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The team is very professional, responsive & knowledgable of their field (both in terms of SEO as well). There were no issues while working with them for our product launch campaign - we have received great reviews from customers! I would recommend this firm highly if your looking at doing digital marketing services like content creation or social media management etc. They provide excellent customer service which made it easy for us during an important time when there was so much going wrong aroSee full review

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The best thing about this tool is that it gives all the information required to make an informed decision on whether or not to invest in the product. It also helps you understand your business needs and how they can be met by using this software. I dislike the fact that sometimes the interface gets slow and the system needs some time to load. I would recommend everyone to use this tool as it has helped me improve my business process and also help me reach new heights. It has helped me increase See full review

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I like that it's easy to use, has many different features (including advanced reporting), can be integrated with other applications/tools for more robust functionality - even if you're not using all of them! The cost per user could probably go down some as well; but overall this product works great in our organization so we don't have any complaints about its implementation or integration into existing toolsets within my team at work.- It allows us to easily schedule employees across departmentsSee full review

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It's very simple to use, allows me access from anywhere in my house so I can easily get work done when needed with minimal time lost at home or being away from desk etc! The interface is easy enough that even someone without any programming knowledge could do it themselves which makes things more flexible than other programs out there (like project hub). The only thing about field d i don't like was how slow loading times are. Sometimes they take several minutes before showing up if just viewingSee full review

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I like that it's simple to set up, easy for my staff members (both senior management as well) who are newbies in scheduling tasks/projects etc., also very quick once you get used too! It is not customizable enough at this time - which means some of our projects do fall though cracks because they don't have access or visibility into other departments workflows / processes outside those we control directly within MS itself. We're using Microsoft Project Server & SharePoint so there was no real isSee full review

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1) Easy to use2). Good interface3.) easy access from mobile devices4.). It is best suited if we need an integrated solution in handling shift management5). If any problems arise, it gives us multiple options of solving them with its excellent customer support team6 ). User friendly7). Best time tracking8). Great integration capabilities9). One click scheduling10). Highly customizable11). Excellent user experience12). Can be accessed via web browser as well13). Flexibility14). Efficient15). No iSee full review

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It's very easy to use, it has all of my employees information that I need in one place so no more having to look up everyone individually! You can create as many different shifts with this program compared to other programs we have used previously which would only allow you one or two at any time until they were updated (which was often times never). The interface could be improved but overall its been great thus far! Have saved us a ton of hours/manpower during our busy season when trying to aSee full review

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I like how it integrates my calendar as well when creating an event or meeting through emailing them directly from stafffox! There is nothing i dislike about this software but there could be some minor improvements if they are still working out those kinks of improving its features for better user experience/user interface etc.. The best feature would have been having multiple calendars integrated so you don’t need 2 separate programs (MS Outlook Calendar & Google calender). Integrating your ownSee full review

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The best thing I like about product roadmap is that it provides me all information regarding my project’s future, which helps in making decisions accordingly so as not make any mistakes or delay of our projects implementation time line! It gives you insight into your products development process by breaking down each stage from conception through production release date including customer feedback for key features/features being developed next quarter etc., This allows us have quick insights wheSee full review

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I liked how it helped me prioritize my backlog, by giving some metrics about each feature's potential ROI (return of investment). The dashboard was also very useful in order understand which ones were most popular with our customers compared to others! It would be great if we could have more options when selecting an option from one dropdown menu - like having multiple colors or sizes available as well as different shapes/shapes. Also maybe add filters so users can see only certain categories? ASee full review

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I like that it allows me to see all of my projects at once in one place so i can easily keep track of what needs attention or not as well as being able to assign tasks/projects quickly without having to go through several different tabs to do this task. It's difficult sometimes when you have multiple people working together with their own specific roles within your team which makes collaboration between them hard but also helps ensure everyone knows who they are assigned too! Having everything cSee full review

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I like that it is easy for non-technical people as well because they can use this software without having any training or experience in how these programs work! Sometimes you have issues with compatibility when using other softwares but we are able to fix them easily enough so no big deal there either way though. It's not really much different than what most companies do now anyways since every single one has their own version out right? If your looking into something cheap then go ahead otherwSee full review

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I like that it is easy to use and all of the features are accessible from anywhere in the app. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for the app to load and sometimes it doesn't load at all. It's not always clear what button you're supposed to click next to get where you want to go. There are a lot of small glitches that make me feel like I'm using an old version of the program. If you have a large team of people working together, this can be very helpful. We've been able to increase our efficiency See full review

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The best thing about this software is that it has all the information needed for a landscape project, and it's easy to use. I like that you can customize the fields you need for your business. It's also very user friendly. There really isn't anything I dislike about the software. My only concern is that if you have more than one employee working on a job, it may be difficult to keep track of who did what. This program is great for landscaping companies because it helps keep everyone on the sameSee full review

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It's the best code review tool for small to midsize business. The best part is that it is very easy to use and you can set up as many reviewers as you want. I like that the code review is as easy as writing a comment. I dislike that you cannot add comments when reviewing the code. It's a great tool for any code review. I highly recommend it. It's saving me tons of time and resources. I was able to get my code reviews done in a timely manner. I like that it is automatic, so you don't have to worrSee full review

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The ability of being able to create custom reports that are easily accessible in your slack channel makes this software so useful! I love how customizable it can be as well because sometimes you want something other than what they have out there but its still easy enough with their interface where anyone could use them successfully if need arise (or just ask). There really isn't anything about snippetsbot i dislike or would like changed at all except maybe some minor updates here an dthere whicSee full review

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The fact that it can communicate with other channels such as Whatsapp, Telegram or even Skype without needing an agent in every one of those environments makes this tool stand out from all others I've used before for my business needs - which are many! This bot has been very useful since we started using Salesforce Chatter (and now Teams) within our organization because you do not need agents anymore when communicating via video chat services like Zoom etc., just send them directly to your channSee full review

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I like the ease of use of this service. I can easily create a shared box for my team and I can share files, send emails and even use the Slack integration to communicate with my team. I wish I could have more customization options like different shared boxes for different projects. I do not like the fact that the price is so high. I wish I could have gotten a better deal. I am satisfied with the service so far. I have found that this service is easy to use and I love the fact that I can easily See full review

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The tool helps with customer segmentation, marketing planning and budgeting. It has helped me in predicting what my sales would be for each of our channels. I have no complaints as far as this product goes. This software was very easy to use once it had been set up correctly. If your organization doesn't know how to navigate through a program like this or if they are not familiar with using programs such as these you will need someone who knows how to work within them to help guide you along thSee full review

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I like that it is easy to use, has all of my accounts in one place so everything can be seen at once with no confusion about what item needs where when there are multiple items being ordered or purchased together from different vendors. It's very user friendly! Nothing really but maybe if you had more accountants/support staff they might have been able to help out quicker than taking days off work (which we did). Maybe try asking them how long before support comes through as well? We were havinSee full review

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