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Revainrating 4 out of 5

I particularly like this exchange a lot. Hitbtc has a simple and straightforward layout that is easy to use. Its fees are still a little high, but nothing that will harm its use. It has many pairs to trade, and a constant volume of liquidity, this is important when making a trade. One thing that still bothers me, at least it bothers me, is its slowness, the platform is a little heavy, but that doesn't hurt either. I recommend Hitbtc both in terms of trading and security, I've never had any problSee full review

unisuper logo

Unisuper is an education and research investment fund aimed at supporting higher education and the research sector. Based in Autralia, it has become Australia's largest investment fund, with over $95 million in fund. A project that has already gained recognition around the world with numerous awards, it has a dedicated team, a website that has every possible explanation and very complete without any hidden minors. A great project that aims to discover, support and encourage through sponsorships See full review

atomars logo


Revainrating 3 out of 5

Exchange Atomars is one of the small Exchanges that unfortunately suffer from attacks or fraud. In a recent statement, his team informs that one of the members of the team responsible for managing the accounts has disappeared, leaving all its users in the lurch. We know that this is a risk in centralized exchanges, but unfortunately Atomars was, until now, an exchange with great chances of becoming one of the big ones in the crypto market, because I found it organized and very easy to use. Now iSee full review

abn amro fund logo


Revainrating 4 out of 5

ABN AMRO Fund is a Dutch bank that aims at banking services for different users, between companies, domestic, co-corporate and users in general. It has a wide range of services, including payments and cards, mortgages, loans, savings, investments, insurance and much more. It is focused on assisting its client with services that are up to the modern world, assisting and providing modern tools so that its users can enjoy a complete and current bank. Like most current institutions, ABN is also concSee full review

coinbase training logo

Coinbase Training is an excellent learning option and the most amazing thing is that we still have the chance to win by learning, because through tutorials on certain projects, a portion with a certain number of coins is distributed among the participants of the training, this is a very intuitive way of integrating new users to new projects within the Coinbase platform, I find it really incredible. Coinbase is a crypto exchange exchage well known for a long time within the cryptographic world anSee full review

cointelligence academy logo

Cointelligence Academy is a platform for learning about decentralized finance - DeFi. We found on the platform the option to be enrolled, but we may also be using your information as an apprentice not enrolled on the site. It has several sessions to be informing and educating future supporters of DeFi, we have sessions such as: free gym session, learn smart contracts, among others, we have the news tab of the financial world in the decentralized environment. Who wants to learn about this new modSee full review

uphold logo

Uphold is by far one of the best cryptocurrency wallets. They have a smart and simple verification process. We can use the debit card to make payments, which is very simple and makes transactions much easier. These transactions between settings and encryption take just a few minutes and are so simple and easy that I really recommend them. In addition to cryptocurrencies it now has the option to trade assets of large companies such as Netflix, Amazon among others within the platform itself. A maSee full review

ethermine logo

Ethermine is a miner where we can mine in addition to ETH, the Zcash, Beam, Raven Coin coins. It has a very easy to understand interface, not needing to be an advanced user. The configuration is also very easy, becoming an option for the small miner. I have already used Ethermine to mine RVN and I can say that the pool is very good to use. It fulfills all the requirements of a good pool. In addition to having a commission rate until low near many pools. Its platform is well designed and simple, See full review

silicon valley bank logo

Silicon Valley Bank.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Silicoin Valley Bank is a financial institution that seeks to support a large number of technology and life sciences companies to enhance their business. With a large presence in the American market, more than 50% of companies in the United States use SVC services. Among the most varied services are: financing, advisory, business bank, among others. It has many specialists to provide support to any investor or client. A bank focused on supporting companies with large projects and that need a finSee full review

imtoken wallet logo

ImToken Wallet

Revainrating 3 out of 5

ImToken Wallet has been around for a while in the cryptographic world. The team behind the design of the wallet always tries to keep up to date to provide a secure crypto-asset storage service, despite its code being closed, which still causes a certain fear on the part of users in general, both novices and experienced, your team works hard to provide a safe and reliable product. It has a sharing system via blueethoo with ImKey, which is a hardware wallet from the same family. Its security systeSee full review

euromoney magazine logo

Euromoney has existed for more than 50 years, it was created due to the need for constant information on the movements and growth of financial markets in general. It has a very intuitive and well organized interface on its website, where we can see the menus and their submenus on very well organized topics. All types of news pertinent to the financial market are approached, Euromoney specialists always try to keep their user and reader well informed, in a very clear and objective way, the news iSee full review

institutional investor logo

Investitutional Investor

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Institutional Investor is a virtual magazine or an online information site where the reader or user, since the site offers its reader the option to register within the site and become a user member or simply continue as a reader only, which provides a lot of news on various subjects, ranging from financial news such as culture, awards ... there are several subjects that the site addresses. One more option among the already existing ones to be able to have the news updated and of diverse subjectsSee full review

buysell logo

The BuySell Bull project has an exceptional purpose: to help wildlife through the use of blockchain technology by raising funds from collaborators and private companies by selling their currency to BULL which only states that blockchain has come to make a difference in all areas of our lives. Its total supply is 100000000 which is a positive point, even though it is still a very exaggerated supply, it is not infinite, its way of working is through MN and POS, that is, it is not a mining currencySee full review

cybervein logo

Cybervein is a project founded in 2017, therefore still recent, but which has been demonstrating both financial and solution potential for enterprise blockchain. Its focus is on personalized services, blockchain + big-data at the enterprise level. On its website, the team provides various information, such as a very complete white paper, its business partners and its team members, which are very complete information, which raises the level of trust on the part of users in relation to the projectSee full review

yobit logo

Yobit is a pleasant exchange, with many trading options and in several pairs, however, there are some problems that I want to list: Its platform is a little slow, heavy when accessing, there are several projects that are worthless and that add nothing to the trading ecosystem. I see that Yobit has great potential to be among the major exchanges, because in terms of variety and support for currencies and tokens it is already well advanced, of course correcting the fact of filtering more the projSee full review

trust wallet logo

Trust Wallet

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Trust Wallet is a portfolio created by Six Days LLC, which has its headquarters in the USA but is available in ten languages. It is a mobile wallet compatible with IOS and Android systems. The Trust supports ETH and its ERC-20 and ERC-223 tokens. It has an emphasis on security, it is an open source app, it is available free of charge. We can pay special attention to its various features such as: availability to have a real-time assessment of the portfolio and notifications, notifying you about tSee full review

monero logo


Revainrating 4 out of 5

Monero is a currency that seeks anonymity and speed in transactions. At first everyone saw Monero with great suspicion because the coin is so anonymous that even its members are not known which in itself caused a certain air of fear on the part of the community, it is not for nothing that Monero is considered the "most private to all. " But Monero has been gaining a lot of space and market, today it is traded on practically all existing exchanges and its market value is quite high, I think it teSee full review

blockchain wallet logo

Blockchain Wallet

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The Blockchain wallet is one of the most reliable portfolios in terms of web type wallet. With support for BTC, ETH, XLM among other currencies, it has a strong security scheme and a very intuitive and pleasant platform, it has KYC verification and it has an internal exchange system, where the user can make exchanges between currencies instantly in a few clicks . Their fees are also a positive point, as the user will be able to move their coins without having to spend a lot on fees, as they areSee full review

revain logo

Revain platform

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The Revain platform is really a place where we can write our opinions about different cryptographic projects: currencies, tokens, exchanges, games .. Finally, a range of companies for us to evaluate. The most amazing thing is its reward system, as Revain really values ​​the time that its users spend on their opinions with really good rewards, which attracts more and more opinion makers to the platform. Revain an excellent opportunity to learn and pass on knowledge and still be gaining some. See full review

latoken logo


Revainrating 4 out of 5

Latoken is an exchange with several currencies listed and many tokens. The rates are not the lowest, but they are acceptable. I like Latoken because it is an exchange that launches many new projects that drives the exchange and also gives credibility to many projects. I have a Latoken account and I love to trade on the platform, because it is very pleasant and very easy. Latoken is not a big one, but it is an exchange that we can trust, because it is very safe and well known. I believe it will gSee full review

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