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Review on Silicon Valley Bank by Mario Panda

Silicon Valley Bank is very rude bank

I'm on my 2nd start up, had a great exit from my first on the East Coast and moved to the Bay area for a great new opportunity with two very talented entrepreneurs. We reached out to Silicon Valley bank to discuss working with them, waste of our time. Arrogant, rude and clueless bankers, it's a bloated organisation that by all accounts is a pale facsimile of it's former self many years ago. In my opinion unsuitable for founders. The small office of this "bank" is in a residential area and I was there with our developers to look for information and a first contact. The office manager / director was sitting in the kitchen and had conversations over fruit in front of the group. So, with all the casualness and modern thinking, we all found it very unprofessional and also felt very uncomfortable. Well, in any case, no professional conversation was held and referred to another bank, and as part of a tech startup I can say today that this was also the most useful tip.

Pros & cons

  • Excessive concern
  • Not recommendable!