my problems. A lot of effort was made to help me. The issue seems to have been resolved.See full review

Pros & cons

  • Packages always come undamaged, don’t need to wait for too long
  • Unstable work of the support service

Discovered this business from reviews on uss express

My packages were never delayed for more than a week; in fact, they occasionally arrived in just three days! As I previously stated, I am happy with the services provided by USS Express and will keep doing so as long as nothing better comes along.See full review

Pros & cons

  • I can locate a number of dropshipping vendors with minimal delivery fees.
  • I feel that the selection could have been greater.

It's a pitty that I didn't know about it earlier

The cost of the Uss-Express receiving and forwarding service is acceptable and affordable even for individuals. Even if you can combine the packages into one. For me there is no better alternative than Uss Express because they are the biggest professionals.See full review

Pros & cons

  • Many online stores from America, reasonable price
  • Poor quality of packages fulfilment services

My hinest Uss Express review

I have been using Uss Express regularly for over half a year now and I have to say there is no better service. All packages (30 packages in total) were properly documented (with photos, etc.) and everything always went smoothly.See full review

Pros & cons

  • Relevant price rates, responsive mangers, easy to place orders, no difficulties with navigating through the website
  • Delays are possible sometime, but not always

I enjoy all things.

I appreciate that everything is clearly stated on the Uss Express webpage. Depending on the weight and size, the delivery fees are freely adjustable and can be high (however, these costs are not generated by uss express but by the shipping provider).See full review

Pros & cons

  • Affordable prices, prompt delivery and tracking, and dependable fulfillment
  • Sometimes it's challenging to contact managers

Quality shipping is what I need

Anyone who buys goods from the US should know that customs duties apply. The fact that this can be expensive must be taken into account so that the supposed bargain remains unchangeable...luckily, uss express provides cheap services and the total price isn’t hugeSee full review

Pros & cons

  • a lot of goods to buy, reasonable prices, informative blog, a lot of discounted products
  • one delivery was a bit delayed

Everything went as expected

I've been using ussexpress for 2 years. The communication, the packing of several packages (consolidation), the photographing of the content, the speed of processing, etc. work perfectly. It should be clear to everyone that these services cost not as much as you think!See full review

Pros & cons

  • low prices, fast delivery and the possibility to track all the shipments,reliable services, easy navigation through the website
  • sometimes it’s difficult to track my orders online, the data is uploading long

Perfect experience so far!

My experience of working is not very long, but I think it’s worth this review. You might be sure this is a completely unbiased opinion of the average client of this company. So, I placed my first order around 2 months ago. Everything related to its execution was perfect - cheap items were found quickly and the delivery itself took just two days (exactly the term as I was promised). I decided to keep ordering both branded and ordinary things there, and my second case was the same positive. On the whole, I have no reason to complain about the quality of services, and I hope I won’t have them in the future as well. Well done, Uss Express!See full review

Pros & cons

  • everything is just perfect!
  • -

Relatively good company

Before I came across uss express, I had been working with many other delivery agencies. Due to my rich experience of working with international carriers, I can’t say that Uss-Express has some extraordinary features. These services are basic for all the companies of this specialization. Its most prominent characteristic is low tariffs and generous discounts. It really helps my business to ship electronics abroad. That’s why I will keep working with Uss-Express, although the delivery is not always on time. So far, the price comes first for me, and I see no reason to stop ordering inventory via Uss-Express.See full review

Pros & cons

  • - very low prices - big selection of items to order - responsive customer support - a diversity of logistic services
  • - there are some better alternatives in the industry - delays of deliveries

My personal experience with Uss Express