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Review on KuCoin by Mehemmed Akberov

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The best wallet I have ever used. Better than Binance

Hi everybody. Today I want to talk you about KuCoin Wallet. KuCoin is a platform that you can easily store your money, invest it on cryptos, trade and so on. The most important thing to say is that I get my revs via KuCoin.

It has two wallet options. They are Ethereum wallet and Tron wallet. I use its Tron wallet because it is fast than another one. The transactions are so fast. They happen in just few seconds.

You can register there with mail or phone number. I use phone number option and different from other platforms, they do not send me useless messages and it is very good. When my money comes to my wallet they send me message. It is another good side of the platform.

Also it has plenty of choices. You can find every coin to invest. Also you can turn your every coin to Tether (USDT) for trading in trade account. The internet transfers are feeless. It is also a good feature. Also if you use this platform regularly you can get airdrops. I have a friend that got free Dogecoins some months before the rise of the coin. Then sold them in expensive price.

Let's talk about their security. They have a good security system. Being honest, I do not know what systems they use, but I know that I fulfilled even big trades there and got my all money exactly. So, I rely on them. They have Touch ID feature for checking your assets. Also logging in the profile requires two factor authentication. The Touch ID feature annoys when you work there regularly and also if you use screen protector on your phone like me, it will be some hard for you. But for security, it is a good feature.

Coming to User Interface, they have a nice of it. I really like UI of their app and website. The app is available on both App Store and Play Market for IOS and android devices. The app is easy to use. Also I have never faced with app crashes or anything like that. The program is good for investing. You can see the latest prices on the screen. Also the app shows you day's most price gainer and loser tokens. It is a fantastic feature in my opinion. Even people who don't understand from investing can invest with help of that feature.

Also I should say that the platform has their own digital currency. Actually I have never used it, but having own token is good for a platform like this. When you do operations with the official currency, sometimes they give you some prizes that may gain value next days. Also it has a stable value.

In conclusion I think the platform is worth to use.

Updated 2 years ago
Rating has not been changed

Guys, today I will update my review on a very interesting topic. As you can tell from the title of my review on this topic, Kucoin. A lot of things have changed positively since my last review on Kucoin and this exchange has managed to cross a major development path. Before I write about the latest innovations, I should say that, as I wrote in my previous review, my favorite borsch in this review is Kucoin, and I don't think it will change anytime soon.

As we know, the Metaverse industry has experienced an unprecedented growth and development lately. The support of the world's largest companies causes this sector to continue to develop rapidly. As I mentioned earlier, Kucoin never shy away from such innovations, so the exchange team supported one of the future successful projects, Metaverse, and listed some Metaverse crypto projects. I consider this a huge development and an investment in the future, and for that I congratulate the Kucoin team.

Another innovation is related to KCS. Since my last review, the price of KCS has changed quite a lot, sometimes with big drops, sometimes with unprecedented advances. The price of KCS today is over $26 and it continues to rise, and the interest in this coin is increasing thanks to the privileges given by the Kucoin exchange to users who invest in the KCS coin. I see the future of this coin as very bright and it could even be one of the most successful projects in the world. That's all for my Kucoin update, I'll update my review after new updates, thanks for reading.


  • Good security
  • Good UI
  • Useful features
  • I do not see any

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