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Description of Hamleys

In fact, the Hamleys story began in Cornwall, England, with a man called William Hamley who could have become a tin miner, or a fisherman...but he had other ideas. William dreamed of opening a toy shop, and in 1760 he did just that, little did he know that it would become The Finest Toy Shop in the World.


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Type of review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

My Review on British toy store Hamleys

Hamleys, a British toy store from all over the world, was successfully chosen as the flagship in the Central Children's Store on Lubyanka. Many have already managed to visit it, evaluate its range and draw their own conclusions. For me, this is truly a children's world of toys from 0+ to infinity! Finding the store is easy: it occupies two floors on the left side of the center of the Children's Store. Bright red shop windows with the inscription Hamleys cannot fail to attract the attention of…

  • a large two-story store in the Central House of Children's House, space zoning, a huge variety of toys, for all ages, interactive, the opportunity to feel like a part of the Hamleys world
  • not

Revainrating 5 out of 5


Hello everyone I will like to pen down my own side of view on Hamlets Company. Now To My Review. Hamleys Company is a British platform base on Toys, it was established by "William Hamlet" in year 1760. Hamleys are well known as toy and gaming tools all over the world, all their products are with high quality and very affordable for everyone. Hamleys has over 48 toy and game in market, you can get your choice of games or Toys accessory both in their physical store and online. Hamleys has

  • Very simple to use for even a beginners
  • Excellent speed transaction
  • It's unable to operate under average service, unless 4G service provider

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A company with a past like a big plane tree

Hamleys is an online website that produces and sells educational and entertaining toys for children. I liked their website very much because they divided the categories by age group. In this way, you can find what you are looking for very easily. It may sound strange, but this company has been founded for more than 250 years. By subscribing to Hamleys newsletter, you can stay up to date with events, competitions, promotions and sales. There is no live customer support but there is a bot…

  • Very flexible return policy
  • They have cheaper shipping rates compared to other companies
  • There are multiple payment methods
  • It has an incredible history
  • -

Revainrating 5 out of 5

My thoughts about Hamleys

Hello there. The review I will write today will be about Hamleys. Hamleys is a London based store created in 1760. Having nearly 300 years of experience and being created in a city like London, Hamleys created the perfect environment for rapid development. Hamleys, which was a very small store when it was created, is now world-famous and one of the world's largest toy stores thanks to the excellent strategies. According to the statistics of Hamleys, which has opened its own branches in big…

  • Some sources show it as the world's most entertaining store
  • Customer feedback is positive, meaning they are satisfied with the quality of the products sold and the delivery times of online orders
  • One of the largest and most famous toy companies in the world today, thanks to the excellent strategies of managers and developers
  • I don't think it has a significant downside

Revainrating 5 out of 5

My review about Hamleys

Hello to everyone. I'm going to write to you today about Hamleys. Hamleys is a store created in the UK in 1760. I've researched a lot of toy stores and wrote reviews about them, but Hamleys can be distinguished from many other stores. The biggest difference of this store from others is that it has 261 years of work experience. Hamleys, who has the greatest experience I have ever seen, is busy selling all kinds of toys. But we can't call this store just a toy store, because Hamleys is more than…

  • More than a toy store
  • 261 years of excellent experience
  • It has branches in many major cities of the world
  • There is a huge customer base and the satisfaction of this audience is at the highest level
  • No bad side

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Hamleys: Prestigious chain of toy stores in the UK

Reviewing companies whose business is the marketing of toys is really fresh and rewarding, and even more so when it is a company like Hamleys which has many stores throughout the UK, I have no doubt that in almost every home where children live there are toys from this chain. With several years marketing toys has managed to consolidate a powerful chain, its main store in London is gigantic 7 floors and usually all are large. Overwhelming the variety of amazing toys you can find for all…

  • Powerful retail chain in the UK
  • Overwhelming quantity and variety of toys
  • Convenient shopping in their stores or from their web portal
  • Diverse means of payment and shipping preferably in European Countries
  • Very good web portal
  • Nothing

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Frontier Toys Company

HAMLEYS Company is one of the best company that consider the merriment and fun for children by been a retailer and retainer of all toys like product and gaming aspect to make children and lovers of toys and games active. HAMLEYS Company was founded in the year 1970 by a founder named William HAMLEY, which brought about the company name. HAMLEYS is a London based company but has a good dignity of labour because is well recognized . HAMLEYS has it popularity for been a very accessible COMPANY

  • Very good company
  • customers friendly
  • Easy transaction
  • Always available
  • I am pleased

Revainrating 5 out of 5

What I think about Hamleys

I’m not from the United Kingdom, but there was a Hamleys shop in the city where I grew up. We did not go there often, but I remember how it looked, how it felt. Even looking at their logo makes me all nostalgic. Guess their marketing works well. Obviously, Hamleys is one of the major toy shops in the world and it shows. You can find almost anything you can think of on their website: regular toys, electric toys, creative books, construction kits, clothing, and even sweets. I am not really…

  • Great website
  • Nice selection of everything
  • Exploiting my nostalgia (just kidding, no cons)

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Hamleys : a lot of quality brands and quality products

Hamleys website, which is pleasant to the eye and has a beautiful design, offers the highest quality service to all its customers with its fun products categorized by age. Hamleys is a gaming and toy sales firm. We all love playing games and toys and Hamleys is a great company for people like us. When shopping at Hamleys, you can easily access products categorized by all ages for children. You can browse and review trending products from Hamleys ' website. Hamleys has a variety of products from

  • Having an easy-to-use website is good for users and customers.
  • The variety and quality of brands and products attracts customers.
  • Nothing about it.

Revainrating 4 out of 5


Many of us have good memory about certain Games or Toys that played with in the past, some of it not only entertaining but also educative. Children always ready to play and learn new thing, this is one of the reason the need that can proof to be fun and equally educate them to develop their metal ability. This platform has numbers of Game and Toys that can be order online, these includes games and puzzle, dolls, indoor and outdoor sport and any other toys and games you can think of that meant…

  • Live chat
  • Frequently asked questions
  • The platform use to update the product listing on the platform
  • Many Toys and Games of different type for age bracket
  • The platform is secured
  • It support one fiat currency

Revainrating 5 out of 5

a window to the fantasy world for your child

Buying toys can become an unforgettable experience that allows us to give children the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fantasy world they have dreamed of during their childhood. To achieve this, we have an organization that offers a complete entertainment service as well as a large and varied inventory of toys for all ages. It's about Hamleys. With Hamleys toy shopping will never be stressful and boring; since in its stores the children will be part of an unparalleled fun experience;

  • Offers children's fantasy events for children
  • Offers a wide variety of games in different categories
  • It has games for children of different ages
  • Provides the opportunity for the child to share with his favorite hero
  • The cost of toys could be very expensive

Hamleys, indeed, the emergence of this toy and children's store is truly extraordinary and diverse. When you log into the site of this store, there is a 10% discount for your orders over $ 40, which is currently valid. In addition, it is possible to choose the age of the child you want to shop from the section on the main page of the store and go to the page where the products are suitable for him. Campaigns and discounts are constantly applied and offered to users in the store. It is also…

  • Many campaigns and discounts are constantly made.
  • The products here are very high quality and well-known brands.
  • This store has many social media accounts.
  • The prices of the products are very affordable.
  • The website is really useful.
  • I did not see anything negative.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Hamleys toys shop

Hamley is an international online shop. There are three countires such as Great Britain, India and Russia, which has its franchise. All the products in Hamley Online Shop splited by age, by brand and by categories. Dools, Science Kits, Board Games, Puzzles, Robotics and other popular toys for your kids place in Hamleys shops. You can find LOL, Hamleys, Lego, Marvel and other brands in this shop. Hamleys provides 10% discount for first order, do not miss it. All products are 100% original. There

  • International shop
  • Variety of the products
  • Discounts
  • Nothing negative for now