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The best thing about this software is that it can be used by both employees as well employers for tracking their working hours which helps in creating transparency between them all over time period of employment with an organization or firm! It also provides great features like emailing reminders etc., I would say its price could have been little bit higher but still not too much expensive if you compare other similar products available out there!! And one more important feature i liked was being able customize notifications according your preference so no matter how busy u r at work always know what's going around ur team mates/colleagues. Tracking daily activities /working timings has become very easy now just using timeshpere app we don't need any paper log book anymore!! See full review

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The interface gives a good overview of how all the different sub systems connect to each other. The tools are very easy to use and the implementation is simple. There is not a lot to dislike about the software. The software does exactly what it needs to do, and nothing more. We use this software to help with scheduling and tracking the production of goods, making sure all sub-contractors are getting paid, and that all our orders are fulfilled. I like that we can easily access the decision support system from anywhere with internet connection. It's easy to use and has a good interface. Sometimes when you open the application it takes several minutes before you can see anything. If you want a decision support tool where users are not required to have technical knowledge, this software is very useful. We are solving problems related to inventory control. This helps us manage our inventory better as well as reduce losses due to stock outs. See full review

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It's easy to use and can be used on multiple platforms like iOS and Android! The customer service has been great as well. I wish it was easier to add more than 10 people in my organization, but that's just me nitpicking! We love how easy this software makes scheduling our employees from anywhere at anytime. Sometimes we do have issues with the app freezing up or taking longer then expected to load so try different solutions if you are having problems. This allows us to manage all of our employee schedules across both locations from any device.See full review

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The ability to schedule appointments with ease is one of my favorite features that I use most often! It's easy for me since all scheduling needs are taken care in this app alone (aside from reminders)! This software allows you have access anytime where ever there may be internet connection which makes it very convenient when working remotely or traveling as well!! Nothing so far but would love if they added more customization options such as being able to set your own hours/days off instead of having an automatic system like some other companies do now days! If someone were looking into something simple yet efficient then definitely look at schedlie. Great service provider who will work hard enough until everything gets perfect just right. ! See full review

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I like how it's visually appealing, you have options to customize everything from colors/fonts to layout as well as your schedule itself with time slots for each member of staff if needed. It is fairly new software but has been growing very quickly in terms of popularity which makes me feel good about its future growth potential (as long as they keep adding features!). The main thing that really turns people off is their pricing structure because there isn't much flexibility when paying monthly instead of yearly or even quarterly payments (which are more reasonable). However, this could just be an issue between myself personally since we're still not able to pay by month rather than year-to-date up front. We've solved some scheduling issues using Google Calendar however our clients aren't always available at certain times and sometimes need reminders sent via email etc. This allows us to easily send out reminder emails without having. See full review

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I like that it is easy to use with an interface which makes sense for me as someone who has never used this software before but can easily figure out how things work after using other programs such as Google Sheets or Excel! There are not many features available at first glance (you have more options than you think). It could be helpful if there were some additional tutorials/tips included so new users don't feel overwhelmed when they start working through their schedule - especially since we're all busy people trying our best here during COVID-19 times!! This program allows us to create schedules quickly without having any issues managing them later down the road once everything goes live again. We've been able solve problems of creating multiple shifts per day by assigning each shift its own row within one spreadsheet rather then manually entering into different spreadsheets every single morning just because certain days require specific hours worked compared to others.See full review

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It's easy to use! I love that you can customize everything about it - from adding pictures of your employees (that they approve) or uploading custom logos/images etc., all while being able get alerts when someone changes their shift within certain timeframes so we don't miss important shifts during busy times like holiday season!! The only thing i dislike at this point would be how long some things take sometimes because there are multiple steps involved before something happens but other than those minor inconveniences nothing else really comes up too much either haha not yet anyway :). Great app if used correctly- great way keep track over who works where which makes payroll super simple as well.See full review

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The thing I liked best about this service was that they offered unlimited call backs for missed appointments from their free office hours! If anything else, nothing really stands out as a problem or issue for me. As mentioned before, being able to have call back's for missed appointments during my free time really helped with our busy clinics schedule. Having scheduled clinic appointment reminders throughout the month really helps keep patients organized and well informed about upcoming medical visits. I love that my schedule is available any time day or night. It's very intuitive which makes for quick set up! The interface could definitely improve but this is nitpicking at its finest! This product has saved me hours each week by having all our schedules in one place. We have never had issues when needing help from customer service because everyone can communicate through their app as well. See full review

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I like how easy it integrates with Google Calendar, so you don't have double entry of tasks for each shift change! It was not as convenient in iOS version but that's fixed now since update this year!! Easy setup process from PC side (MacOS) when they first announced their app. Now we can keep all our job info organized without having multiple apps or spreadsheets - just one place works best here. We will be using Shift Work more often than other similar applications because its ease-of use makes getting information quicker between departments/employees much easier then others out there right? I like that you can add shifts to your calendar and track your time. I dislike that you can't add hours to the clock. It's a great way to keep track of your time. I would like to be able to add hours to the clock. I can see how many hours I have left to clock in. It's helpful to be able to enter and view your shifts from my phone. I can schedule my work hours and see how much time I have to cloSee full review

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I like the fact that it allows me to have different user permissions. Sometimes when we use other companies systems, certain things don't work right unless everyone has access at once. The benefits are that it helps keep track of hours, but the down side is that if someone forgets to clock in, then that information will be lost. I would suggest looking into how this system works best for you so that it would fit into your business. It does its job well and doesn't cost much to run. It has really helped us keep track of hours worked and what not. See full review

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The best part of this software is that you can see all your employees in one place, so it saves time when looking up who's working where at any given moment! I dislike how complicated some aspects are to use (e-mailing reminders for shifts), but overall very satisfied with my experience as an employee using their services thus far!! We've been able solve our scheduling needs by seeing everything right there together instead having separate spreadsheets or applications open separately - especially helpful during holiday season because we had many new hires being added mid November through December/Jan 1st shift changes were much easier than last year due to not missing anyone from previous years' schedules. See full review

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I love that it's so easy to use for small teams or even solo developers! The UI looks great and the support team are always helpful when you need help getting started. It could be better if there was more granular control over how many issues can have comments at once (e.g., 10 comments per issue). We're using this as part of our Agile process - we've built up some rules around what types of changes get merged into master before they go out to production. This helps us keep track of which features are ready to release and allows us to test them in parallel without affecting each other. See full review

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I like that it's easy to use and doesn't require a lot of training to get started. The product is very customizable and allows for many different types of project management within the same system. It also works well with our other tools. The only thing I dislike about this software is that it takes some time to load up when we first log in. Once it's loaded, however, everything runs smoothly. We've been able to keep all of our projects organized within a single platform and we're not missing out on any functionality by using this software instead of multiple apps. I would highly recommend Zentaio to anyone looking for an effective solution for their project management needs. We were able to streamline our processes and eliminate much of the manual work that was previously required.See full review logo

The most attractive feature of aggregate.IO, as far I understand it's price structure (it costs $50 per month).The support team always responds quickly with detailed answers or explanations when there are any doubts about my account use in particular situations.I haven't found anything so far which makes me dislike this software but maybe because we aren’t using all its functions at present time(we have just started working together), they could be improved further by adding more options/features like data backup function etc.,Also i would suggest taking advantage from their training sessions provided free-of cost through online platforms such as google hang out platform where one can get trained hands-on experience regarding certain tools available under aggregates portfolio.We solve our needs related to project management including reporting dashboard development and also provide customised reports within minutes after receiving required inputs via API integration.See full review

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This software has helped us to organize our work better than any other tools that we've used in projects management before it! The interface isn't as intuitive at first but once you get into how everything works things start flowing quite naturally for your team's needs - no more random meetings or emails just working together seamlessly from anywhere anytime without worrying about distractions all day long!! It doesn’t have many features compared with some others out there (like Jira), so if those are important then don; t use this one yet unless they add them later down when people actually need these specific functions which can take time depending upon their level within business/project development etc... Just go ahead an sign up because after using yodiZ I know exactly what my colleagues will be doing next week even though most likely not until late last minute due project deadlines pushing me along too fast sometimes :). Managing multiple teams across different locations very. See full review

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I like that it allows you create reminders with custom colors, as well its ease of use when creating posts or replies in slack channels where we need our team members' attention immediately whenever there are issues arising from their work (e.g., an issue report). Also has integration services such us Github so one can easily share code snippets directly into conversations within chat rooms by using #GithubReact tag which was not available earlier versions but now integrated! The most disappointing thing about pingpads functionality regarding notifications via email/phone call would be still missing at this point compared other notification tools out here; they should add these features too since some clients ask me if my organization supports them already -.-.See full review

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The best thing about ziFlow for me personally was that I could actually find my way around it without having any prior experience with editing software or video production at large! It's very easy once you figure out how things work (which takes no time). There are some features missing from Zi Flow which would be nice if we can add them like an option panel where people who don't know what their doing will have options given as examples by other users rather than just learning through trial & error. Editing videos using this program makes producing quality material much easier because there isn’t anything else better when compared side -by-side against another product/programming language used elsewhere within our organization such as Final Cut Pro X etc..See full review

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It's easy to use, it works offline as well as online with no issues whatsoever. The support team is friendly and always willing to help out with any questions or concerns that I may have. Nothing really. They've been very helpful in assisting me with our organization's needs for an internal system we are building from scratch. We're solving problems related to data quality within our HR department where all of their forms need to be submitted through one portal instead of multiple ones. Their customer service has helped us understand how they implement these types of programs so that we can incorporate them further down the road ourselves if needed. The best thing about myApproval is it can be used to manage any approval process within the organization. The interface is very user-friendly. It is easy to use and is very flexible. I have no dislike about myApproval. The best thing is that it can link to the SAP system and it can be used to manage any approval process within the organizaSee full review

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I like that Captains feedback lets me quickly gauge how each employee are performing, it also makes taking notes easy as well with its intuitive functionality! The only thing i dislike about captains feedbak has been minor issues when trying using google docs but those have since then fixed!! If you want reliable data for your business this product can deliver results unlike other products available which could leave some questions unanswered or unreliable/not thorough enought information gathering process etcetc.. I love how easy it was for me, as well as my teammates, to use this software. It allowed us all to communicate with each other more efficiently than before! The only thing that could be improved would have been if we were able to add images into our messages. We liked having an easier way of communicating within teams without writing emails or texts back and forth constantly.See full review

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It has been super easy to get started with our onboarding process, it's also helped us stay organized when we are dealing w/ employee issues or questions in general! I wish there was more flexibility around setting up alerts for certain things like vacation days etc., but that may be because of my lack as well :). If you're looking into automating your business processes then this should definitely help out any problems relating back from employees getting paid too often (or not enough) during their time off work due to human error. See full review

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