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Review on JUST NETWORK by Stephen Toluwani

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An abandoned platform

In the early days and beginning of the Just Network project, it was regarded as revolutionary. The reason why isn't farfetched from the fact that the platform for which Just Network was developed for focused on the core entries of privacy. With Just Network, users do not only get to connect with a community of like-minded people but also takes up an in-wallet section to the platform for which cryptocurrencies can be stored safely as Users Private Key are in the custody of the said user. Then came the project with its upgrade ideas that left the project bewildered as it took longer than which was expected. Now the project appears to have been Abandoned and yet, access to the service is still not in process. Both website and mobile application built by the project are inaccessible and contacting the developers has proved abortive by many of the community

  • There is none to outline currently
  • Waiting for updates from the team which never came made people flock out of the project
  • Decreasing price of the token as sell pressure pushes up
  • The website cannot be accessed neither is its mobile application operational