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About GE Appliances

General Electric Appliances, a subsidiary of General Electric, develops smart grid technologies for home appliances and lighting products. Its home appliances include refrigerators, freezers, ranges, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, microwave ovens, speed cooking ovens, and room air conditioners, as well as water filtration, softening, and heating systems. Its lighting products include incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and high intensity discharge light bulbs; and light-emitting diodes, automotive, and miniature lightings, as well as ConstantColor HIR MR16 lamps. It also provides electric motors and generators. General Electric Appliances was founded in 2004 and is based in Louisville, Kentucky.

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GE Appliances has all appliances to offer you

GE Appliances When you are looking for the best online store to give you all your kitchen utensils, then GE appliances is the best solution to this. GE Appliances is known as General Electric Appliances which is a subsidiary of General Electric....See full review

GE equipment is a reliable and wonderful, reliable store.

GE Equipment is based in Louisiana, Kentucky and was established in 2014 many years ago. GE equipment has been serving the public since 2014. GE equipment provides the following newly created lighting and kitchen products such as refrigerators...See full review

Affordable gadgets and appliances

GE us one of the affordable market of appliances and they can compete with other brands in terms of there products function well. It also has easy way of using their products. It has also good quality of LCDs when it comes to camera and television...See full review

GE Appliances is a great reliable store.

As we know, home appliances are widely used in people's lives. A TV is used to know the fun and fresh weather, and the air conditioner is used when there is a house smell or a cold. My review today is the GE Device, which offers and provides home...See full review

Review on GE Appliances

GE devices is a store service that offers you kitchen products if you are looking for kitchen products. This company was established in 2014. There are many products such as refrigerators, freezers, product range, dishwashers, washing machines...See full review

Horrible product and worst customer service

I spent $3500 to buy Ge refrigerator and I just like I wasted my money because it is totally garbage and it is totally not freezing my items, always making loud noise,water dispenser doesn't always work well and the company says it the reason of...See full review

the ge appliances company one of the leaders in it field.

good day to anyone reading this, the company i will be giving my review on is called the ge appliance company. because of this review i went on further research concerning the company and i found out about the following concerning ge appliance...See full review

My review on Ge appliances.

Ge appliances is one of my best choices when it comes to buying home and kitchen appliances. All big and small appliances such as Filters, Laundry along with their accessories are available with the best prices possible. Great offers with high...See full review

A store where useful and high quality products are sold.

GE Appliances is a platform that was established approximately 17 years ago and sells many technological products that make our lives easier. It is very easy and fast to find many different products and brands you are looking for in this store. You...See full review

GE Appliances

Man cannot live without the use of household appliances because they are part of the essential needs of life which aids in making life simple and easy, reducing stress and making life more comfortable. GE Appliances is one of many companies that...See full review