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This will be a brief and concise review as according to my findings, the Free TON Swap DEX works exactly as almost every other decentralized exchange that we all know of 👌. The attention given to simplicity in creating the framework of the Free TON Swap is one as with a great laudable achievement as this helps in it's plans to bring over other users to using it's infrastructure. I was quite amazed 😮 at seeing the Free TON Swap DEX having a farming section with APRs reaching as high as 200% beSee full review

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Considering the high cost of gas transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, many have choose to go along with Ethereum competitors in order to interact with smart contracts enabled platforms. Free Ton as a blockchain has enabled smart contracts and has a range of yield farms making it attractant to the Yield farmers out there. With Ethereum being the Grand Master having other people, traders or general users under it's shade, the need for a bridge to crossover those assets to Free TON became a NSee full review

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FreeTon; Many may have most probably never really heard of this Blockchain but it's one that has amazed me beyond all reasonable doubt. I will explain in concise terms why! First off, Free Ton Blockchain was created as a community response to the high amount paid as fees on other popular smart contract platforms which was pillaging off profits or making interaction with a decentralised application expensive. I can see that the project emanated from Europe as it's community composes mostly of RSee full review

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The Ethereum Project Review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The Ethereum project was started by Vitalik Buterin not as a Crypto asset for facilitating P2P transaction but as an open source project from which developers from all around the world can write their codes in it's smart contract to develop their Decentralized apps Dapps and Tokens with different use case. The native coin of this project is the Ethereum ETH and currently ranks 2nd in the coinmarket ranking according to it's total market capitalization. The price of ETH has been experiencing steSee full review

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BHEX wallet is the brain child of the BlueHelix exchange created for the sole purpose of housing its novel Chain. One could say that initially, this wallet was created for the HDEX chain but the wallet goes beyond a single chain. Supporting 2 EVM Compatible Chains; Binance Smart Chain and the Huobi Ecosystem Chain, The Ethereum Mainnet, Bitcoin Mainnet, Tron Mainnet and Dogecoin Mainnet but most importantly, it's HDEX Chain. This makes the BHEX wallet a multifunctional, multichain and multinucleSee full review

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KuCoin Exchange has the Best User Interface

Revainrating 4 out of 5

My first interaction with KuCoin Exchange was when I wanted to withdraw my Rev token from Revain. My first expression on seeing the User Interface was "Wow". So far, KuCoin has the best UI I have seen so far They don't just stop there, the exchange provides a great Chart of currency movements that's suites the trader's style. I personally recommend this exchange to traders and Hodlers alike as the platform permits staking of some coins with competitive returns The minimum withdrawal amounts iSee full review

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An interesting exchange platform I have come across is the SBit500. They are an exchange and profit Unitarian exchange that prioritizes the use of algorithmic based evaluations to ensure maximum profit possible for it's users. In simpler terms, the platform collates a number of determining factors and then sorts them out to provide the best strategy for profit distribution SBit500 offers a CTF-like platform that uses the trading strategies of expert traders to determine and set out options for tSee full review

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The 3x Long bitcoin token is one of the Leveraged tokens offered by the renowned FTX exchange that allows for traders and Investors to take a bet for a coin in the upward direction with the leverage of X3 applied automatically to it. When traders are actually betting for the price of to rise, they buy the 3x long Bitcoin token which brings about x3 the profit one would normally make buying Bitcoin in a spot market. With no risk of liquidation or rebalancing of Leverage, traders are sure pitch See full review

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The Trustswap exchange has been a very popular option to a lot of traders since its inception. The excerpts of a utility token by the exchange with a lot of use case to it has been the bedrock to more success of the exchange itself and the value of the token reciprocated the same. With Trustswap token, transaction fees on its exchange is made lesser and with the newly released Launchpad Trustswap exchange has implemented, holders of the Trustswap token gets a guaranteed allocation to investingSee full review

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An interesting project that sprang up years back bringing autonomy to the ways of content viewing and creation was the MyTVChain, a blockchain created for the sole purpose of removing any barrier between both the content creators and the viewers thereby giving a fair share of the revenue generated and no censorship on the content created One interesting part of the project launch was it's percentage given to the developers. A 5% allocation to the team shows how interested the developers were inSee full review

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Tether Gold is a stablecoin pegged to in a ratio of 1 Tether Gold to a real Gold which are held in safe storage in Switzerland as per the information made available on its website. The reason why many will always choose Tether Gold is due to the safety and assurance many have given to the company behind Tether who have been in the business of minting stablecoins in different denominations and now includes Gold in it's treasury. According to information from the company, the gold is stores secureSee full review

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The Paris saint Germain Fan token is another one of the social token created by the Chillz Project built into the Socios platform. Through the Socios platform, users can actually get to have a saying in what the club intends to implement like signing up a new player or selling one who doesn't plays best. Also, Holders gets to interact and earn rewards for taking out easy tasks and surveys. Plus, tickets to exclusive events are given to holders on special occasions The PSG Fan token on Socios plSee full review

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Myer stores is an Australian market store with a physical storefront and the online store which allows for users to make purchases from the comfort of their homes. The range of products which this store has is very vast, ranging from clothing to kitchenwares and decor. With Myers online, you shouldn't worry about paying shipping fees for a total carting order of $49 and I will so say that it's much more efficient and cost effective to use the online store for your purchases. The user interface iSee full review

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ICO scam projects really had a bad going to the name of cryptocurrencies and it's potential. The Dorado project which was created for a host of utilities mostly bordering on the transfer of data and logistics. The project had a successful ICO and was launched. Following the launch, delays kept on and on until the project began to show some defiance on wether to continue. It all needed much but ended much more worse for the investors who at the day's end lost a good amount of the tokens value. ISee full review

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A distributed ecosystem, decentralised at it's very core due to the number of Masternodes who secure the network comes from different parts of the world. The French Digital Reserve was built for services that covers mainly, Storage options for files and their encrypted transfer to third parties. Also, as it have a scalable blockchain, it does provide a breeding ground for seamless payments done in minutes as well due to the block time of 60 seconds, transactions gets approved very early. I was See full review

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I have spent a considerable amount of time in trying to understand the core infrastructure of this project but the whole system is very closed system about it. The whole description that tries to match into what the project was developed for still doesn't match what it's said of. The only thing that stands in the way to the project demise is its long term stance on Decentralization and scalability. Infact, if I am asked why I would only use Freicoin would be concerned with those main structuresSee full review

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In the early days and beginning of the Just Network project, it was regarded as revolutionary. The reason why isn't farfetched from the fact that the platform for which Just Network was developed for focused on the core entries of privacy. With Just Network, users do not only get to connect with a community of like-minded people but also takes up an in-wallet section to the platform for which cryptocurrencies can be stored safely as Users Private Key are in the custody of the said user. Then caSee full review

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There has been no much developments to the Commercium project ever since. Is project Akon the structure of a private blockchain plus is killable network to ensure transactions are executed in a swift amount of time usually 60 seconds. Project has not really been popular even though it has been one of the oldest to have existed. If you check the chart For the changing volume for the coin, Then you can see that it is very low and most of the people who still use it are more interested in mining tSee full review

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One thing many of us can learn from the story of Bern cash is that political motivational will never be very welcoming to the survival of any Crypto currency as the mantra of cryptocurrencies is built on the core value of Decentralization and having no centralised control of any kind. I guess the project developers did not understand that when they are complemented in name and success of the project to Bernie Sanders. Today, we can actually see the effect this project has caused to too many InSee full review

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This is an exchange that is said to be or means to be a platform and should be convenient for Brazilian traders to buy and sell bitcoin at a convenient rates and the best or low fees as compared to using platforms that are off the Coast to the Brazilian people. Unfortunately this is not the case for the Brazil Bitcoin exchange as they have one of the highest fees and volatile rates you can see in the Brazilian cryptomarkets today. This exchange has not been able to achieve anything comprehensibSee full review

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