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Being an investor, I've put money into a wide variety of platforms, and I know from experience which ones are excellent and which ones are harmful. I'm someone who is constantly searching for incredible and fascinating new initiatives. I was on the prowl and I came upon Genius resources. Genius Assets is a reliable investing platform that supports both crypto and non-crypto investments. GeniusX is the foundation of the whole Genius system. In recent years, many people have seen investing to be aSee full review

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review of bityard exchange website

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I checked the website version of this cryptocurrency exchange to write this review about this exchange. Simple, yet attractive and modern design was a good feature of the exchange's website. I did not see the speed of loading the top pages and the annoying point of browsing this website. Registration was easy and after that there was a welcome box that I did not like this section. Because the gift was registered only in special circumstances. The Futures section of this exchange supports a goSee full review

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The roobee platform has a strong portfolio for investing in eth, avalanche, polygon and several other networks. bridge This platform provides currency transfer between networks, which is one of the best features of roobee. The price of roobee has risen as the crypto market has grown and has now fallen as the market has fallen. I find roobee more suitable for farm. Connecting to this platform is through metamask, which is one of the most reputable crypto wallets.See full review

nxt logo

To establish a collective bargaining agreement, this cryptocurrency employs the Proof-Of-Stake (POS) algorithm; as a result, its supply is fixed, and unlike bitcoin, there is no extraction process. It is a versatile platform meant to construct apps and financial services, and users may establish new currencies in the system. It comes with the most recent original version, multi-signature transaction capabilities, and a client add-on system. Has been turned on. Blockchain, like Bitcoin, is at theSee full review

ignis logo

This project is one of the old cryptocurrency projects and like many new projects, it is not offered without special technology and features. One of the main features of this network is that through this network, accounts can be set up, global trading licenses can be set, and privacy, assets and currencies can be protected. You can generate assets worldwide through this network. You can even issue tokens that other people can use. Ignis is based on Java. All ignis smart transactions can be desigSee full review

ardor logo

The ARDOR project is one of the platforms that offers several blockchain platforms. This means that each block of information enters several smaller chains, each of which forms a larger chain. This factor has made Ardor digital currency and its platform even more important. Due to the type of architecture of this network, it can be considered as one of the special blockchain projects that has provided unique facilities. This blockchain also has all the features of the older project, NXT. The speSee full review

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This store specializes in martial arts equipment products, which include different types of these sports. This store has only one category called shop, which includes equipment for several martial arts such as karate and boxing. This store does not even have the ability to filter features in the shop section, and this is one of the shortcomings of this store. Installing the live widget in this store makes it possible to communicate with the store support in order to ask questions, which seems toSee full review

the muaythai supply logo

The muaythai supply store offers a variety of sports equipment suitable for martial arts. This store has a variety of boxing gloves and pads in its product list. I do not like stores with a small variety of goods, and in addition to the main equipment of these sports, this store also lists the types of accessories and suitable clothing in different categories. This Thai store sends orders in 5-7 working days. When a person prefers online shopping to face-to-face shopping, he likes that in additiSee full review

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BHEX Exchange has offered a great variety for users who are interested in spot trading by offering a large number of pairs of popular cryptocurrencies. Currently, 156 pair markets are offered in this exchange. The high trading volume of this exchange has increased the credit of trading in this exchange. In addition to spot trading, BHEX Exchange also offers a variety of futures trading. It is also possible to earn money through staking in this exchange. The simple design and good user interface See full review

kucoin logo


Revainrating 5 out of 5

kucoin is suitable for both novice and professional traders. For example, the futures section has both a lite section that is easy to work with and a pro section that professional traders with Pro can do more specialized trades with. Also for normal trading, the instant exchange section helps us to easily convert 10 of the best cryptocurrencies. The earnings side also means that if, for example, you are a long-term or medium-term trader and you hold currencies for a long time to get results, witSee full review

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BITEX Live exchange

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Bitexlive is a Turkish exchange that does not seem to have a special advantage for Turkish users other than Turkish. This exchange does not support fiat currencies and it is not possible to use the local currency of this country to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The number of tradable currencies in this exchange is less than 50, which is really very small compared to the popular cryptocurrency exchanges. The most important feature of this exchange is the observance of security points for user acSee full review

sink golf logo

sink golf review

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world and has international fans. Some people who are specifically focused on this sport and want to do it with special equipment, prefer to do it with the help of special golf clubs. The products of sink golf store also offer products that play a role in making play woods special. By buying professional sink golfs in this store, in addition to looking more special in addition to the player, the material and design of sink golf also play a good role See full review

a-zdarts logo

A-z darts store

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Darts is one of the sports that requires the least amount of environment to do. So that only one wall is needed to stick the page and nothing else is needed. The sport of darts also does not have special necessary equipment and except for a darts screen, only a few arrows are needed to play. The a-z dart online store sells a variety of suitable products for this game in the appropriate categories. The appearance of the website as well as the order of the different sections is well done. The diffSee full review

parscription golf logo

The parscription golf store does not only sell the equipment of this sport, and a group of different services of this game are also offered on this website. In parscription golf, all kinds of lessons of this game are offered and taught by one of the veterans of this sport. It also has a simulation section that allows you to simulate golf in the indoor environment. The variety of store items is also good and the store categories are well divided according to their type. The store also offers a vaSee full review

world of golf logo

Golf is one of the sports that is not limited to one age group and young and old are interested in this sport because it is a type of sport that can be done for different age groups. The equipment of this sport can be more diverse than the public imagines and includes all kinds of shoes, golf clubs, special hats and other items. The world of golf store, which offers a variety of sports equipment, has free shipping. A variety of sticks, bags, balls and gloves can be purchased from this store. TheSee full review

blackbear fitness logo

As you can guess from the title of the website, this store is active in offering fitness sports products. This store sells a variety of fitness equipment. The variety of store products is excellent and in the category the possibility of filtering features is well done. The price difference of the products of this store is large and the products of this store start from 4.99 pounds and the most expensive product of the store is 3429 pounds. Delivery of products is done within 1 to 3 working days See full review

house of arias logo

The house of arias store offers a variety of products from the beauty category, which includes both accessories that are placed on the face and products such as handbags. The bags in this store are only $ 10, which is not a very natural price for a quality product, but they look good. Luxury eyelashes in this store are priced similar to bags, it is true that $ 10 for a false eyelash is a relatively high price, but when the name of luxury is mentioned in this category, one expects a more expensivSee full review

hunter pet store logo

This store only sells suitable supplies for dogs and cats, and for this reason, there is no classification based on the type of animal in the categories. From the pictures of this store, it can be seen that this store focuses more on dogs, for example, the category of toys only has toys suitable for dogs. There is no special category for pet food in this store and only the snacks and treats section where some suitable foods are offered. One of the surprises of this store is that basically storesSee full review

m.r. pet supplies logo

Insects may be strange and sometimes scary creatures to many humans, but because of the nutrients in their tissues, they can be a good food for animals. The protein in some insects sometimes equals that of mammals. The store has listed 5 categories in the header menu, but it would have been better if some subcategories related to these categories were displayed in the same menu, because when we enter the category, we see a large number of subcategories in the sidebar of the page. This store sellSee full review

homes alive pets logo

Generally, people who keep pets such as dogs and cats look at them as a companion and are very dear to many of their pets. So for comfort and good times, it is better for them to provide various supplies such as toys and entertainment items that homes alive pets have different types. Animals are also exposed to viruses and diseases, and for their health, appropriate health supplies must be provided, which this store has also provided. Some people also use pets such as fish in aquariums as ornameSee full review

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