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Venture capital companies serve as a sure link to stimulate the success of companies in conditions of weakness, formation process or seed. Intel Capital is part of that group of organizations that connects financial resources and business strategies with investment products and entrepreneurs. As it does? Intel Capital seeks to create the necessary solidity in companies that will guarantee its sustainability and profitability in the global market. To do this, it establishes a set of strategiesSee full review

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Do you want a high performance printer to guarantee an impeccable service to your customers on their labels? Run out of ink for your office printers? Look no further, Summation Technology is the perfect solution for you! Simply enter their virtual store to find a large inventory of the best equipment for the service of high definition label printing, spare parts and pieces, inks and consumables of all brands available in the market. With Summation Technology there is no reason to be suspiciouSee full review

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Having a pet is having the responsibility to take care of another living being with total commitment and seriousness. To help him fulfill this mission, he has the help of the store of products and accessories for animals: PetsDomain. Regardless of your pet, PetsDomain provides you with a large inventory of products for all types of animals. From reptiles to horses, we have everything your pet requires to have a healthy and healthy life. Why do customers prefer PetsDomain? And it is that in See full review

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Keeping all areas of an office equipped takes time and money. However, if we have a web portal that allows us to buy without leaving the office, it will save us important time that we can invest in other tasks. Quill allows you to place an order quickly from the comfort of your office and with the guarantee of taking advantage of the special discounts offered by its own brand products. That's right, at Quill you not only save by shopping but you also find everything you are looking for in one See full review

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Do you want to boost the management of your company? Do you want to automate operations to reduce personnel costs? There is no business success without the solidity of a technological infrastructure in accordance with the demands of the competitive financial market. In this sense, MESCHAIN serves as a reliable provider of a set of blockchain services and products that guarantee the appropriate solution to each requirement within your organization. Why choose MESCHAIN among so many providers? See full review

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For efficient management within a corporation or government, adequate facilities and equipment are required for the jobs that our employees will occupy. OnTimeSupplies offers an efficient solution as a supplier of office supplies and equipment, having a large inventory of: • Chairs of different models and designs • Stationery shop articles • Printer supplies • Printers of different brands • Cleaning articles • Desks • Cabinets With OnTimeSupplies equipping the facilities is an easy taSee full review

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Companies, whether large or small, need adequate conditioning to provide comfort for both visitors and employees, so having comfortable furniture and facilities is vital. Shoplet allows you to equip your office or premises with comfortable furniture for your employees' day and for the reception of your clients, offering you chairs suitable for each particular function. You will also find in your virtual store or in your facilities, the desks, shelves and filing cabinets to keep all the documenSee full review

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Due to accidental reasons or health issues, many people see their abilities to mobilize themselves diminished, seeing the need to use accessories and personalized mobility equipment. Hoveround considering this situation, is dedicated to manufacturing the appropriate mobility items for each need, such as: • Electric operating chairs • Facilitator of lifts • Scooters for transfers • Ladder implements • Among others Hoveround has a history of more than 25 years as a manufacturer of special mSee full review

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Every achievement of a family member, birthday or anniversary is a reason to celebrate. We know this at Amols Party, a distributor of supplies for all kinds of parties, whether children's, weddings, baptisms, baby showers or bachelor parties. No matter the reason, we accompany you with everything you need to set the mood and organize your celebrations. In our facilities you will find everything from balloons to Mexican hats for your theme parties. And it is that in Amols Party, we have a longSee full review

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Reading allows us to immerse ourselves in an imaginary journey to the places that the text takes us, whatever our literary preference. For lovers of reading, Counter-Print offers a virtual window to the widest variety of texts, classified by literary genre and age. It also allows you to purchase a variety of stationery items for school work or crafts. On the Counter-Print website children have a special section that allows them to select everything from clothes to school supplies, games, toysSee full review

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The impact of borderless digital advertising has exceeded the limits of our imagination. Thanks to borderless advertising, our products and services can reach the ends of the universe without the need for intermediaries. That said, it is to be expected that more and more non-custodial advertising platforms such as Adshares will emerge. Adshares is a global non-custodial infrastructure that serves as a gateway to promote advertising content digitally, thanks to the use of smart resources and thSee full review

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The use of blockchain technology is definitely infinite in dimension; well, every day we see how new decentralized applications arise focused on solving many financial, commercial, energy problems, among others. The health sector does not escape the use of blockchain technology. We can see this in the cryptographic platform Patientory. Patientory is an intelligent service that allows establishing links between medical personnel and patients, through the use of digital resources provided by theSee full review

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Diving into the crypto exchange market is akin to stepping into an ocean of fish and sharks; where you run the risk of finding both good and unfavorable investment opportunities. For this reason, the help that advisors or specialized experts in the negotiation of digital assets can give us is vital. Considering this premise; SaluS offers financial logistical support to beginners and traders conducting decentralized finance activities in digital asset markets. What does SaluS support consist ofSee full review

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Conventional investment products took a back seat with the advent of the crypto industry; since currently the trading of assets and the incorporation in cryptographic mining platforms left behind financial resources such as the purchase of shares or securities of traditional finance. Apollon puts a new investment resource in the hands of e-commerce users or crypto investors: participation in rewards for the execution of masternodes. What benefits does this decentralized financial resource brinSee full review

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Due to the increase in the existence of cryptographic mining platforms and the consequences generated by the high energy consumption that their maintenance implies; The need has arisen to seek more environmentally friendly power generation services. This has given rise to the emergence of the Pylon Network. This is an infrastructure based on blockchain technology that promotes the exchange of green electricity services in a reliable way. Pylon Network promotes the creation of an open market whSee full review

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One of the advantages that the use of electronic financial instruments provides is that it allows us to access goods and services in a simple, safe and fast way; as allowed by the use of credit or debit cards. But what if we can spend our cryptocurrencies through a product backed by blockchain security? Well yes; this is what the FuzeX payment gateway offers us. FuzeX makes available to users a digital payment tool that facilitates the acquisition of goods and services, using as a form of paymSee full review

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The entertainment industry surprises us every day with new technologies and gaming solutions that immerse all fans in a fun and fantastic virtual world. Due to the growth of this sector of the technology industry, many cryptors and entrepreneurs direct their projects to provide new entertainment services to their actors. In the middle of this panorama; BetProtocol (BEPRO Network) emerges as a blockchain service provider to offer those involved the technological tools that will allow the develoSee full review

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Due to the vulnerability of the currently existing popular communication channels; the need has arisen to develop security mechanisms to provide privacy to our communications. The founders of Pigeoncoin have developed this cryptographic solution in order to establish a technological system that guarantees the privacy of messaging on smart devices, through a cryptographic protocol known as PGN. How does this communication channel of messages work? The PGN token acts as a digital instant messagSee full review

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With the exponential growth of decentralized financial markets, innovations in terms of investment products and instruments of cryptographic origin have not stopped. Therefore, every day the industry surprises us with new options for trading digital assets. Bitpanda not only offers a secure platform thanks to the use of blockchain technology resources; but it offers varied options of investment instruments and also allows any user to interact with the digital platform in an easy and simple way;See full review

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Price volatility is the cornerstone of cryptocurrencies that are offered in the crypto markets. For this reason, more and more cryptographic protocols are betting on their connection with goods and assets of value to protect the devaluation of the currency. This is the case with Neutrino USD. Neutrino USD known by the acronym USDN; is a digital asset whose main characteristic is to maintain the stability of its value, by linking it to a stable currency such as the US dollar, and relying on the See full review



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