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Just For Your Skins

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I would be reviewing a company known as Glass Skin Beauty. The word "Glass skin" is derived from the fact that Glasses are always clean and clear without a scratch or something. The target is to make one's face as clean and clear as a glass and that's how we come up with the word "Glass Skin." This company is one I have gotten to fall in love with. The company, just as its name implies, is focused on Skins. Checking out their website, I discovered the many skin care products they have on theirSee full review

beauty by retta store logo

No matter how little you know of Fashion and Beauty stored, everyone should know that the country of UAE (United Arab Emirates) is one of the Countries that happen to have taken Beauty and Fashion to the next place in life. Everything involving Beauty and Fashion happens to be concentrated there. Take a look at the B**t lift and Br**st Lift. Most of these operations are executed in UAE (I'm not saying this to criticize them but to commend them of how far they've gone in what they are doing). WitSee full review

jamii mart logo

Beauty happens to be something many Women, if not all of them, are striving for. I guess that must have been the reason why we have do many Companies of such on the Revain platform. I would be reviewing yet another Beauty store, but this time around, one from a different country. This country is known as Kenya. Kenya is an African country that seems to be doing quite well to Africans (but definitely not to the world as there are greater countries in the world). Shifting from that, the company inSee full review

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DEMA Beauty Store

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Today, I have decided to move away from the former category I used to review and try something different. The thing I would be trying different is a company from the "Health and Beauty Shops." It is usually believed that Women tend to care about Beauty more than Men do. This is proven by the many hours a lady spends dressing, compared I the minutes a Man does. This prediction seems true and that's why I'm here to support the prediction by reviewing a Beauty store. This company is known as DEMA BSee full review

boats to go logo

My review today would be on a company known as Boats To Go. This is a company that seems to be from the United States of America. This is due to the fact that I found them using the USD as the currency on their platform. The company happen to have been in existence since the year 2011, leaving them with as much as a decade of experience in what they do. To make my review as authentic as it should be, I went on to check out their website which I found to be easy to understand due to how simple thSee full review

sbit500 logo

The exchange platform we have today makes me smile. This is because they are striving for improvement and this is proven by the numerous updates an already existing exchange platform makes and for the fact that new ones come out great. The exchange platform I would be reviewing today is nothing lesser than one of the great ones we have today. The most interesting part of the story is the fact that the exchange platform is still new in the blockchain network. The company I am talking about is knoSee full review

ironwood pacific outdoors logo

The company I would be talking about in this review of mine today is known as Ironwood Pacific. This is an American company that seems to be in existence for quite a while now, looking at how their website is built and how the company operates. It is a company that is focused on some equipments which boat owners and Fishermen find useful. These products come in their varieties and come with an affordable price tags. We all know ow quite expensive it is to acquire a boat, making its equipment a See full review

bbg marine electronics logo

The Boats section happens to be one of the categories of companies I have learnt quite a lot from, all thanks to the Revain team for making their platform diversified. I would be reviewing yet another company that is focused on companies require by Boat owners. This company is known as BBG Marine Electronics. For a person who is good at determining what a company does by its name alone, just as I am, I'm sure you must have understood the fact that this company deals with the electronics parts ofSee full review

trollingmotors logo

Trolling Motors is a company that is well focused on the sales of a Trolling Motor. The company is one that delivers to virtually anyone across the globe. Taking a good look at the company, I discovered their means of categorizing the type of Trolling Motor a person might need. They had a system that helped to get the size of the boat you would like to use it for and some other important details. This would help tell them the type of Trolling Motor that would fit such a person. Going on to seeSee full review

bottom paint store logo

Specializing on just one thing that matters happens to be something that is cheaper and better to specialize in. This is mainly because when one is focused on just one thing, the person tends to perform better and when it's something that is in demand, sales tends to be really good. The company I would be reviewing today is known as Bottom Paint Store. This is a company that is focused on making Paints of different colors and brands available to Boat owners. They make this possible by displayingSee full review

marine engine depot logo

Most times, the name of a company summarizes the whole story of that company. That happens to be the major reason why name happens to be really vital to a company. The company I would be reviewing today is known as Marine Engine Depot. Just as its name implies, the company is specialized on the Engines of Marine equipments like a Boat, Ship and a Yacht. Just as one would have expected, this company a lot of engines in their possession. These engines happens to come in their numerous brands and See full review

ozpropellers logo

Propellers happen to be something that is very useful to the vehicles used for both Air and Water transportation. They happen to be like the Engine in Cars and that's why the verb: "Propel" stands for moving something or powering a thing. The company I would be reviewing today happens to be in control or puts in all efforts in making Propellers available to people interested in it. The company I'm referring to here is known as OzPropellers. OzPropellers happens to be a company from Australia (itSee full review

boat owners world logo

Being specialized on a little cheaper thing happens to be really nice. This happens to be related to the popular saying "cut your coat according to your size." The company I would be reviewing today happens to have that feature. The case of this company happens to be in the Boats, Ships and Yachts but they have decided to specialize on the cheapest of them all: Boats. The company is known as Boat owners World. Their name seems to be really related to what they do as they never generalized theirSee full review

nauticexpo logo

What a company has to offer happens to be the most vital thing to a customer. This happen to be because a Consumer or Customer, as the case may be, would want to benefit from that company and the company in return, gets rewarded. That happen to be the technique by which a company operates. Today, I would be reviewing a company from a different category. As you all know, for a while now, I have been reviewing companies from the Arts and Crafts section. I have now decided to move on to the AviatioSee full review

myvpro logo


Revainrating 3 out of 5

Today, I have decided to move on to another category. This happen to be because I have virtually written on all the companies located in the Arts and Crafts section. I would be moving on to the Beverages and Tobaccos section. And the company I would be starting with is MyVPro. This happen to be a company I know just a little about, making my review brief. The company is supposed to be a company that is focused on Beverages and Tobaccos but what I saw were some stuffs like Perfumes. These substaSee full review

save on crafts logo

There are some companies that seem to deviate from the normal groups of companies in a specific category. Some of these deviations happen to be complete deviation, that is, going into something that isn't in anyway related to the usual and there also happen to be another which happens to be a kind of deviation that have some things, or some times, many things in common with the normal. The company I would be reviewing today happens to be a type of company that isn't completely deviated. This coSee full review

dollardays logo

Going on to review another company, I discovered the DollarDays company. The DollarDays company is a company I have never known about but seems to be popular. This is due to the fact that their website looks really active and many people claim to know it on the reviews they have below. The company don't seem to be focused on Arts and Crafts materials like other companies on this category. The company seems to be focused on a whole lot of things, and I don't think the company should be found in tSee full review

oriental trading logo

The company I would be reviewing today happens to be a very popular one. This happen to be because even when typing their name on my Google keyboard, I discovered that after writing down the first name, I was assisted with the second. This company is known as Oriental Trading Company (OTC). This is a company that was established in the year 1932 by Harry Watanabe. Presently, the company has Steve Mendlik as its CEO. The Oriental Trading also have their headquarters located at Nebraska in the UniSee full review

craftsy logo

Learning the Arts and Crafts happens to be something everyone would be very much available to do, if only they have the opportunity to do so. Earlier, I made a review of a company which helped to teach people this. As at the time of reviewing that company, I thought the company was the only one that does that. Going on to check out another company, I came across another company that makes the Art and Crafts simplified for people interested. This company is known as Craftsy. It is an American coSee full review

joann fabric logo

The company I would be reviewing today is known as JOANN Fabric. This happen to be a company that I got to know recently and have made extensive research before deciding to make a research on the platform. The company happens to be based in the United States of America and was established in the year 1943. The company happens to be having quite some years of experience. Checking their website, I discovered access to their platform was denied. I don't really know the reason for that but it is whaSee full review

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