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About Chewy

At Chewy, we want to help people connect through pets. We're passionate pet lovers who love connecting with dog people, cat people, and everything-in-between people every day. Count on us for everything you need to keep your pets happy and healthy, from expert knowledge and quality products to world class customer service.

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Hope for animals

Chewy is an online website where you can find all animal care products that animal lovers will love. You can find all products related to cats, dogs and horses. The product range is very wide. There is a wide variety of products such as animal care products, animal treats, animal health products, animal fattening products, animal shelters and animal toys. You can find popular brands on this website. Shipping is free for orders over $ 49 for products you buy from Chewy. They work very actively on social media. It is easy to reach them. My favorite feature of the Chewy company is that it makes donations. Donations were made for animals close to 70 million dollars. They serve more than 50 states. If you want, you can donate products for the shelters. Many philanthropists have done this. Chewy has its own communities. By joining these communities, you can help or save animals in need. As a result; Chewy company is a quality company that cares about the lives of animals and includes…

Chewy is providing optimum care for pets

Many have the believe that animals are to be rared only for eating sake however chewy believe they need to be cared for as pets. Chewy is an American online store that was established in 2017 majorly to provide pet lovers with different selection of pets like cats, dogs, horse, birds. The company also make available all forms of toys and accessories for the pets. In term of food and other pets related products, chewy has it all. I personally found the website very leading and clear with graphics depicting the services offered. Every product has full description, benefits and warning. I really love this company because it allow one to give needed tender care to ones pet at cheap cost. Finally the company offers discount to buyera which is a good incentive.


Hello, I'm going to tell you about Chewy today. The company was first established in the United States in 2011. Operating in the United States, the company sells pet products. I read a lot of information about this company on the internet and reviewed the reviews of customers, I can say that no customer is satisfied with this company. It is a company that sells quality products and gains customer satisfaction. What customers write about the most is the variety of products and the availability of the desired product. The company has a 24/7 support group and any customer can contact and ask a question. I believe a company that cares about its customers will have a bright future and will become a more popular company. Thank you for reading my comment.

Pros & cons

  • Availability of 7/24 customer group
  • Selling quality products
  • Customer satisfaction with the company
  • I have no negative opinion about this company.

My thoughts about Chewy

Hello there. My review for today will be about Chewy. Chewy is a US-based family business created in 2011. This non-global company operating in the US sells pet products. The wide variety of its products and the fact that there has been no quality problem so far increases the interest of people in this company. I have read customer feedback about this company on the Internet and I can say that customers are satisfied with almost all of the services the company provides. Most of all, customers write that the variety of products is great and they can find all the products they are looking for here. The company also reports that its 24/7 customer support team is ready to answer all questions from customers. I am almost sure that a company that shows such attention to its customers will have a bright future. Thanks to the online shopping option via the website, this company can also sell in cities without branches, which I think is an excellent strategy. This is my review, but if there…

My review about Chewy

Hello to everyone. I'm going to write to you today about Chewy. Chewy is a company created in 2011. This company is busy selling meals, grooming products and many other products for pets. I have written reviews about some pet stores before. The work experience of this company may be scarce compared to some other companies, but Chewy has grown into a big company in just 10 years. Judging by the statistics, the company has a large customer base. Also, I could not find anyone among the customers who had a serious complaint about this company. That's why I consider the company's business excellent. Chewy is a company that pays attention to the quality of the products it sells, so it attracts more and more people every day. I cannot end by enumerating the good features of the company. But I think there is one downside to it. This is not a global company. Chewy operates exclusively within the US and is delivered only within the US. I think a company with such great potential should be…

Chewy: Online and physical store of products for animals.

Company dedicated to the sale of products for animals and something more, I really liked their website, fresh and nice design with information very well distributed, meets the objective of a good website, sales and advertising, there you can appreciate the strength by the wide variety of products for your pet and other animals you want to care for and care for, either in farms for breeding. Strong stock in products, some on offer and summary of the most sought after by people, exclusive products, hot sales, the company has not only the web, from which you can do online trading to make your orders, also has an application for mobile devices either in IOs and android operating systems at the service of your pet, orders and even medical service online, From the most common pets to farm animals you can find a whole range of food, care items, tools, medicines and treatment products, food supplements, collars, feeders and waterers, grooming products, vitamins and whatever…

Chewy is a perfect platform for pet lovers.

Chewy is special agents that provides interactive environment between pets lovers. It is an online platform that allows or that creates a eco-friendly environments where by pets lovers can be able to access their demands and ensures that their demands are meant without delay. In most cases it functions as a broker between both services. More so, it also initiate a check system that allows pet owners to check in and visit veterinary purposely on Dog experts to treat and ensure that such pets are placed under a stable and conducive environment. Preventing pet losses is one of the priorities that it has set in considerations in other to ensure that her customers are happy at all times especially when it comes to offering the best quality services . It obtains one of the best experts with year of experience to mange the activities and issues that concerns the development of the platform. Such platforms welcomes pet lovers at all times with an unmatched energy service.

review of chewy

I am a fan of animals, but whenever I think of buying a pet, the cost and difficulty of keeping them and my constant purchases discourage me. But chewy has made it easy because with its good daily offers, it can reduce the cost of keeping pets by up to 50% for us. The store's autoship service makes it easier, and its offer for the first purchase through autoship is 35% savings, which is amazing. In addition to the main dishes, chewy sells special biscuits as well as a variety of toys suitable for pets. Chewy support includes both chat and phone calls, they are also responsive 24/7 and this is another positive point of this store. There are different types of beds and storage cages in the category of this store. The pharmacy department also helps us get our pet medical help more easily. A point that does not exist in many pet shops.

Chewy is pet friendly

I bring to your view about CHEWY COMPANY. Chewy Company is a frontier outstanding US Company that had many lucrative services they rendered to people, Chewy Company is best known for the differencia service they offered like vetinary services and the feeding aspect of animals. Chewy Company also makes it comfortable for customers by making the availability of pets drug like food supplement, pet feeds, specially made hygienic pet water and many others accessible to customers. Taking about accessibility, Chewy Company can be reached through physical offices and also through online ordering by Feedex . This company is very outstanding and unique because their platform is designed in such a way that their advertisement and distribution modes cut across any hindrances, this makes them to be available 24/7 to attend to customers needs. Chewy Company is available on both mobile app iOS and Android phone which is downloadable. CHEWY COMPANY fee is a kind of Company acceptable one that is

Chewy is a goody

Taking care of your pet might be difficult. You sometimes need to do a lot of research to understand how to keep your animal friend healthy and happy and mistakes might be costly. This is why I highly appreciate the shops like Chewy - they do your research for you. If you only recently became a pet owner, you can just open the “Puppy Shop” or “Kitten Shop” sections and get a bundle with all the necessary stuff. There are also supplies for reptile owners, bird owners, horse owners, fish owners, etc. Chewy maintains a responsive and very helpful 24/7 support service, which is always a big plus for me. And they also help charities take care of the pets in need! Gotta love responsible businesses. Overall - a strong “recommend”

Pros & cons

  • Doing your research for you
  • A wide selection of goods
  • Charitable
  • Did not find any cons

Chewy company offer good Animal care

Today I will like to summit my own point of view on CHWEY. Now To My Review Chewy is one of the front line company that deal with animal products, Chewy is well known for high quality. Chewy company has a very well design and has a superb background, this platform is well known for good advertisements and well distributed option. Chewy company is accessible online both on Android & iOS mobile App. Chewy company offer Medical services for any type of pets, and with favourable charges. Chewy company only runs in United State, whatever type of product you other from Chewy company will be deliver by Feedex only. Credit card deposits is very available on this platform. Download the App and sign up and enjoy Chewy products and services mainly in U.S. Some of their products, e.g Vitamins, Feeders,waters and food supplements.

Pros & cons

  • Good web portal
  • Excellent service support
  • Good product for animal feed in United State
  • Limited Country access

an ally for the care of your pets

Taking care of our pets is a matter for experts; that is why we must try to feed and care for them properly according to their recommendations. But, where do we find food and accessories for our pets without leaving home? If you live in Florida you have the opportunity to visit the Chewy store; where you will find food supplements and items for the care of your pets. Chewy also offers the advantage of an online service to make your purchases from the comfort of your home or office. This service plays an important role today, when it is risky for us to leave home for reasons of being exposed to infections due to the Covid-19 pandemic that world society is experiencing. What do we find in the Chewy store? Chewy has undergone a major transformation in its organizational structure as it was acquired in 2017 by a major pet supplement company, which allowed it to win significant capital for the business. This has allowed it to remain in the market as a supplier of additional pet food…


Pets are lovable creatures, but they are not easy to maintain and protect. pets in their nature Life in nature is institutionalized and when we want to keep them in our homes, we must provide the necessary equipment for the comfort of their lives. Online Stores There have been many pets stuffs products for many years, but an online store can be just as good as online stores. Chewy is an online store that sells a variety of pet foods, toys and convenience items. The store section has more than 10 categories for different pets, however Chewy 3 has pets in its main category for pharmacy, which includes dogs, cats and horses, which Chewy has targeted 3 of the most popular. There are so many products in this store that I never thought there would be so many different foods for pets. Chewy categories are well done, and for dogs, for example, several different subsets are assigned to foods only. In today's deal section of this store, appropriate discounts are applied every day, which…

Chewy - good products are main part of your animal's health

h Fisrt of all want to say, that animals are part of our life, and thoose who has an animal knows, how important they are. At the time we buy, pick up any animal, it becomes part of our family. Safe animals, take care about them. Chewy is an animal oriented market. On the website you can find what ever you need for your pet. All known such as Royal Canin, Purina and etc. more than 2000 brands are listed on Chewy. All categories are splited, so you can go ahead and find the thing that you are looking for very easy. Except the products you can find toys, treats, supplements, beds, pharmacy and o on. So variety of the products are amazing. You can download the Chewy app and make your order even easier. For the first order Chewy provides discount up to 30% for autoship. For thoose who wanna make a surprise for pet lovers there is an option for GiftCards. So you can buy some and it to petlover. Today's deals are category with special discounts for the day, and products are changing…

My review on Chewy Company.

My responsibilities towards pets that live in my house are the same as my responsibilities to my children, so I'm trying always to provide the best products and supplies they need to live a healthy and happy life, that is their natural right. That's why I write my review of Chewy, a unique company that is distinguished by its success in providing and marketing all the food and other needs of pets. This company offers a lot of customers to delight them and raise their value for the best in the commercial market, and it has expanded in many places in the United States thanks to more than 18 thousand members who make the effort required to be the strongest among the companies selling pet products. Its products include more than 2,000 guaranteed brands to offer customers a lot of choice during the purchase process. They also contain a website marketing is easy to use and the secretariat, it protects users ' information from theft. The shipping method is fast and inexpensive. In the end, I

My research and opinion on Chewy.

I will tell you about Chewy, a quality and ideal Company for pet owners. Chewy has evil animal foods where your pets can eat and acquire all kinds of vitamins, minerals and useful things, toys where they can have fun playing and keep their body healthy by moving, and many other useful products. If you have a pet, you don't need to search another site these beautiful products at Chewy will be enough for you. So I like chewy, just using chewy you can find everything you need for your pet and order it at any time, you don't need to look for another company or any other place. On chewy's website, you can see the products that users prefer most, and you can access quality and beautiful products. I suggest you check out the products on chewy's website, and I don't want pet owners to miss these products because they're really the products that pet owners need. was all my research and review of Chewy. I wish that the information I have provided will be useful to you. I hope to see you at my…

A pet store close to almost flawless.

At Chewy, you have the chance to find many products and services that are suitable for your pets. Here, only products and materials are not sold. There is also a referral platform with many services and health applications for your animal. You can find and obtain the necessary products related to the health problem your pet has experienced from the pharmacy section on the website. It is very easy and fast to become a member of this platform. Your cargo, which you give for your purchases over 49 dollars, will be delivered to you free of charge and will be in your hands within a maximum of 3 days. From here, you can surprise a friend or family member with a gift card they bought from the store. He can buy any product he wishes for the amount of this card. He gets whatever his pet needs. In addition, this store has a live support line that is open 24/7. By connecting to this line, you can ask questions and contact them. In addition, if you follow the daily deals section on the…

My review of Chewy a useful firm

Hello, everyone, I want to tell you about chewy today. Chewy is an animal products sales company with a variety of animal products. My favorite thing about Chewy is that more than 2000 brands have quality and useful products and provide them to their customers with superior quality of service. All kinds of products for animals are available animal foods, beds, toys, supplements, products for animal health are all for animals and very useful and useful things. If you want to buy something for your animal, what you're looking for, the brand you're looking for, that great product you're looking for, Chewy definitely has it. I say this with confidence in Chewy's brand and product diversity. Our animals are like our children, they are part of our family and they are worth everything to them. If you want to buy something from Chewy, I suggest you know; chewy'dene purchases of $ 49 and above are free with 1-3 days delivery. Moreover, you can get support every day and around the clock. I…