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Review on Apple Pay by Uğur Çelik

What is Apple Pay and its Posibilities

What is Apple Pay and its Posibilities

Apple Pay is a technology that allows end users to pay quickly, easily and securely via NFC technology via credit and debit cards and Apple devices. Personally, I have to state that I am extremely far from this technology. Because this is entirely due to my relationship with Apple. I haven't used any Apple devices until now. My first choice has generally been Android phones, and it continues.

Although I am not using it, I have to say that this technology offers many advantages to people. Because NFC technology is available in many devices today. For this reason, it should be said that the use of Apple Pay can be extremely practical. We can say that the effectiveness of Apple Pay may increase in the coming days. Current sense to use in Turkey still seems unopened. I will definitely revise this review if I have Apple experience and access the Apple Pay experience in the future.

Pros & cons

  • İt includes modern teknology
  • İt is practic and usuable
  • İt must be on all of the world.