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About Bing Lee

Bing Lee – a great the Aussie icon, whose story begins in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, has stood the test of time. Perseverance, dedication and an understanding of what customers need put Bing Lee at the forefront of the industry. So, as Yenda would say, “Come and meet our team!”

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Bing Lee

Home appliances include many categories of home appliances. The Bing Lee Store specializes in "electrical-based" home appliances. These appliances include almost everything electrical-based that is used in the home. One of the interesting features...See full review

Dedicated to understanding needs of customers

Do you want Bing Lee to be honest? Do you think that the whole product range is available always at the cheapest price? If your answer is yes, then I've got some bad news for you. The tags' description clearly states that their model number...See full review


Bing Lee is a well established company based in Australia which is currently leading a very wide range of online stores and has quite a large number of customers to show for it. This store was founded in the year 1957 and you too statistic on...See full review

Easy way to do shopping

Hello, the readers. would like to add some of my experience regarding Bing lee There are many options on this website which you can find everything you needed. I did buy the television from there. Quality is perfect. all was good. But a little...See full review

bing lee: department store with a long history in australia

founded more than 60 years ago by an asian family which has been based in australia investing and working hard to get ahead, and as a result there is a whole chain of stores in various locations in australia. the company's forte is home...See full review

My thoughts about Bing Lee

Hello there. My review will be about Bing Lee today. Bing Lee is a large Australian based store created in 1957. This store, which mostly sells electronic products, is very famous throughout Australia and has a large customer base. According to my...See full review

Bing Lee

I'm here today to share my findings about BING LEE stay tuned. Bing Lee is a larger marketplace it an Australia retailer sell company where many good are keep for global sales, this platform is accessible to all consumers globally. It was...See full review

A well-established company

Bing Lee is Australia's leading wide-ranging online web store with a large number of customers. It also has physical stores. I've looked a bit of Bing Lee's website and their prices are really cheap. My favorite feature of the Bing Lee online...See full review

A quality sales store with a long history.

Bing Lee, in terms of where this company was established, I see that such businesses are very involved in Australia and they are in a great competition with each other. In fact, the formation of this competition is in the interest of us, the...See full review


I will like to summit my own point of view on "BING LEE" while you relax and have fun. Now To My Review Bing Lee is of one of the front line marketplace where all kind of goods can be accessable to all consumers, this platform was established...See full review