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About UBS

UBS is a global wealth manager, a leading, global investment banking and securities firm, and one of the largest global asset managers. In Switzerland, UBS is the market leader in retail and commercial banking. By combining your talent with their strength, they can achieve great results. It works with individuals, families, institutions, and corporations around the world to help answer some of life's questions – whether through award-winning wealth management advisory, investment banking, and asset management expertise, or private and corporate banking services in Switzerland.

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It is a complete group that provides banking services to the private sector and individual customers and works in collaboration with billionaires, startups, investors and founders and mobilizes all…See more

Review by Umut Y.

It is a company that supports wealthy individuals in the world through UBS and offers many opinions in investing, financing real estate companies, services and wealth and giving investment…See more

UBS Bank

This bank is one of the most powerful international central banks in investment and wealth management as it provides many services and has multiple characteristics such as wealth and asset…See more

Warning re: UBS bank and fdic info being given by phone reps

In the past, I was a very pleased with UBS Bank services and phone service agents. This afternoon, I had to call for service as my online account access was blocked due to no contact for "quite a…See more

UBS was created from a need to serve those people who value individual, trust and service.

UBS specializes in helping some of the biggest corporations and governments—they’re the ones who advise them on big purchases like mergers, and help raise money through capital issuances. UBS is…See more