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Optimum Nutrition Micronized Monohydrate Unflavored

Good day to all sports lovers. I want to share with you a review of Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder creatine monohydrate. Surely everyone who has even begun to be interested in taking additional sports nutrition at least a little knows that creatine is a supplement with an impeccable evidence base. Its correct use leads to a significant increase in strength indicators and overall endurance in training. That is why creatine is usually the base for all pre-workout complexes. Moreover, a significant plus of creatine is that it is always a quality product, because it is extremely cheap to manufacture and it makes no sense to fake it. So you can safely buy creatine from almost any well-known brand. But, the subject of today's review is Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder, which is the best creatine I've tried. • BETWEEN EXCHANGE Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder costs about 300-350 hryvnia (about 800 rubles) for a 300 gram jar. The volume is also larger, but such packaging is the most popular, because it is enough for a full-fledged course lasting 1-2 months. Although the price of Optimum Nutrition is one and a half to two times higher than most other manufacturers, this is not particularly felt in creatine. In general, the cost can still be considered affordable. Also, a plus can be noted that this creatine can be purchased at any sports nutrition store, and probably in almost any country in the world. The external design of Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder is made in the manufacturer's corporate style and is recognizable from any distance. Creatine Monohydrate Powder comes in a durable black plastic jar. The front side of the label shows the product type and weight. This is pure creatine monohydrate, so there are no additional ingredients and no need for a lot of text on the label. On the back of the label, as expected, such information about the additive is indicated. But, there is nothing special to paint here, we have a pure product. Unless it will be useful for someone to learn how to prepare creatine for use. All information on the back is in English, but there is a sticker of the official importer, where you can read the basic information in your native language. The Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder itself has the typical white powder consistency and doesn't smell particularly good. Creatine should be prepared by dissolving it in juice, sweet water, or any other drink that contains glucose. But, it should be remembered that creatine is poorly absorbed in the presence of caffeine, so it is better not to consume coffee an hour before and an hour after taking creatine. There are options for loading creatine monohydrate, but I prefer just 5-10 grams per day as there is research that doesn't make much of a difference. It is worth noting that the powder form is not the most convenient, especially if you want to use creatine before training, then it’s not really necessary to carry a jar of Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder with you. In this case, I can recommend an excellent creatine monohydrate in capsules - Olimp Mega Caps 1250. As for efficiency, creatine acts on absolutely everyone, and on whom it did not work, this is a neglected option and it is better to look for another sport. For example, my weights in basic exercises increase by 10-20 kg per month. Yes, strength mainly comes from the increase in total body weight, which comes from water retention, but still. At the mass-gaining stage, creatine is great. And for ectomorphs, this is generally an irreplaceable thing, they should buy it even before protein, immediately crossing the threshold of the hall. There are no side effects of creatine as such, but it does make the kidneys work a little harder. So it's best to limit your salt intake a little while taking creatine and not sit on it for more than two months. I definitely recommend Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder to both beginners and experienced athletes. For those to whom the price may seem high, I can recommend a good budget option - OstroVit creatine.See full review

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I like that it is very easy to use, allows multiple ways of payment options (website or credit card), has integrated google drive so we can upload our file easily! Sometimes takes too long between adding new guests vs actually having them come in but this could be because i am working from home which maybe makes things more difficult (not something specific just an observation). We have about 500 guest registrants each year at conferences around North America - some big, others small with different levels/types of attendance & costs associated - the conferencenet system enables us to get these numbers up quickly without manually collecting payments by hand afterwards using Excel data entry after every event. I like that it's easy to create different options, such as payment plans or late registrations. It is very easy to use once you get familiar with how it works. The support team is extremely helpful when needed! Nothing at this time. We are currently using their service because we have several recurring meetings throughout our year (we run multiple workshops each month). This makes scheduling everything much easier than if we were doing them ourselves separately.See full review

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Efficient, professional & reliable! I have no complaints at all with our experience using CIEVENTS during this project - they were always prompt in responding to any questions or concerns we had along tthe way (which was limited). We would highly recommend them if you are looking into engaging an Event Organizer/Planner who can help guide your organization through its planning stages from conceptualization of vision until execution day-to.- The entire process could not be better than it has been thus far!! Highly recommended. Planning events that need structure but still retain flexibility when needed while managing expectations throughout each step as well.-- Being able plan ahead so future projects don't suffer due lack thereof!-- Creating realistic budgeting plans which allows us room where necessary without sacrificing other aspects such as quality-- Providing resources available via social media platforms like Facebook etc., allowing team members across different departments access thereby increasing efficiencies.See full review

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Sonic Electric Toothbrush Adults Rechargeable

Received the brush as a birthday present. I was skeptical about electric brushes, because I remember electric brushes from the early 2000s, they were just a "toy", they cleaned, frankly, badly. But the modern ultrasonic brush pleased, the effect really is. Of course, a full cleaning at the dentist will not replace, but it will significantly improve oral care. Now I will list the pros and cons, I attached a link to a short video. So the pros: + In almost a month of use, I have never charged + A large number of different modes + Efficiency, well removes plaque and darkening on the teeth from coffee. There is a powerful mode of 42,000 vibrations per minute. + Does not injure the gums. For me, this is a big +, since it is difficult for me to choose a regular brush. + 3 extra attachments is a good stock :) + The connector for the charging cable is located at the bottom and is closed with a rubber cap. Water does not get under it and it also makes the brush stable. + Nice sleek design. When a thing pleases the eye with its appearance - it's always nice) Minuses: - No normal instructions! This, of course, may be my personal quirk, but I need clear instructions for any device in the language I speak. That is, in Russian. Such that it was written about all the modes, etc. The phrase - "Yes, why are there instructions, and everything is also clear" - that's just infuriating. In short, I found an explanation of the modes on the Internet with grief in half, I attach a photo. There are still people out there who are just like me :) - No block from the charger. It's not that it's a negative, it's just a fact) In general, if you do not look at a small underset, it turns out to be a very decent brush, I'm just happy to own it). And taking into account the price (well, yes, this is a gift, but how could you not see the price while looking for instructions?), it turns out to be a very profitable purchase. Yes, and with 3 nozzles. You can't really worry about a year. I recommend to buy. See full review

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As an account manager for integrity i have enjoyed working with their team of dedicated professionals who make me feel valued as part of every aspect they do at work each day! The flexibility to be able to book meetings/trainings online or face-to-face is great when we require this from our customers - which can often change during busy periods like Christmas etc. Integration across all 3 groups within my client portfolio has been so easy it's almost scary how effortless things are now between them (and also with other vendors). I think there could possibly need more training opportunities provided by integrity staff but otherwise no issues here.See full review

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This software is great for our organization because it helps us organize all aspects in one platform along with creating Gantt chart which allows me as an admin user have access from anywhere I work or travel via mobile devices so i can check status anytime! The only thing about this program are sometimes you cannot find what exactly needs attention when there seems no update but just keep refreshing till its updated!! Great Platform especially if business owner/client use social media like Instagram & Facebook etc. Everything we need such sales forecast report creation time tracking invoicing statement reports billing statements payment invoice reconciliation document generation marketing campaign planning reporting. See full review

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I like that we can use it as an online platform to communicate with our customers/supplier through chat window or using email id for any queries etc which is pretty useful in this day & age of digital world where people are very busy! In terms what my opinion about its UI looks not much appealing but if anyone has used such tools then they shall know how easy one could navigate around different features available over there!! Overall good product so far. Nothing really bad from experience with them yet just wish i had more time before starting working at their end ;) So overall satisfied :) Communication between clients / Suppliers via live messaging system (scrwisewise). I like that it is so simple to use. It allows me to create my own "stories" for each sprint. This makes it easy to manage tasks in our team. Also, the reporting features are very useful. Nothing really. What I dislike most about this software is that there isn't any user support. The lack of support is something that has held us back from using this product more often. We have been able to use this product to help with managing projects and tasks. See full review

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I like that it's so easy! It makes sharing files with colleagues super-easy since you can just drag & drop them in without having any technical knowledge required at all (which saves me loads!). Also great if your team has multiple offices or remote workers as well which means they're not always connected via Teams/Skype etc., but still need access too certain documents / folders sometimes when working remotely :) Sometimes there are issues connecting devices using Bluetooth though this seems more common now than before we started implementing our own custom solution instead? Not sure why exactly other then perhaps its something specific about Windows 10 itself rather than anything specifically related to winIO per se :). We've been able solve many problems by simply dragging an attachment into one anothers email inboxes within minutes after sending eachother emails through winIO chatbot integration platform called "Chatbots".See full review

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I like that it is easy to use with all our vendors in one place! It helps keep track for us when we are away from home or traveling so there's no need go back through emails looking up information about projects/tasks etc.. We can just click into stat dash instead which saves tons off work days!! The only thing i dislike sometimes if its not open at my computer then clicking links doesn't do anything but have me refresh browser everytime as well since everything gets saved locally now (not cloud). If anyone has any questions please don’s hesitate ask them because they will be happy help answer what ever question u may havn.See full review

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It helps me structure my day, week or month in different ways so I don't get overwhelmed by things that may not be important to focus on first thing every morning! Sometimes it crashes but most of them are quick fixes when you push "Reload". Definitely give this program a try if its something that can help organize everything from work tasks till daily habits etc. Its worth looking into as an organizational tool because it will let you set up schedules where all of these activities fit together at once giving a great sense of how organized/disorganized you actually really am with certain items compared to others (and their importance).See full review

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