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Revainrating 4 out of 5

This project has been up for some time and has attracted the attention of many due to its impressive basis and various aims and objectives. The ANXO project deals on high tech development as well as productions this implies in the real production and manufacture of these products and their implementations has been the main dealings of this project. Basically I see the success of this project in the physical development of this project as well as the access to these productsthe physical developSee full review

lupbit logo

The lupbit exchange what is describe itself to be a decentralized platform which are based in the United Kingdom London. The exchange appeared in the market two years ago and I stayed only for a short period of time you know they went offline and are no longer offering any Exchange service for now. The exchange is a good example for a platform you should avoid for now as commerce can use the company's name carry out flooding activities period is important for you to stay away from this platformSee full review

bijieex logo

The bijieex Exchange I felt in the market about a year or two and went offline. The exchange seems to be all started like a very good project but its developers and founders seems to not be capable enough to handle such a service delivery of exchange. They went offline and suspended any exchange services. What baffles me more is the fact that the platform doesn't have enough information on the internet. They have not stayed long enough for users to enjoy them or notice how good they are. TryingSee full review

wesellcrypto logo

The Exchange we sell crypto has not been well clear enough for me. They have been in the market for some time which they went offline and we haven't heard anything about them. There are various users initially made some good comment about them about their services and terms of use. They have seen to be a very outstanding platform and have listed a good number of coins. There have been three in very good prices or fers for transactions and have been a very cost-effective platform. But for now thSee full review

cdax logo

The cdax Exchange is a very reputable company in terms of transparency and credibility. They have been performing well in the market with a good trading below are a very good services. The exchange is a very beautiful layout on has a lot of infrastructure and features for traders which one of it is the trading view. The tradingview is well equipped with features and very compatible with various devices and screen sizes. The exchanges putting a lot of things which allows you re-rock out your analSee full review

ix fintech logo

The ix Exchange is 1 recomendable Exchange to sign up to. This exchange has been on the market for sometimes and has been performing very greatly. Checking out these various sources on various social media they have been dropping a very good comments about it serial I got attracted to this exchange due to the file user interface is very dark and golden theme design, which allows you navigate an access this service is very easily. They also Incorporated their mobile app which support both AndroidSee full review

bitkonan logo

The bitkonan Exchange is one of the exchange to point out as a very functioning and reliable platform. They have been in the market for over a decade now and was launched in Croatia. the exchange capture attention duty define user interface which was very well layout. They have been trading in very good volumes was very attractive. The change allows traders to enjoy a free of charge transaction for being a market maker and 0.19% for being a market taker. The exchange service are very superb rangSee full review

kipu world logo

The kipu world Exchange has been a very mystery exchange. After a lot of research and found inside discover that this exchange seems to have never been existed before and and they seem to be a project which was abandoned. The kipu wallet where is existing board is not the case study for our discussion for now. For you to make right choices for your exchange is very important for you to make careful research on which extension going to get into. A lot of scams projects are flying all around the iSee full review

coinex market logo

The coinex Market Exchange has been a phenomenal exchange and has been performing very greatly in the market over the years past. They have a very broad services which they offer. Day trade crypto currencies against various years and has been able to listen Fiat currencies as well. The exchange allow to deposit on this platform and start up here crypto journey with your Fiat by simply making a wire transfer. They have great trading fees which is very in line with the current industrial average aSee full review

dstoq logo

Dstoq review

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The dstoq is 1 brilliant exchange which caught my attention when I saw that they allow trading for free on this platform. You don't charge any fee for this thrilling activities of this exchange. The exchange has a very beautiful user interface which allows you navigate around the side very easily. It is very intuitive and very attractive. They have a mobile app which allows to access this exchange services at ease and you can access this app on their official website which you can download easSee full review

coxi.io logo

The coxi exchange is one phenomenal exchange I have come across, I got captured by its very well designed user interface which is very easy to navigate, it allows you access all the services on this exchange at a great ease. The exchange has a very adaptable infrastructure for both beginners and advance. The allow deposit of fiat, the EUR, USD and PLN and allows you trade them against crypto currency. They have a good number of coins which allows you trade a t a great ease. The exchange is very See full review

bitospher logo

Bitospher exchange

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Exchange are important as they facilitate our various transactions in the cryptomarket They have release and launched a good number of these exchanges and a lot of them are not credible enough as they were built with selfish reasonsreasons. It is important you make a care fil search in which platform is more credible for you The bitospher exchange was launched two to three years back they have been performing pretty well in the market. The exchange is originated from Turkey and has been seen See full review

slicex logo

Exchange are very important to our investment, the facilitate our various transactions and trading's. They are essential for our assets. A lot of this Exchange are out their for service to make access to digital asset easier while others are there off fraud. It is important you make a careful search on which is more credible for you to invest in. The slicex exchange has been in the market for a year or two now, they are important for as they appear relaible and very trusted. The exchange is verSee full review

bitrump logo

eexchanges are much release everyday in the market, they facilitate Transactions and it is important to make a careful search in the platform about its credibility before investing. A lot of these platform are being launched, it is important to make a good research in order to avoid loses. The bitrump is a centralised exchange which has been trading in the market for sometimes now, it Was launched for about 3 or 4 years now in the united Arab Emirates, I see it as a spectated due to this reasoSee full review

rokes commons exchange logo

a lot of exchange are being launched everyday and most of them are out there for a very selfish reasons such as fraud. And so on. It is very recommendable for you to make a careful search so as you make a good choice on which is very recommendable and credibility enough so as to Avoid unnecessary losses. The roles common Exchange is a Blockchain based platform which was launched Estonia. The exchange is very intuitive attractive and very easy to. They have worked so well on the design and layouSee full review

panda global logo

exchanges are important tools for our various transactions in the crypto to space. A lot of this exchange are in the market and a lot are being released every day most of them are out there for selfish reasons while some of them are honestly rendering their services it is very important for you to make a careful search on any platform you're about to get into so as you normally classes are necessary The panda it's a very attractive user interface it has a very beautiful user decide which one dSee full review

binance uk logo

exchange is facilitated various trades and transactions on the crypto market. It is very important that you make a very careful search on any platform you're about to get into as a lot of this platform a lot out there for rendering an honest service instead they offer selfish services and for selfish reasons such as fraud Binance is a very reputable company and a very large exchange. They have been trading for sometimes and have been able to acquire a very good uses and trading world. The featSee full review

swapx logo

Swapx exchange

Revainrating 4 out of 5

the lot of exchanges are out there and you never get to know which one issafe enough for your investment as most of them are out there for selfish reasons such as fraud. Exchange is an important as a facilitator various trading and it is important for us to make the right choices so as not to make losses unnecessarily. The swapx exchange is a centralised platform which can be seen as in automated token swap and liquidity protocol. This exchange is seen to be fed with a lot of funds for investSee full review

burst asset exchange logo

Exchange facilitate our trading's and various over those transactions in the in the crypto space.. a lot of exchange are available and most of them are out there for selfish reasons of fraud . It is important for you to make a careful search on which one is more credible for you to invest on. The burst asset exchange is a decentralized exchange which has been operating in the market for some times now. This exchange is very designing it a very intuitive user interface which allows you navigate vSee full review

birake network logo

Birake exchange

Revainrating 4 out of 5

exchamges facilitate our various transactions, they are important for our trading's and so many more. A lot of this exchange are in the market and so many of them are out there for selfish reasons and fraud. It is important to make a careful search on any exchange before getting into it The birake exchange is a Decentralized exchange, it is being launched in 2017 and they have been delivering a very good services for its users. The Exchange interface is very superb it allows you trade and swapSee full review

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