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Review on BHEX Wallet by Crypto Brave

CryptoBrave's Experience with BHEX Wallet

I am already a trader on . While trading on the platform, when I wanted to transfer out some assets to an external wallet, like everybody else, I used mainly MetaMask and Trust Wallet. Once BHEX came out with its own wallet, I decided to keep my assets in the BHEX ecosystem. The reasoning for that is quite simple:

1. Community Owned: BHEX is a "100% Token Holder Owned Trading Platform", and being fully supportive of community owned concepts, when holding my assets in a wallet, why not using a wallet which is part of the ecosystem!

2. Security: I never had security issues with BHEX, and using a wallet which uses the same security set-up was a natural decision to make.

3. Usability: I think it is one of the, if not the most usable crypto wallet out there. Once you open the wallet, you see everything in an instant without having questions coming up like "what does that mean ... how is it done etc.".
It has the great feature, that you can delegate/undelegate your HBC (the native token of the BHEX Chain) directly from your wallet, and by doing so, generate passive income.

4. Functionality: The real "killer application" is the integration of HDEX (the decentralized AMM and Liquidity mining platform on BHEX Chain). Without leaving the security of your wallet, you will be able to
Add to Liquidity Pools
Participate in Mining
and by doing so, even get HBC as rewards!

5. Campaigns/Activities: BHEX is really amazing when it comes to having campaigns, creating activities for the community. And very often, you will get nice rewards by doing so :-)

As with everything in live, one has to do her/his own research, and be very diligent before making and decisions or investements, as this review is not a financial advice, but my own personal experience!
That said, I would recommend "BHEX Wallet" to friends and family.

be crypto, be brave

Pros & cons

  • 1. Part of the BHEX ecosystem and therefore community owned 2. Security is fundamental 3. Easy to use 4. Full of Functionality 5. Campaigns/Activities on top
  • I have to wait, to use HDEX in my BHEX Wallet!