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Review on Apple Pay by Josh Bellz

Apple pay,the easy and convenient way to make payments

Apple pay is an online electronic wallet/payment platform that allows it users to send and received funds via it mobile app. The wallet's payment system works only on IOS devices like Iphones,iPad,Apple watch,Mac and on websites using Safari.The wallet can be used to make payments online,at merchant store where payment with iOS devices are accepted and any other place where a user can see a NFC logo on the sale's location.

The wallet has gained popularity in countries like American,China,Japan and lot more ,in this places the wallet is used for almost all kinds of payment such as payment at restaurants,for library services and transport fares at train stations or in a taxi. Every user is mandated to link their debit cards,credit cards,prepaid cards and bank account to the wallet to be able to make purchase , a maximum of 12 cards can be used on every iOS device and the users are free to make decision on which card they prefer to use for the payment.

Many people are beginning to adopt the apple pay wallet as a means of payment especially the iOS device owner since the app has some features that facilitate fast and secure payments. Amongst the feature it possess include the fact that users details such as the card's numbers are not store on the wallet server nor revealed to a third party and before any transaction on the wallet can be carried out the users Touch ID, Face ID,password or pins is require all this put together forms a strong layer of security for the wallet making it secure and hard to penetrate.

I found this wallet so easy to use and understand coupled with the fact that I can also make use of the wallet without internet connection. Apple pay wallet is one of the most amazing wallet I have ever used so far.

Pros & cons

  • There is no need to bother yourself ,by carrying all your cards with you wherever you go since you can have them all on one platform
  • it is an easier and smarter way of making payment
  • There is no cause for alarm even when you misplace your device ,no one can access your funds
  • it service is only available to iOS users.