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Review on FasterCapital by Kuzey Tekinoğlu

FasterCapital is one of the most successful accelerators in the Arab world

FasterCapital is an accelerator company that makes smart strategic plans and multiple programs to support initial projects, support startups and entrepreneurs, and collaborate with investors everywhere. The company was established in Dubai and began to spread all over the world due to its various programs, including: raising capital, partnering in the establishment of technology, expanding the scope of work in startups, studying ideas and turning them into real walks. It also has 447 supported companies since its inception, has 170 partners worldwide, includes more than 900 internationally renowned entrepreneurs, and the support team includes more than 1,000 experienced mentors. What attracts entrepreneurs most to present their projects to her and work with her is that she covers half of the cost of the project whatever it costs. Thus, it raises the level of the initial project to become a successful project on the financial and economic level.

Pros & cons

  • You cover the cost text of the supported project
  • There are no shortcomings or errors in supporting projects