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You're more than just a customer, you're a member of our family.

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ABT online store with about 24 years of experience in the sale of everyday products as well as home appliances is one of the best choices for online shopping for residents of the United States. The variety of categories and products of this store...See full review

My ideas on Abt

Abt which is considered one of the largest stores in America, started business at $ 800. Abt was established in 1936, that it has more than 85 years working in the field of selling electronics and home and office supplies. The company wholesale...See full review

Abt is guaranteed and global company.

rrabt for more than electronics stuff , what ever the customer needs ,he can find there , smart machines , home and kitchen stuff , toys , luggage , more and more. with a very big brands like SAMSUNG ,BOSCH , LG , SONY and tens like them . bt...See full review


ABT is an online store based in the USA founded about 85 years ago which deals with the sale of technological products ranging from televisions, watches, computers, mobile phones and many more.They have an attractive website with great user...See full review

You are not customers, you are members of the ABT family

ABT is a universal marketplace. It was founded in 1936 and was just a small shop. Now it has a more than 85 years experience and became a big chain store. So it has its branch in different parts of USA. ABT performing as universal store which has...See full review

Abt: an experienced and high quality company.

The subject of my current review is Abt, which has been providing outstanding service to its customers since 1936. Abt sells a variety of technological devices, such as computers, televisions, tablets, and so on. Abt stands out for its popularity...See full review

My thoughts about Abt

Hello there. The review I will write today will be about Abt. Abt is a US based store created in 1936. The store posted a slogan on its official website to show its sincerity to its customers, and in this slogan, the store says that it sees people...See full review

My ideas about Abt

Abt is a company with over 85 years of experience. Abt is a company that sells various products such as televisions, computers, tablets, headphones, watches from world-famous and high-quality brands such as Samsung, Lg, Sony, Bosch, Dyson. I looked...See full review

A great company

ABT is a company with a strong infrastructure where a wide variety of technological devices are sold. The service of ABT company is very comprehensive. These; + Free technical support with every purchase + 24/7 live customer representative...See full review

They do what they do very well.

Abt is a technological product and service sales store established in the USA. This store is open between 9 am and 7 pm and you have the chance to go and look for the products you want. I know that they entered this market 85 years ago and I think...See full review