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Review on FasterCapital by Jose Luis Perez

Support from the beginning until the take-off of the projects.

The search for support to develop an enterprise is one of the main characteristics that affect the positioning of a brand, product, project or service and it is for this reason that these types of companies are seen with good eyes, as is the case of FasterCapital that Being in Dubai, it provides support to emerging companies around the world by guaranteeing a series of supports for them to establish themselves in Canada, with the financing of consultancies thanks to a serious team in different areas of innovation. The programs that are destined for these companies or entrepreneurs, depend on the type and the objectives that it wants to achieve, since they receive the opportunity to establish themselves in Canada with the proportion of a visa and up to an investment of up to 50% in the project.

On their website you will find a lot of information about the company and in the same way about the programs they have to offer, as long as they qualify to receive the advice, it is also available is a questionnaire for registration. Similarly, the company has a considerable presence on social networks which allows it to attract more prospects.

Pros & cons

  • It accompanies the emerging company from its inception, to where they are established and continues its development beyond.
  • Companies that want to establish themselves in Canada.
  • It offers several support programs for each aspect of the project.
  • None.