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Review on Apple Pay by David Filip

Best payment option right now

As a IPhone user I think the Apple pay is the must to start using. I was unable to find any cons. It is the best secured and private way how to use your payment cards without even needing them. Completly free. Simply upload them to your phone wallet. It is really easy to use (easy as my old mum learned how to use it). It is secured and encrypted (moreover I am using face id within my phone). It is also great in sending transactional data which are really hard to be scammed. It spares my time as I do not need searching my cards anymore. It is an fintech innovation worth to be following. I like the apple pay implementation all across the web and also in stores. I really like for example using apple pay with Revolut (another fintech). There is only problem that the Google user cant use it.

Pros & cons

  • secure type of payment
  • easy to use
  • it spares the time
  • none