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Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
Development, Product Management

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Description of Aggregate.io

Aggregate.io is a tool for SAAS Product Owners that helps you decide what features and enhancements to prioritise based upon the value to your business.


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Type of review

The most attractive feature of aggregate.IO, as far I understand it's price structure (it costs $50 per month).The support team always responds quickly with detailed answers or explanations when there are any doubts about my account use in particular situations.I haven't found anything so far which makes me dislike this software but maybe because we aren’t using all its functions at present time(we have just started working together), they could be improved further by adding more…

  • Multi platform support, simple and user friendly interface
  • We can't use some of their more advanced functions due to the lack of experience using their products and platforms

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Very intuitive user friendly product for analytics reporting

It's very simple, easy-to understand interface allows me to quickly set up my dashboard without any assistance from an expert! Not many tools can do this so well (and affordably). The support team has been fantastic through out our partnership with them - they are professional but also approachable when needed too which makes it even better!! No particular dislike here as everything works really great together in aggregate io dashboards! I would recommend aggregiate platform over other more…

  • Ease & Cost effective
  • Best for beginners/intermediate users.
  • Simple user experience that is intuitive
  • Very reliable service at all times

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Great tool for brainstorming & improving your business

I liked how it helped me prioritize my backlog, by giving some metrics about each feature's potential ROI (return of investment). The dashboard was also very useful in order understand which ones were most popular with our customers compared to others! It would be great if we could have more options when selecting an option from one dropdown menu - like having multiple colors or sizes available as well as different shapes/shapes. Also maybe add filters so users can see only certain categories…

  • I like how it's easy for me to use and understand
  • I don't like how when I use the dashboard, it doesn't show me the metrics about the products that I've created