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Review on Hamleys by Olukayode Oyelami


Many of us have good memory about certain Games or Toys that played with in the past, some of it not only entertaining but also educative. Children always ready to play and learn new thing, this is one of the reason the need that can proof to be fun and equally educate them to develop their metal ability. This platform has numbers of Game and Toys that can be order online, these includes games and puzzle, dolls, indoor and outdoor sport and any other toys and games you can think of that meant for children. It has been around for a while now with good reputation.

I love the color choosing for the home page of the platform, the arrangement of the products in category, and how the platform make all information available for anybody to access. Navigation on the platform is made easy, the shopping can be done by categories, price or age. I found this interesting because it reduced the tress and save time when shopping on the platform. I like the description of each product that tell what the product is all about, the suggested age bracket for the product attached to each product, the analysis of the product with the price tag. I noticed that the platform support one fiat currency, for the platform to be more convenient i suggest adding more fiat currency for the users to switch to any currency of their choice. Having more language to the platform will equally attract more buyer to the platform in my opinion. The platform has live chat which is one of the features that i considered when choosing any online platform because communication will be fast. It has newsletter that can be subscribed to while email and social medial is also made available. It has good policy that was put in place that is important to gone through before transacting on the platform. i found the platform user friendly.

Pros & cons

  • Live chat
  • Frequently asked questions
  • The platform use to update the product listing on the platform
  • Many Toys and Games of different type for age bracket
  • The platform is secured
  • It support one fiat currency

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