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About BHEX Wallet

BHEX Wallet manages all Cross-Chain token assets as well, including $HBC, BTC, ETH, USDT, Uni, Sushi, Comp, AAVE, BNB HT, LINK, TRX, DOGE. BHEX Wallet is the world’s first decentralized cross-chain wallet, including decentralized cross-chain asset safe custody, efficient and scalable consensus clearings, and API support. It is the most effective wallet for managing BHEX Chain assets.

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The Multichain wallet of the BlueHelix Chain.

BHEX wallet is the brain child of the BlueHelix exchange created for the sole purpose of housing its novel Chain. One could say that initially, this wallet was created for the HDEX chain but the wallet goes beyond a single chain. Supporting 2 EVM...See full review

BHEX wallet is a cross-chain cryptocurrency manager.

One has to talk about this particular wallet which contains many features which allows you to also navigate from one place to another. BHEX wallet is one of the uncommon featuresafe wallet you could ever obtain any where else, being the first of...See full review

BHEX Wallet is an easy crypto-crypto trading platform

BHEX is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides the trading of cryptocurrency futures and more. BHEX wallet is a reliable cross-chain decentralized wallet. These are good packages that you can use to manage BHEX chain assets. Public network, this...See full review

Check out the first decentralized wallet

Checking the features of BHEX Wallet I was able to find out that they are the first and also reliable decentralized type of cross-wallet with a diverse functions which includes efficiently and scalable clearing of private data, BHEX Wallet is the...See full review

Simple User Interface and Beauty is what make me Love BHEX Wallet

The many kinds of projects we have today makes it a quite difficult task to sort out the good ones, or better still, the chaffs from the good. Notwithstanding, the good ones have some characteristics that have made them exceptional and outstanding...See full review

BHEX wallet A decentralized wallet suitable for the most popular currencies

BHEX Decentralized Wallet is a wallet suitable for holding major currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, dai, doge and generally popular currencies. Unlike many mobile wallets, this wallet only supports 11 currencies, including the most popular...See full review

The Wallet offered by a large company

Many wallets have been offered for cryptocurrency so far, their decentralization is one of the essential features. Because if it is not decentralized, this feature of cryptocurrencies that are not owned by a particular company is useless because...See full review

The Reliable Decentralized Cross-Chain Wallet

Although BHEX Wallet is new among other exchanges platform in the crypto-currency market, it was launched in December I see this platform as one of the largest and leading world’s crypto exchange platform today, having a trading volume of over...See full review

The Exchange Platform Designed For Diverse Race of Investors

Yes, like many investors already knows BHEX Wallet is the first reliable decentralized cross-chain wallet. But there are other fascinating features most of which are essential for good trading that I got to know about the exchange after I get to...See full review

This Wallet Started Well And Has Attracts Many Investors

BHEX was launched in the concluding month of 2018 (December), it is a crypto-currency exchange platform that offers several forms of trading in the crypto world like futures and others. And since its launch, the exchange has grown to become a...See full review