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The ability to use it as an online survey tool, with all of your questions saved in one place! It's easy enough that even non-technical people can navigate through each question easily without having any technical knowledge at their disposal - which makes sense since this was built specifically around usability testing tools from years past where you needed those skills set just so we could get our data out there quickly after conducting sessions/interviews etc.. I wish they had more options wheSee full review

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Ease of scheduling with the ability to see all the time off and the ability to see the schedule of others. Not being able to schedule for holidays and also the ability to schedule for certain dates for certain periods of time. I am able to see if someone is available and then schedule them. It allows me to see if someone is available and if they are schedule that for a certain date and time. It allows the scheduling of holidays and certain dates that I need. The ease of use for all users (nursesSee full review

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I like that you can set up your own rules for who gets to work from home or what hours they are allowed in their office space (if any). It's not great if there is no one using it at all times of day - so make sure people know about this! If someone wants flexible working options then WF does provide them with those opportunities but also has some limitations around how much flexibility these actually give out as well. We use workforce when we have staff off sick / holiday etc where an alternatiSee full review

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I love beepshift for its ease of use, and all the features that are available to me. It allows me to schedule my work, and track my time. I have been able to see when I am running behind on my goals, and when I can take more time off or try different things. I also really like the weekly reports I receive which show me where I need to improve my efficiency. I wish there was an option to view this report by week rather than day so I could easily look at it and make changes. Also, I wish there werSee full review

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I love how easy it is for me to see all of my employee's schedules at once! It takes some time getting used to but as soon as you do everything comes together seamlessly & easily!! The user interface could use an update because sometimes when i'm adding new staff members into our system they don't show up until after we've already tried scheduling them through out normal way which requires multiple steps/clicks. This allows us to add those employees immediately without having to wait or call inSee full review

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The ease of use, the ability to quickly create schedules for multiple employees, and the support team are all great! I have been able to schedule my entire department with Soon in less than 15 minutes! It's very easy to use and makes it very quick to get your schedules set up. There isn't much that I dislike about Soon, but there could be some improvements made to the interface. If you're looking for an easy way to add everyone who works at your company into one place, then Soon is the best optiSee full review

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I like how easy it is for me as an employee to manage my schedule by posting availability online so other employees know if they have open time or not! This software makes sure you don’t miss any important meetings/appointments which helps your job performance immensely!! Sometimes there are bugs when adding new appointments but this program has been very helpful overall. It would be nice if we could use our own calendar instead of having them keep theirs separate from ours (which sometimes takSee full review

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It's very simple, easy-to understand interface allows me to quickly set up my dashboard without any assistance from an expert! Not many tools can do this so well (and affordably). The support team has been fantastic through out our partnership with them - they are professional but also approachable when needed too which makes it even better!! No particular dislike here as everything works really great together in aggregate io dashboards! I would recommend aggregiate platform over other more expeSee full review

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The fact that we can easily extract all of our customer information in one place without having multiple files is incredible! I wish there was an option for more than 1 month's worth of historical data- but it works great for what it does offer. This program has been able to help us pull up past financials from customers who are not paying their bills so they don't know about late fees or other charges until after payment deadlines have passed. We use this software for our Real Estate clients whSee full review

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I like that it is simple for people without programming knowledge or experience to use. We have been able to easily get started with our projects by allowing everyone be able to quickly generate some quick prototypes using the drag and drop method. There are many options available within this tool which can help the user customize their prototype as needed. It would be great if we could see more tutorials regarding how to improve our designs once they become finalized. This will allow us to furtSee full review

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The best thing about sensor six was that it helps me understand my customers needs, which i could not have done before using this app. I am able use sensors at multiple levels of granularity within one application without having any technical knowledge or coding experience required! Sometimes there are some errors with data collection but nothing major as such because its an early stage project still trying out things here &there so no big deal yet :) But overall very good platform!! Would definSee full review

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It's easy for customers, it allows them not only give their opinion but also rate your service or product in real time! This tool really helped us improve our services by getting instant insights from users' opinions about what they liked/disliked most when using one of our applications. As mentioned above this software has some bugs which sometimes made difficult its use (especially at first). I would highly recommend everyone who wants user experience improvement should try out harvestr as soSee full review

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The best thing about squish is that it helps me manage my time effectively, I have to do some tasks in different projects so I can't use just one for all of them (and then be notified when they are done). Sometimes you get lots of emails from your clients regarding their job, this makes easy keeping track of everything. Maybe we could set up notifications for new comments or changes? Other than managing my work tasks easily this software also allows me to share files with other users so everyoneSee full review

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I love that you can customize your own logo, which is great for creating marketing materials! It’s user friendly as well- it has all of my staples included within (laser cutter/engraver), making things super easy to use when ordering new parts from vendors like EOS or Pentalithic; also allows me store multiple sets in one folder so they are easier than having them stored separately elsewhere.- My only dislike would be if we had more flexibility with our file names since many jobs require us puttSee full review

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I love how easy it is to use WPO for my business! The product has so many features that are useful in any industry you might be serving clients within - web design/development (no matter what size your team), marketing automation etc., there really doesn't seem like anything we can say about this tool which would not apply as well across industries or companies with different needs than ours- because they have such great support behind their software!! If anyone wants help figuring out all aspecSee full review

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I like that it is easy to use for our small business! The team at wecountables are always willing to help when needed - they make sure everything runs smoothly so there isn't any worries about missing out or anything of this nature with them handling all aspects within their system/accountants etc. Nothing as such but if something was going wrong then support would be great! Easy service. It's been useful in keeping us up-to date regarding meetings (which can sometimes get missed) which has meanSee full review

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I like that you can customize it for different teams with their own unique set of users/roles (supervisor / employee). It's easy enought if anyone new joins or leaves in our team they are able too learn quickly without having any training involved - which is great! The only thing i dislike about this product so far has been how slow updates sometimes tend be but other than those minor details everything else seems good thusfar :) We have had no issues when using kettle at work as well now we useSee full review

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I like how i can easily access my emails via the app. It's quick to find what i want & its super straightforward for all incoming messages (no need to click through many screens). The layout of the inbox is also simple - nothing too complicated or confusing there! We have used this previously but then moved onto another provider which was less helpful in general. This one is much easier to navigate/use, plus they've included some useful features that we didn't realise were missing from our previSee full review

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The best thing is that it's completely free to use, so you don't have to worry about spending anything at all! You can also easily install this software in your computer with just one click of mouse button. It has many useful features like ticketing system and instant messaging services. I used to work for an IT support team, but we didn't had any dedicated customer service agents or representatives. We were solving our customers' queries through email only, which was very time consuming and inSee full review

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Easy installation process; fast service support from team members (superb); best price/performance ratio among similar products available online at this moment. There's nothing I dislike about them as such - they are good all around! It was very helpful when looking into an automated solution for our IT assets inventory tracking & reporting purposes. What could be improved? The UI or user interface needs improvement so users can access information faster without having to open multiple applicatSee full review

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