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Live Insect and Mice Breeders, Reptile and other Small pet supplies! Dubia, Discoids, Red Runners, Hissing Roaches, Mealworms, Waxworms and Superworms!

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M.R. Pet Supplies: Focused on a Special Kind of Small Animals

M.R. Pet Supplies is a product being managed by a third-party organization called Dubia Plus. This company is just for a special kind of audience, the ones who work with insects and other small animals. The store works online and manages the dollar...See full review

Live bug breeders that will never die on you!

When I first found this site and started looking through the products, I had no idea what to expect. The prices seemed really low and the pictures were kind of fuzzy so it was hard to tell how good or bad they really looked. Some items also seemed...See full review

m.r. pet supplies survey

Bugs might be abnormal and here and there alarming animals to numerous people, but since of the supplements in their tissues, they can be a decent nourishment for creatures. The protein in certain bugs here and there approaches that of warm blooded...See full review

M.R. Pet Supplies

Hello, today's review is M.R. It will be about Pet Supplies. Because I love animals, today is M.R., who loves and sells animals to you. I will give brief information about Pet Supplies. MR. Pet Supplies stores and sells small animals i.e. reptiles...See full review

M.R. Pet Supplies- the best insect store.

Hello everyone, friends. Today, M.R. I'm going to write a review about Pet Supplies. What is on sale in this store? The shop sells all kinds of insects and small animals and sells their food. In this store, some people don’t buy insects because no...See full review

m.r. pet supplies review

Insects may be strange and sometimes scary creatures to many humans, but because of the nutrients in their tissues, they can be a good food for animals. The protein in some insects sometimes equals that of mammals. The store has listed 5 categories...See full review