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Are you passionate about the world of trading? Do you want to invest in the business of crypto assets? Whether as a trader, investor or beginner of cryptocurrencies, you must have an exchange operator that offers you efficiency and security both for your asset management and to protect your finances from fraud and manipulation of funds electronically. The digital industry offers many currency exchange management companies, but there is one that despite its short appearance in the market has managed to remain and sustain itself in the asset business. It's about Kucoin. What makes this digital currency exchange manager attractive?  It is backed by an experienced team of experts in blockchain technology and non-custodial finance  Supports a large number of digital currencies to make conversions instantly and simultaneously, without affecting the scalability and efficiency of the platform  Offers easy interface for asset management  Offers personalized wallets linked to exclusive addresses My personal experience has allowed me to corroborate the efficiency, responsibility and seriousness of this platform for almost a year that I have been using it, showing me that even when it suffered an electronic attack at a certain time, it responded consistently by the timely reimbursement of my assets. For this reason, I highly recommend it. See full review

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Hellenic Node

For those who see cryptocurrencies as the business of the new era, being part of this market is a common challenge; since we see day by day how the industry of this technology grows in a vertiginous way and with it the possibilities of generating returns from it. Who is not attracted to rewards in digital assets? Thinking about it, Hellenic Node focuses on offering various reward systems to the members of the ecosystem, to make its platform an economic model to generate income. What is special about this income? In essence, they originate through secure technology thanks to the use of the global distributed ledger. Second, the rewards are delivered in at least four different types of currencies, which opens up new business opportunities for their recipients. Third, they are revenues that are delivered on a fixed and recurring basis, monthly, under the Loyalty system modality. The only downside to the Loyalty rewards mechanism is the high threshold it places on HN holders to guarantee the benefit. This minimum limit is HN $ 100,000 available in the wallet. See full review

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Ryo Currency

Because the management of your money should not be exposed to public scrutiny, every day more people and investors prefer the privacy of a platform that does not expose the information of your operations to third parties. For those for whom privacy is a priority, they can count on RYO Concurrency. What does RYO Concurrency bring to its users? • Bet on the operation of a truly free trading platform, which gives its users autonomy over the management of their funds without control or intermediaries • Provides confidentiality to users by not allowing the disclosure of data related to the transfer of digital assets, that is, it applies end-to-end encryption technology that makes it impossible to identify those involved in the operation, nor their addresses or amounts at the time. be disguised by ghost information. From there derives, its anonymous nature • Like cash, it uses a fungible currency that makes duplication and identification impossible • Supports two wallets that are easy to interface with users, which can be downloaded to desktop computers and mobile devices as they are compatible with the main current operating systems: Android, IOS, Windows, Linux, MAC. RYO Concurrency offers the main features we are looking for in a digital currency, both in terms of security, versatility and ease of use. See full review

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In relation to cryptocurrencies there are two important points to consider: First, the stability of the currency in the stock market and second, the speed of execution of transactions. In this sense, Dynamic Coin offers solutions to the main problems facing crypto: speed and devaluation. Velocity: • Dynamic Coin operates under a highly scalable mechanism that allows to process blocks in a period of time of just 15 seconds, which allows you to validate operations in seconds and not hours. • Guarantees an unlimited number of operations in seconds, because there is no limit on the size of the block. Currency stability-Inflation: The currency guarantees the stability of its value, when the reward occurs on the difference in price of the cryptoactive adjusted according to the market value. Which implies that an inflationary process does not take place as the unlimited issuance of digital currencies increases. In addition, the value of the crypto asset adjusts instantly with respect to market changes, so as not to allow for devaluation. We can conclude, that Dynamic Coin solves what for many investors of digital assets constitutes their main concern, by guaranteeing the efficiency of their cryptographic protocol and the stability of value. See full review

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One of the attractions of cryptography is the security it offers to the information protected in the blockchain, making it public and unalterable. This is one of the reasons why Robet has introduced blockchain technology to digital betting systems, guaranteeing transparency in the flow of data and precision in the gaming functions of the platform, due to the implementation of smart contracts. By using ROBET's functions, game promoters ensure that they create anti-fraud conditions and transparent game results. This is possible thanks to the security that blockchain offers to cryptographic operations with both fiat money and the use of cryptocurrencies. Another important point of ROBET is the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence to create betting brokerage models with different risk criteria, so that bettors have a range of options available to select the most convenient in relation to strategy / profit. For merchants of e-sports betting systems and players, ROBET represents a guarantee of transparency, reliability and efficiency in the operating mechanisms of online gaming platforms and in the results of bets. See full review

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Buying online has become as common a task as having breakfast every morning, even more so in the times of confinement we are going through due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this sense, PluraCoin offers us a very useful platform to process our online payments safely. How can this platform help us in managing our payments? • Guarantees fast payment processing • Simple interface platform • The cost per use of the platform is very low • It offers an exchange system with the BTCSquare platform, with total security due to its encryption mechanism. • The native PLURA currency is compatible with the main currencies on the market: LTC, BTC, EUR and USD. • Anonymous payment system due to the implementation of rings in the signature that make it impossible to track operations and information of those involved in the transaction. • Scalable infrastructure that provides efficient data processing and asset transfer • It is equivalent to cash but with the security of blockchain technology PluraCoin through its virtual payment mechanism offers users the possibility of using digital money safely. See full review

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Digital commerce brings with it many benefits to promote the development of peoples, by allowing them to enter the technological industry that facilitates investment and the growth of the economy and the well-being of its inhabitants. DigiDinar is a platform that promotes the incorporation of the inhabitants of Kuwait to the cryptographic trade, in order to access investment opportunities, use affordable payment mechanisms and enjoy the security and versatility offered by DigiDinara blockchain technology on a personal and financial level. . Through its web portal, DigiDinar tries to instill the necessary learning in the inhabitants of Kuwait to join the cryptocurrency trade under a reliable environment, which guarantees the safe storage and exchange of coins. In this portal, DigiDinar has arranged several teaching methods to facilitate the education of beginners in the use of cryptocurrencies. For DigiDinar, educating is a fundamental part of the integration of the people of Kuwait to the digital industry that monopolizes the global financial market. Users can also make use of the DigiDinar platform to carry out currency conversions, asset transfers and fast cryptocurrency exchanges, service payments and consumption. DigiDinar also offers quarterly events for its members on new technology developments in Kuwait and globally. See full review

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Keeping our money safe is a priority that we should not delegate at any time to third parties. For this reason, when choosing an e-commerce platform, what we think first about is the privacy it offers us. Electronero is a digital asset product of the alteration of a previous digital protocol called Electroneum, in order to expand the privacy properties of the currency and ensure its anonymity. What technology does this cryptocurrency use? Electronero uses the CryptoNote algorithm, as well as many cryptographic protocols that seek to guarantee anonymity in its transactions. In addition to privacy, other important features that Electronero has are related to the ease of interface with the user, compatibility with payment systems, arbitration mechanisms and the use of smart contracts. All this established as future planning. Other of its qualities include ASIC security, efficient operation that is achieved through the optimal synchronization of your infrastructure. In Electronero you will find the most basic functions that a digital currency should offer for your commercial operations. See full review

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Mountain Partners

To succeed before the challenges of the digital finance market, it is necessary to be up-to-date in information, strategies and technology, especially if you are part of the conglomerate of investors and companies that seek financial stability. Mountain Partners is a venture capital organization committed to the accelerated growth of startups and keeping investors up-to-date with the best opportunities in the stock market. Mountain Partners has recognized experience in sponsoring companies from different branches of technology and industry sectors, including: marketing, health, media, consumer, e-commerce, as well as insurtech, fintech and proptech. What is the purpose of Mountain Partners? Mountain Partners aims to enter the world's companies in the technological revolution of the digital industry, so that they can survive the challenges of the globalization of international markets. In this sense, it has a wide and varied portfolio of business projects in order to turn them into investors with solid foundations and sustainable companies, with a view to minimizing risks, detecting new business opportunities and maximizing returns. See full review

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One of the most common drawbacks to digital currencies is their volatility in the foreign exchange market, which translates into devaluation for the holder of these assets. To solve this problem, the founders of cryptography prefer to link the digital protocol to an asset or stable value currency. Such is the case of XCOIN, a currency whose issuance is made in all the legal tender currencies of all the countries of the world. Thanks to this multiple duality of XCOIN, no conversions are required at the time of payment processing, regardless of the date of the transaction. Also, no conversion is needed in case of withdrawals from XCOINs in FIAT currencies. XCOIN has attractive features that facilitate trading tasks, such as:  Shipments are exempt from the payment of commissions or fees  Free FIAT currency conversion system  You have a mobile wallet for IOS and Android  Speed of transactions  Value stability at any time of purchase or sale of assets  Convenience to transfer assets from anywhere with your smartphone See full review

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