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Review on Apple Pay by Daria Logunova

Simple solution for online shopping

Hello everyone! I love all Apple products. And Apple Pay is one of them. At first I was afraid to enter card details into my phone. This was until the moment when I tried Apple Pay in business. It is so convenient and fast that now I send all my online payments only through Apple Pay.

Firstly, it is convenient to add a card to the wallet, you can simply point the camera at the card and all the data will appear on the phone screen.
Secondly, in offline stores, it is enough to bring the phone screen (even if the screen is inactive) to the terminal for payment, and the application itself opens and offers your cards for payment.
Thirdly, it is more necessary to go for a card or look for a photo card in order to make an online payment in an online store. Everything is so fast and simple that I am delighted.
But there is also a downside. I personally noticed that I began to make impulsive purchases online more often precisely because of Apple Pay, because it is enough to start with one button and you have already bought the product. And before, I had to go to my bag for a card, get it out, that is, sometimes, laziness and the absence of such a fast payment system like Apple Pay saves me from impulsive unnecessary purchases on the Internet. Therefore, keep in mind, this is my personal experience and I was pleased to share this experience.
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Rating changed from 5 to 4
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Pros & cons

  • Fast payments, card selection when paying, card data by photo
  • Frequent impulse purchases