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Review on Hamleys by Douglas Cachazo

Hamleys: Prestigious chain of toy stores in the UK

Reviewing companies whose business is the marketing of toys is really fresh and rewarding, and even more so when it is a company like Hamleys which has many stores throughout the UK, I have no doubt that in almost every home where children live there are toys from this chain.

With several years marketing toys has managed to consolidate a powerful chain, its main store in London is gigantic 7 floors and usually all are large. Overwhelming the variety of amazing toys you can find for all ages,

And not only that, what parent has not been tempted to play with their child's toys, such as driving a remote control car, or fly a small drone, I think all of us who have had the opportunity to do so, in this store they boast spectacular cars, different war games for their characteristics, more than war are entertaining. They have been concerned about maintaining a good web site, with three languages, English, Indu and Russian, is very colorful in that show tempting toys that attract the attention of anyone, robotics games, science, board games, cars with control is one of its strengths, video game consoles with control, dolls headed by the prestigious Barbie brand, with all its accessories, plastic dolls of various collectible characters, stuffed animals and toys for children.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask that every time we see campaigns in which they collect money or toys that are no longer used in the house, to donate them so that toys can reach children whose parents do not have the means to buy toys for their children, and every child needs toys for their entertainment, especially at Christmas time.

Pros & cons

  • Powerful retail chain in the UK
  • Overwhelming quantity and variety of toys
  • Convenient shopping in their stores or from their web portal
  • Diverse means of payment and shipping preferably in European Countries
  • Very good web portal
  • Nothing

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