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Review on Silicon Valley Bank by Douglas Cachazo

Silicon Valley Bank: Technology Bank for Technology Companies

Traditional financial bank headquartered in Santa Clara, USA. As I said in my headline, it operates preferably with technology and research companies, as well as with food and environmental conservation projects.

Although it is in the United States it is a Universal bank, since it has clients in many countries worldwide, that is why it operates with several currencies other than the dollar such as the euro, although it is a relatively young bank since it was founded in 1983, it has had an accelerated growth since it has attracted many technology companies to be clients due to the concept or spirit of the bank.

The bank offers all the services of a traditional universal bank, what makes it different is the high technology deployed in the services it offers, Apis to process online payments, application to manage your bank account from your cell phone, offers administrative and accounting systems to its customers, very good for young companies or in the process of growth as entrepreneurs. It also provides its clients with financial, administrative and accounting advisors to guide their clients in their internal processes. It also includes providing anti-fraud tools.

In my opinion, the greatest virtue of this bank is that since its inception it has supported and helped technology entrepreneurs in any country in the world to grow, providing them with loans, advice and technological tools so that they can grow and operate with peace of mind,

The support is regardless of what stage of growth your ventures are in,

And the above statement is so true that I recently read in a financial banking magazine an advertisement in which it was stated that they would grant loans for more than 30 million dollars to entrepreneurs in Latin America for technology projects and other projects that identify with the spirit of Silicoy Valley Bank as food companies, software and in the area of health, that is good news for the countries of the region.

Pros & cons

  • It has great technological potential for its operation
  • Highly rated by prestigious publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg and Fortune.
  • Handles multiple currency accounts
  • Support for entrepreneurs of technology companies anywhere in the world.
  • Secure and reliable banking transactions
  • Mobile application to manage bank accounts
  • Administrative and accounting systems available to the client
  • Nothing to say