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Revainrating 5 out of 5  
Development, Product Management

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Description of Batterii

Batterii is a platform to power team creativity. It captures research and inspiration to develop insights, connect teams to build ideas, create the story of tye project - all in a single platform.


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Type of review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great Platform For Small Businesses

The simplicity that comes with having everything you need for your business under one roof has been extremely useful when it came time to get our own website up & running! I wish we had more templates available but they are adding new ones every week which helps keep things fresh!! We were able to use this software from start-up through launch without any problems or issues along the way.- Creating landing pages was easy as pie once i figured out how much info can be put into each page (which…

  • Simplicity
  • Great support team who is always quick at getting back.
  • Lots Of Templates
  • Easy To Find What You're Looking For
  • A/B Testing CapabilitiesMake Money Online
  • Almost everything is ok

I like that it's easy for anyone who isn't familiar with data visualization software or doesn’t have much experience creating graphics/charts can use this tool easily! Not many things as far as dislikes go but there are definitely some bugs you need t solve when using baterrli (which happens occasionally). If used correctly i see no problems at work place while working together during meetings because we were able get good visuals about our projects which helped us move forward more…

  • Simple to learn
  • Ease in navigating between pages is great
  • Good design, very simple interface.
  • Very user friendly all functions available from one menu page
  • There are troubles

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great tool for collaboration and content sharing

I like that it's very easy for us as an agency (and also our clients) using this software because we can easily share content with each other while being able see what others are working through at any given time or even just be inspired by their work! Sometimes when you're looking up something specific there isn't much out-of box thinking but if they have more resources available then maybe next year? Maybe make your own custom questions/queries so instead people would need to go into another…

  • Easy way in which multiple users
  • Can create tabs great concept!!
  • Simple UX design, fast loading times etc.
  • Lots & lots!!! Very versatile platform compared