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Review on KuCoin by Hasan Abbasli

One of the very few exchanges you won't regret using

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Hello everyone, today I am going to write a review about a very interesting topic for me. This topic is Kucoin. I am a Revain writer for more than 1 year now and I got to know Kucoin thanks to this platform. Actually, I thought I was writing a review about Kucoin, because since I met this platform, it has managed to become my most used exchange. But when I looked at Kucoin's page today, I realized that I haven't written my own ideas about this exchange yet. That's why I'm presenting my review today by doing a more comprehensive research on Kucoin.

General information about Kucoin
Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange created in China in 2017. Despite only 4 years of exchange experience, today Kucoin has more than 8 million users from approximately 207 countries. Having such a large customer base in just 4 years is not an easy task at all, but thanks to an excellent team, well-executed managers and many other employees, Kucoin has succeeded. Kucoin is one of the first platforms that comes to mind when talking about the world's largest crypto exchanges. The fact that it develops itself every year and does its best to satisfy its users also causes this exchange to spread its influence on more people. At the time of writing this review, Kucoin's 24-hour trading volume was $5,832,849,487.

Features of the exchange and other important information
I have worked with many exchanges since I got involved in the crypto world. While most of these exchanges were good at their business, some of them were built on fraud and I lost some of my assets because of it. But I never liked some of the non-fraudulent exchanges. This was due to the high transaction fees on exchanges, the KYC verification requirement on some exchanges, and some other things. But the exchange I use the most is Kucoin. The reason for this is that the features that I have seen in other exchanges and that I do not like are not available in this exchange. For example, KYC verification is not required to make any transaction on Kucoin, only KYC verification is required for large withdrawals. This is a condition the exchange has set to ensure the safety of its customers. Kucoin operates both on the website and on the mobile app. But I couldn't find any information about any desktop application in any of the resources I researched.
The design of the website is very nice. The moment we enter the site, the excellent and relaxing interface of the exchange welcomes us. On the first page, we encounter information about the exchange and information about the most famous cryptocurrencies. Then, thanks to the easy interface of this site, we can access the desired feature of this exchange. But first of all, registration is a must. The registration process is also very easy, we can easily register just by email or phone number. Afterwards, it is possible to use all the features of the exchange
. The mobile application is as useful and easy to use as the website. So it's easy to tell how professional the developers of the exchange are.
In addition to features that are available on all exchanges, such as cryptocurrency trading, Kucoin also has some features that are available on very few exchanges. I think the most important of these is the purchase of cryptocurrencies. In other words, it is possible to buy cryptocurrencies with your credit card at a very low commission fee on this exchange. In fact, the exchange's P2P feature allows you to sell your own cryptocurrency directly or buy it at a much more affordable price than anyone else. To tell the truth, I have not seen this feature on any exchange before, and I must say that it has managed to become one of my favorite features.

My final thoughts on Kucoin exchange
As I said at the beginning of my review, I've been using this exchange for about a year now and it looks like I will for a long time. The opportunities that Kucoin offers me are very wide, so I would like to further extend my cooperation with this exchange. The fact that it has a very nice and eye-catching interface, it is much more comfortable to use than many exchanges, the transaction fees are quite low and many other reasons are some of the reasons why you should choose this exchange. I have no problems with the security of the exchange, in fact, I prefer to keep most of my assets in Kucoin instead of any wallet. If you still have any doubts about this exchange after reading my review, I think you should use it and see for yourself. That's all for today's review of Kucoin, but the fact that it's such a fast-growing exchange may cause me to reconsider my review recently. Thank you for reading.

Pros & cons

  • It is clear that it is an exchange with a very successful team and managers.
  • Thanks to an excellent interface and ease of use, it also manages to become an ideal exchange for beginners.
  • Among the comments of users, negative comments about the exchange are very few.
  • Has a high security system
  • I have been a user of this exchange for a long time and I have not encountered any serious problems.