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About BuySell

BuySell Coin is a project that aims to help wild animals. It plans to find organizations to cooperate with, such as charitable foundations, reserves, and shelters for homeless animals.

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BuySell, A Project That Cares For Wildlife

Have you ever thought about how the world would be in 5 decades time? Well I did and found out that with the trend of things, the earth would be left with few animals like the domestic ones we rear, living the wildlife to extinction. The…See full review

BuySell Has An Idea Of Saving Our Wildlife

Our present day world happens to put a little regard for wildlife, by killing and destroying our wildlife. This has led to the extinction of some animals like the Dinosaur and Dragons. Although some archeologists said these animals doesn't exist…See full review

BuySell, blockchain technology at the service of wildlife preservation.

The BuySell Bull project has an exceptional purpose: to help wildlife through the use of blockchain technology by raising funds from collaborators and private companies by selling their currency to BULL which only states that blockchain has come to…See full review

Cryptocurrency focused on animal life.

This cryptocurrency has among its characteristics to help the conservation of wild animals, part of its funds are destined to this type of beephic works. One of its main phases is to be able to finance these organizations that seek to cooperate…See full review

A just cause

Buysell is a cryptocurrency project that is intended to help the wild animals and the natural ecosystem of our world. It is not news for any of us that Human Beings are the most invasive species of all and have been causing disastrous effects on…See full review

A Project That Protects Mankind From Himself

For time  past now, mankind has posed a threat to wildlife and government agencies are trying to fight against it, the problem is a global one and all hands needs to be on deck to solve it. Because of human activities, many animals has gone…See full review

A Natural Cause for a Project Committed to the World. (Steps yet to improve)

BuySell Coin is the first project dedicated to a human cause focused on the animals as beings making life in the entire world, and becoming commonly endangered species because of different causes. Here every investment goes directly to a shelter…See full review

BuySell, a project that allows us to directly support the conservation of wild animals

Every day more institutions or organizations are dedicated to the creation of projects for the conservation of the environment. The impact that we have caused on nature is such that it has been affecting not only human beings, but also other living…See full review

Project that seeks to save wildlife and humanity as we know it

BuySell is an extraordinary project that aims to help wild animals and this could be significant for the future of our planet earth. Let us remember that man has collaborated with the extinction of wildlife as we know it and this could mean the…See full review

BuySell: A Platform For The Preservation And Conservation Of Wildlife

BuySell (BULL) platform was established in 2018 with the sole purpose of helping and catering for the wild life. BuySell is a decentralized platform making it void of control from any government entity. It's main aim is the collective preservation…See full review