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Review on Bing Lee by İlqar Agayev

My thoughts about Bing Lee

Hello there. My review will be about Bing Lee today. Bing Lee is a large Australian based store created in 1957. This store, which mostly sells electronic products, is very famous throughout Australia and has a large customer base. According to my research, customers are highly valued by store officials and their complaints are examined one by one. In this way, the store is trying to improve itself. I think this strategy is very perfect, because many large stores and companies were able to grow thanks to such strategies.
I think the store has great potential to become a famous and global store in the future. Judging by the customer feedback, most of the customers are also satisfied with this store, but some customers complain about some of the services in the store. Most of these complaints are related to the prices of the products in the store. But I am sure that Bing Lee officials, who attach great importance to their customers, will be able to solve such problems in a short time. Because I think the officials never want to lower the customer satisfaction with the store. That's all my review on Bing Lee, but I'll keep you posted on what's new with the store. 

Pros & cons

  • Store officials highly value the store's customers
  • Thanks to excellent strategies and customer complaints, the store constantly renews itself and tries to be more perfect
  • 64 years of great experience also has a great impact on the growth of the customer base.
  • Some customers complain about the high prices