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About Emerson Collective

Emerson Collective is an organization dedicated to removing barriers to opportunity so people can live to their full potential. Established and led by Laurene Powell Jobs, we center our work on education, immigration reform, the environment, and other social justice initiatives. We use a wide range of tools and strategies—partnering with entrepreneurs and experts, parents and policymakers, advocates and administrators—to develop and execute innovative solutions that will spur change and promote equality.

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Emerson Collective: Organization for social justice

The world is going through a series of difficulties that still has not been able to solve, some progress has been made in some of them but there is really a long way to go, social justice for example is one of them, very few countries have achieved...See full review

my review on Emerson Collective one of the best Limited Liability Companies

Emerson Collective is a limited liability business that responds to the needs of people. It was created in 2004 and has 17 years of solid work under its belt. Emerson Collective uses a variety of tactics to achieve a more fair and equitable America…See full review

Equivalent freedom for individuals

Emerson Aggregate is an organization with an incredibly, wide scope of administrations. It gives a ton of help to various fields. These: 1) Ventures that advantage society. 2) Generosity. 3) Backing for individuals without admittance to...See full review

for a more balanced American social environment

Promoting change in the situations that affect world society begins as an individual job where each person feels motivated to achieve the particular change that we need to change the situation of the environment at a general level. From this we...See full review

My review on Emerson Collective.

Emerson Collective is a variety of tools such as that aims to create equally justified America, they are committed to bringing about systemic change in education, immigration, climate change, and cancer research and treatment. They know their...See full review

Equal opportunity for people

Emerson Collective is a company with a very, very wide range of services. It gives a lot of support to different fields. These: 1) Investments that benefit society. 2) Philanthropy. 3) Support for people without access to education. Education...See full review

Emerson Collective is doing good.

Hello everyone! In this review I would love to write a little about Emerson Collective. Ever since the humans existed we had a lot of problems. One of the biggest problems we had or still have is the inequality between us. Unfortunately, not all of...See full review

My review on Emerson Collective

The realities of the modern world are a little intimidating. The world is facing all sorts of challenges such as equity, polluted environments, climate change, and the fight against disease and pandemics. More and more foundations, organizations...See full review

my review and my experience with Emerson collective company

Emerson collective is a private non-governmental establishment that is focusing on how to provide solutions to the major problems of the people of the worl, such problems are education, immigration, climate change,cancer treatment and even the...See full review

My review on Emerson Collective.

Emerson Collective , It is an institution to preserve human rights, whatever he is , and protecting the rights of immigrants those who do not have legal paperwork. They cannot get their right to work, learn and live because of their immigration...See full review

The purpose it was founded and served is quite beautiful.

Emerson Collective is a family investment company that continues its services in order to ensure that all people live in an equal and fair manner and that all people have the same opportunities and opportunities in the region where it was...See full review