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The manufacturer is ready to put only high marks. I myself have been using ACUVUE disposable contact lenses for many years and am very satisfied with them. I've bought this liquid for lenses several times, and even liked it. It is especially convenient that this liquid has an option of a small capacity of 100 ml, I always take this size on a plane when traveling, and at home I use a large package of 350 mlSee full review

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Greetings and good day ladies and gentlemen! Some time ago, I became interested in digital currencies. To buy coins and various cryptocurrencies, you need a full-fledged exchange. At the beginning, I considered "Binance", "Coinbase", but still took a closer look and chose the "Huobi" crypto-currency exchange. About the first two, I heard about possible blocking of deposits of Russian-speaking clients, "Huobi" - the Chinese exchange, I think that the risk is minimal. You can access the exchange See full review

hp sprocket portable photo printer printers logo

Bought this printer a year ago. It has a printer, scanner and copier. First of all, we tried to print photos (there was a special paper for printing photos from HP as a gift for the printer), and everything went 5+. The quality of the photos is excellent, the colors are bright juicy. The typing speed is normal, about 20-30 seconds. The printer also did a very good job of printing plain text. The advantage of this printer is that it has a color LCD display and support for memory cards. Since I doSee full review

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Hamleys, a British toy store from all over the world, was successfully chosen as the flagship in the Central Children's Store on Lubyanka. Many have already managed to visit it, evaluate its range and draw their own conclusions. For me, this is truly a children's world of toys from 0+ to infinity! Finding the store is easy: it occupies two floors on the left side of the center of the Children's Store. Bright red shop windows with the inscription Hamleys cannot fail to attract the attention of evSee full review

get google pixel 4a - unlocked android smartphone with 128 gb storage & 24 hour battery life in barely blue color logo

A mid-range phone that's loaded with features to enhance your mobile life, Pixel 4a 128GB Smartphone from Google sports a variety of modes to expand image quality, smart technology to extended battery life, and a digital assistant to make it easier to get things done. Camera modes such as Night Shot, which can capture starry skies and clearer low-light scenes. Adaptive Battery learns your favorite apps, reducing power to what you rarely use, and Google Assistant allows you to control the phone wSee full review

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What do you like the most? The best features of SwapSwop are- - Excellent customer service, if something goes wrong during transactions, they respond instantly, which increases their credibility - The transaction is instant, you do not have to wait long for your transfer to take place, it goes through 3 stages - waiting, transaction and sending. - The platform contains basically all the important and famous coins. - The transaction takes place completely anonymously or decentralized without See full review

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Watching the world of cryptocurrencies, I had a desire to make a review-review on one of the most significant recent events in this area. It's about Roobee. What is Roobee? This is a system built on blockchain technology, with the help of which any person can make the right and necessary investments. What is now closed to the ordinary investor will become available to the Roobee user. And you can invest wherever you want - any fund, any interesting startup, projects, stocks, real estate - and See full review

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One of the most popular ways to earn extra money right now is passive income. This is the type of income that can be generated automatically and requires little to no effort to achieve or maintain. When an earner makes minimal effort to increase their income, this is called progressive passive income. Also, while cryptocurrencies may be considered volatile and unpredictable, there is a reason why so many people are actively involved in this growing industry and why even top companies like SamsunSee full review

decathlon logo

My Review on company Decathlon 06/07/2022. This is one of my favorite sportswear and sporting goods stores. I bought a lot of things and clothes in this store and I am very satisfied with my purchases. At any time of the year you can find here any equipment, any necessary clothes or shoes, it is very convenient. In winter, I bought a ski suit, winter sports boots, a cheesecake for skiing down the mountain, and equipment for ski holidays. In the summer, I can always find a hydro suit for swimmingSee full review

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Currently, not everyone can buy a good processor. Prices have risen a lot, even in the secondary market. All this happened due to the active development of mining and the shortage of semiconductors. Of course, I want to find a compromise for acceptable money and in pursuit of it, many begin to search the Internet for TOP budget processors, where they find how they are told that if there is not a lot of money, then buy server Xeons (Xeon). The idea is tempting. Those people who are sitting on socSee full review

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The time came, and on PayPal I saved up my first 1000 rubles earned on the Internet .. At that time, the card was already linked .. And with a shake of my hand I clicked on "Withdraw Funds" .. In general, the site warns that bank transfers take 3 to 5 days.. I was lucky and my transfers took 1-3 days maximum!! And most importantly, what a surprise it was, how exactly 1000 rubles were credited to my card, exactly as much as was withdrawn from the account .. WITHOUT INTEREST! For example, I wilSee full review

decathlon uk logo

Hello. This is my review of the company Decathlon UK. I bought a lot of things and clothes in this store and am very satisfied with my purchases. It is in this store that you can find a snorkel mask when you can find it in other stores. And at a price 2 times cheaper. The masks are excellent, water and air do not pass. They don't sweat. Plus hydro suits are super, I also bought myself. Costume prices are very reasonable and affordable. At the checkout, I was surprised by this basket, which itselSee full review

vestiaire collective logo

Today's largest resale website opened in 2009, when enterprising Frenchwoman Fanny Moisan decided to deal with the consequences of the crisis in a very original way. She saw that many bloggers began to sell branded items, called friends and launched a resale platform. Since then, the company has raised $37 million in investments (including Condé Nast, by the way) and has grown to a staff of 340 employees and offices in 48 countries. Almost every major brand can be found on the site, Moisan saysSee full review

ethereum logo

Hello everyone. Today I want to share my opinion about Ethereum cryptocurrency. Of the positive qualities I also note - Promising eco-cryptocurrency, low volatility, multifunctional platform. Cryptocurrency Ethereum - Perhaps in the future it will become the most popular and expensive. In my opinion, One of the best coins for making money! I made good money on it. A few years ago, I did not even suspect that there are such concepts as cryptocurrency. Of course, I knew about digital, electroSee full review

ssense logo

Ssense.com is a Canadian online store that offers the customer a wide range of clothing and footwear and related accessories. In the store you can buy new collections of famous and fashionable brands such as Dior, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, as well as other brands. The prices in the store are quite high. This is due to the fact that Ssense.com focuses on original items from famous designers. Usually such things are sold at a big discount (up to 70%). In the boutique you can find more affSee full review

new look logo

I recently opened this store for myself, about a year ago. But I'm glad I opened it. Everything there is so bright and beautiful - the eyes run wide. But I want to note in it dresses and sundresses, since the rest of the things are basically similar to things from other stores. What I like? - sales consultants. If you ask them, they will explain with a smile. If you want to look like, they will not swoop down on you and offer you to pick up something. - prices. Of course, there is no limitSee full review

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Simple solution for online shopping

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Hello everyone! I love all Apple products. And Apple Pay is one of them. At first I was afraid to enter card details into my phone. This was until the moment when I tried Apple Pay in business. It is so convenient and fast that now I send all my online payments only through Apple Pay. Firstly, it is convenient to add a card to the wallet, you can simply point the camera at the card and all the data will appear on the phone screen. Secondly, in offline stores, it is enough to bring the phone sSee full review

cos logo

Hello everyone! This time I want to talk about a very popular brand of women's youth clothing, footwear and accessories Forever 21. The quality is solid 4 plus and the price is simply beyond praise. Photos from the catalog and from my personal collection. I will try to describe the pros and cons, as well as the purchase price. I can't say that I like all of the collections, because 50% of the models are more teenage. As for the quality, I want to note that there are things of very high quality, See full review

apple logo

I want to say a huge thank you to Apple for all of his projects. I love everything about Apple phones, their designs, upgrades, colors to choose from when buying. They never hang or glitch. And also, I like that when changing an old phone to a new one, all contacts, applications, photos are saved. It's great. Previously, all the data had to be saved to another hard drive and write down all contacts in a notepad)) Therefore, now with the iPhone XS I feel like a real modern person.I want to say a See full review

marks & spencer logo

This is one of my favorite womenswear stores. Yesterday I bought a jacket there. Before that, I bought a beautiful blouse. The quality is super, there are no spools and clues after 6 months of active wear. I really like the quality of the goods in this store. Plus, they often have different promotions for their next purchase. I was given such a certificate and I will definitely go shopping in this store again in October. The only negative is that it is difficult for my spouse to find a size for See full review

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