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Very thin, very beautiful glass at the back, very nice to hold in your hand,well assembled, no worse than flagships for 800 + dollars. A huge juicy 90-inch screen, really much smoother than 60Hz. Fast system. NFC,GPS,wi fi, Bluetooth are all the newest. Super fast unlocking on the side in the button, just the best solution!I put my finger on it, only now I barely touched it and immediately recognized and unlocked, super convenient unlike the same sub-screen scanner, which is stupid and often does not work with a stained screen at all. Cool stereo speakers. Good main camera and front camera, get clear photos. It is possible to insert a memory card) Fast charging included+silicone transparent case. Android 11 is on board and will be 100% updated on the 12th.See full review

samsung a51 128gb a515u unlocked logo

The smartphone's display has 6.5 inches, but due to the thin frames it seems small and fits comfortably in your hand. All new games are supported without brakes and glitches, there is enough memory for ordinary everyday life, unless of course you download a lot of movies. See full review

tecknet classic 2 logo

Review on TECKNET Classic 2

As you can see, it is wireless. Semi-gaming with six buttons. In the box, when I began to unpack it, there was a branded book in English. In general, the mouse is not a small average for. The first thing that catches your eye is stated as a quiet mouse, the main buttons left and right do not click loudly. There is an on and off button under the mouse. The surface of the mouse is glossy, and there are some soft things on the sides that look like matte. See full review

rechargeable bluetooth wireless macbook notebook logo

Review on Rechargeable Bluetooth Wireless MacBook Notebook

Good mouse, everything worked. Beautifully shimmers, does not hit the eyes. Illumination in moderation. Pleasant to the touch, soft touch. The clicks are quiet. The DPI button works, 3 modes. The response is good. In general, surprisingly good. See full review

wireless computer multifunctional cimetech ergonomic logo

It fits very comfortably in your hand, you do not need an additional USB module, connects directly to the computer's Bluetooth, can tune into several devices at once and switch between them See full review

microsoft wireless mobile mouse 3500 limited edition - white gloss - gmf-00176 logo

A strong mouse, works on any surface, even on the knee, without any mats. The mouse wheel is also a button for quickly scrolling pages. There were no jams or "peeling " of the scroll wheels for four years of daily mouscool mo See full review

satechi type c aluminum stand hub logo

Review on Satechi Type C Aluminum Stand Hub

A wonderful thing, especially for those who love the order in the workplace and accessibility to all ports. The stand will also be appreciated by those who care about the appearance of the Mac, since you will no longer scratch the computer from the back. See full review

logitech anywhere wireless laser mouse logo

The mouse can be charged from USB right during operation (naturally, it does not turn into a wired mouse - only charging is carried out via USB, and the mouse usually works as a wireless one). In the MX3, the wheel became dual-range - you spin fast, scrolling fast, spinning slowly - slow. Clicking on the wheel (middle button) works. All buttons can be reconfigured. See full review

logitech mx anywhere 3 compact performance mouse logo

A mouse with excellent characteristics: a light, obedient wheel, quiet, non-annoying buttons, high-speed performance. It runs perfectly on any surface, responds sensitively to commands, is accurate on pixels and is generally very, very comfortable and comfortable in the hand, including due to a very thoughtful design with silicone sides for fingers. See full review

verbatim optical mouse accessibility compatible logo

Review on Verbatim Optical Mouse Accessibility Compatible

it is good in size - not small and not big - it fits well in the hand. it is convenient that it is symmetrical - it is also suitable for left-handed people. a very small receiver, it is convenient to insert it into the mouse for transportation. works for a long time. the most important thing is that someone wrote here that he did not feel "omnivorous" so this bluetooth works absolutely everywhere for me. on the window pane, on the glass lying on the table. Only refused to work on the mirror...See full review

bluetooth over ear headphones foldable prolonged logo

So, I bought headphones recently, a very good product in terms of price plus quality, before that there was a lot of experience in using other types of such equipment, unfortunately I can't compare anything with these so far.. See full review

sony wh ch700n wireless canceling headphones logo

vuk is amazing, no jdl marshal, etc. are even close. For those who do not have enough bass, install the add. A program from Sony, adjust the frequencies for yourself and you will be happy! Excellent autonomy. When listening at a moderate volume, they last much more than 35 hours.See full review

usb wifi network adapter dongle logo

sometimes glitches happen, but this is more related to the poor network of the WiFi itself, the case is reliable from good plastic, everything is held securely. With a heavy load on the PC, it copes very well, fully justifies its cost!See full review

tozo bluetooth wireless headphones waterproof logo

TORX T6 are very good for sports and fitness. Despite the lack of stabilizers, they should stick well in your ear during most runs or workouts, and their control scheme is easy to use, so you can easily change tracks or pause music without interrupting your workout. They also have an IPX8 waterproof rating, although that's not what we're testing at the moment. See full review

apple airpods max space renewed logo

Spatial sound is the main advantage of these headphones. But first you need to adjust the equalizer for yourself using a personal audiogram in the “Audiovisualization” section, setting the frequency indicators as if you have poor hearing. That's when these headphones will show a sound comparable to a large floor-standing stereo.See full review

jbl tune 510bt ear headphones logo

Very natural sound at a low price. They keep well on the head. Loud enough. Even when driving in a noisy car, I never had to set the volume to maximum. Capacious battery. For a month of operation, I recharged only 5---6 times, I never really encountered a problem that the battery was dead and the headphones were not functioning. JBL does really good things!See full review

iottie dashboard windshield samsung smartphone logo

Good holder for everyday use. But neither on the box, nor in the box, in any leaflet in the kit, there is a word either in Ukrainian or in Russian. It is unclear when and by whom. The Service department can send certificates by mail, but it has not been sent yet. Think later.See full review

google pixel 4a unlocked smartphone logo

Never before has setting up a new phone been so easy for me. It comes with an adapter to connect your old phone to your new one. I switched from Nokia to Android One, and all the data and settings (up to the wallpaper) were successfully copied. The design is excellent. Many in the reviews noted that the Pixel looks better live than in the pictures. This is true. Very nice plastic and overall looks neat. Camera. I won't go into detail here, everyone already knows everything. But I'll make a couple of points. A cool feature: an electronic level that helps not to fill up the horizon. And another very cool thing is the function of creating 3D panoramas. NFC works well. multimedia speaker. Very worthy. Usually I don’t listen to music through the speaker, but here I turned it on to check - and listened for almost an hour, I liked the sound and the stereo effect. The shell works clearly and smoothly. See full review

moto g stylus logo

An excellent 16 px camera with optical stabilization and aperture of 1.7 shoots at the level of huawei p10pro-p20-p30-mate20 plus a working camera from Google lies on XDA. It just shoots very, very well with her. I used to think that the camera is not important to me either but it’s hard to carry a mirrorless camera with you and sometimes you want to take pictures of children in an unexpected situation so I changed my phone primarily because of the camera. Appearance excellent business appearance. The blue is very dark, almost black. In the hand, the monolith is comfortable to hold. The kit comes with a silicone case. The screen pleases bright, clear, contrast. There is NFC, the fingerprint scanner is very fast, the face is also normally recognized I didn’t have a phone with face recognition before so this feature suits me and yes, it turned out to be very convenient. Naked android 9.0, the April security update has arrived ... As a separate program, there are different chips from MotoSee full review

iota logo

The daily life of many modern users cannot do without the use of any gadgets, home appliances, electronics and more. The longer a person lives, the less problems he has. However, the emergence of cryptocurrency is a step into a new story. And if every 3rd Internet user has already heard what Bitcoin is, then with the IOTA cryptocurrency it is much more difficult. The IOTA coin is little known, not in such demand as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but its main purpose is to perform more global tasks. The basis of this coin is intertwined with the concept of the Internet of Things (literally translated as “Internet of Things”). The main idea: the interaction of all devices with each other using a single global network at an intelligent level. In fact, these are future "smart" gadgets, cars, sinks, cars and much more. The task of IOTA is simple: to introduce new technologies into our world that will save a person from many worries. For example: You sleep, and usually have coffee with a sandwich fSee full review

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